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    P8P67 Pro RST Raid 0 issues

    Decided to do some upgrades on this system and I'm having a bitch of a time getting my raid 0 SSD's to install windows. 1. The array is created in the Intel management interface 2. I've use YUMI to boot windows 7 ultimate install, and then tried to load the drivers from here...
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    X9DR3-F and Esxi 5.x NIC problems

    I'm having trouble with the Intel i350 dual port nic, only one shows up. I only have one CPU. On the console it says slot1_cpu1 for the nic. I just upgraded the box from 5.1 to 5.5 (5.1 only showed one as well) I've tried installing drivers from here and still have only one nic in ESXi...
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    8.1 home to pro upgrade vs 8.1 pro rant

    So this topic is geared towards a vendor claiming that their web based application doesn't work on a machine due to the face it was upgraded. They had an 8.1 Home machine for a lock system. It was in place upgraded to 8.1 pro per the vendors advice. They claimed it does not work, and is not...
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    dual socket motherboards

    So... Are there any dual socket motherboards that offer HA for cpu failures? Or is this the case with most MP systems?
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    Post your ZFS setup

    Title says it all... very curious as to what everyone is running their zfs setup(s) for and what hardware / disks they are running them on. Include disks, MB's HBA's etc I have a norco 4224 x9scm-f-o e3 1230 xeon 16gb 8x wd 5000aaks drives mirrored 320gb laptop drives...
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    Axiom 8GB udimms work with X9SCL+-F? I'm wanting to have 32GB ram for a new esxi host at home. Any idea if these dimms will work in Ill just get a different board/cpu if I can't...
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    xeon e5 1650 release date?

    Anyone know when in Q1 the e5 xeons will be available? Here's to hoping its sooner than later.
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    Argh! Help with WHS v1 and Drive balancer \ landing zone

    So, I recently "side-graded" my WHS during a boot disk failure. I was going to hold out with my old setup until holiday bonus time to build a new zfs based nas. I did a reinstall, added some new disks, copied data from the old disks. I get home yesterday.. and I have 11gb free on my D:, I still...
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    S5512WGM2NR non-ecc ram support

    Anyone know if this Tyan mobo will take non-ecc memory? I have some workstations at work that spec for ecc but are not running ecc. Hopefully I can use what I have already.
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    S5512WGM2NR non-ecc ram support

    S5512WGM2NR Looking to use this board to rebuild my aging c2d VM box This board will run with non ECC memory? Ill Be running 16GB and a e3 1230. We have a esxi cluster at work... Currently I have server 2003 on my VM box, what advantage will esxi give me over server 2008 +...
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    galaxy gtx 460 wont boot with new SB board

    I have a galaxy gtx 460 that wont boot in MSI P67S-C4 My 6950 boots in the msi board, and the 460 boots in my p8p67 pro. System powers up fine, 460 bios screen and then some post codes in the lower right. It gets stuck at a3. Anyone have ideas? msi board is on newest bios.
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    WHS problems.. err.

    Roomate was doing some app cleanup on the whs, removing some things that aren't used anymore (hamachi, ftp client, handbrake etc)... No reboots in between removing software. Mostly small apps I'd say about 4-6. After a reboot all was good. about 30 minutes later.. Can't get to the server...
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    USB audio.. replacement for laptop

    I have a laptop mounted upside down (with the lcd rotated) in my kitchen. Previous one died, so I replaced it with this. However I cant get the audio working, drivers install it just never works. I picked up a cheap usb audio device, it sucks. What are some options for $20 or less? I...
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    how many mA can a average keyboard control board put out to the leds?

    I have a project.. that requires me to use relays connected to the leds of a ps2 keyboard module.. to control power to a parallel port relay controller.. to avoid it freaking out upon bootup. However Im having problems getting it to function with a relay that uses 15.6 mA @ 3v I have another...
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    problems playing HD content 7950gx2/8400gs

    Ive got a system with a 7950gx2 on one lcd, and then 8400gs e5300 / 2gb ram playing with vlc. Hd content is a bit laggy on the 8400gs. I put in a 8500GT and still the same problem.. Everything is fine with the secondary cards, plays fine without the 7950. Any ideas?
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    KV-40XBR800 & DVI / HTPC

    I picked up a mammorth CRT from a buddy who couldn't fix it. KV-40XBR800 its a 40" sony crt. Great picture when using a bluray/hdvd/oppo dvd player via HDMI/DVI cable My htpc looks like shit on component. I can't get it to display using the dvi/hdcp port on the back of the display Ive tried...
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    FTP client with web gui?

    In an attempt to avoid remotely connecting to my server, Im trying to integrate as much as possible into a webgui Is there a ftp client that can be managed from a webgui on my local network?
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    Safe to use robocopy to copy into WHS shares locally?

    Got my rebuild up, slow on transferring all the data back into the storage pool Would robocopy be okay to use? and if so, would it increase transfer rate? Drives are all 7200rpm satII on AOC-SASLP-MV8, or evga 122-CK-NF68-A1 sata ports :)
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    Condensation on outdoor IP cam

    I'm mounting an IP cam near our backdoor. It is sheilded from rain and snow.. However will condensation be a problem? It seems to be a little warm, so in cold weather that shouldn't cause condensation on the internals? Id rather not have to enclose this cam, that and my landlord won't...
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    SAS cables... these are the right ones correct?

