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    Computer Stuttering During Audio Playback

    I'm having a strange problem that I have no idea how to even begin diagnosing. I've been using the same home-built computer for two years now—ran Vista for the first year and a Windows 7 beta build for the last year. A few weeks ago I did a clean install of Windows 7 retail (64 bit...
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    Keyboard and Trackpad Drivers Vanishing?

    I'm having a strange problem on my laptop, a Dell Vostro 1310. I'm running Win7 RC, never dealt with the factory install, but this has happened on every version of Windows 7 I've run, and on Ubuntu Linux as well. A couple weeks after doing a fresh install