    I feel like a noob. Ive got a aoc-saslp card and need cables obviously. Are those the correct cables? Cheapest I could find...
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    Better drive deals on monday for 1.5tbs?

    Anyone think drives will be cheaper on monday? Was hoping for two for $160 shipped.
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    shuttle psu repair, voltage reg heatsink is live

    I have an old socket a shuttle, three 1000uf 10v caps blew on the psu awhile ago and I planned on using the system as a security cam box. I fixed the psu, but Ive lost the cover(gonna make a new one) however i was testing it out and touched the shuttle chasis, and the heatsink on the psu...
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    upgrade path from e5300 / p5wdh deluxe

    Argh! e5300 (ran a 65nm e6300) p5wdh deluxe 2gb gskill 7950gx2 I've got some free time so I want a new box! plan on using my w/c gear on the new rig Clearly, I cant carry over anything to the new rig. Whats going to give me the best upgrade path in the future? i5, i7? will...
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    cyber monday HD deals

    Any estimates as to what we will be seeing drives going for on black friday and cyber monday? I need to grab 4-6 1.5's Just wanna have a good budget.
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    win7 task manager..

    I love win7 so far... but for the love of god I don't like the annoying task manager. I want to hit cad, and have taskman come up, not an annoying screen. If I cant have that, can I atleast change the background?
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    Blade system

    Alright My roomie and I got bored last weekend and started building a blade system. Specs are ranging from 6-10 blades each with a barton cpu, and 512 to 1 gig of ram, 20-120hdd, psu etc. They are being packaged on a peice of luan not much larger than the footprint of a mobo and psu. Stuck...
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    realtek 8169 / 8110 gigabit and cable problems.

    We just finished up the last bit of our new network, everything went great, except the fact that one of the servers in the basement, isnt running at 1gbps. The run is about 65 feet cat5e. Path panel upstairs in the network closet, crimped in in the basement for the server. one of my...
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    Jumbo frames? & gs116

    I picked up a GS116 from ebay, seen another member who purchased one from the same seller. I don't have the switch yet. Later found out that the switch does not support jumbo frames.. We store all our data on a server in the basement, (docs, media etc). We do have the need to move large...
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    p5wdh dlx / dvd drive (s) / stuttering issues

    Well, I just got my system back up and running after waiting for a rma on my gfx card. Make it short, after a fresh install of xp on a new drive, Im having horrid problems with my dvd drives, copying data from either drive, in either configuration causes mouse lag, and if Im playing a video...
  30. E 99 cents 6 outlet surge protector

    Meritline has surge protectors for 99 cents each, looks like you can order alot of them. Good for system builders to sell with machines for a few extra bucks :) Im down for 20.
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    hot keys for toggling which screen im using?

    Heres the deal: My home theater room setup has a 32" lcd and I run a ptax100u on a 120" screen. My original plans for switching all my devices was to use a 4x1 hdmi and a 2x1 hdmi with diodes removed so i can use it in reverse. Everything works fine EXCEPT my pc and the sceptre lcd via dvi/...
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    bfg 7950gx2 and ut 2004

    ut 2004 plays horridly on my card. Sometimes I get artifacts and some textures dont render correctly. Its only ut 2k4.. no other games cause this. Im using the newest drivers, and the newest ut patch.. Ive tryed using some older drivers but nothing!
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    customer & NAV

    One of my customers phoned me the other day. Asking if I could install the NAV they purchased. They were having issues. To make a long story short, I cant for the love of me get it to install correctly. I get to the last few percent of installing and I get some errors. Personally Id much rather...
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    How to turn on my torrents when Im not using my pc

    Not sure where to put this.. But is it possible I can have my torrents start downloading when I m not using my pc. For example at 5 minutes of mouse inactivity my downloads start.. and when I come back they stop? Id like to be more efficent with them :) Thanks!
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    panasonic pt ae1000u 1080p PJ $2899 ar

    Projector people has a 1k mir on the ptae1000u. Which makes it currently the cheapest 1080p digital pj available. It was previously a $400 mir. Shame I changed my mind two days ago and got...
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    HTPC output to LCD & PJ?

    Ok.. I need to have my htpc output to either my lcd, or my pj. Ive seen the dvi splitters at monoprice. Would this work? Just turn off the device im not using? Would a dvi switch work better? Thanks in advance :)
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    Staples photo basic paper 30 pack for 1.94+tax (reg $9.98)

    was at staples in binghamton ny last night, saw this deal bought all they had... not sure if its in all locations.. 7.5 cents per sheet.... cant find the link to the correct pack, its a 30 pack. the link is for the 100 pack...
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    Where to look for cl56 lcd specs?

    I want to find a spec sheet for the lcd in compal cl56 laptops. I seem to have trouble finding much about it, even using other names.
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    Thoughts on wintv-pvr-usb2.0 Looking for a new tuner for my laptop. Kworld usb1.1 just doesnt cut it. hows image quality compared to a pvr250?
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    Which screen for dell 6000?

    Which screen for dell 6000? Do the wuxga and wsxga have glare problems? Also, how easy is it to upgrade cpus? thanks in advance.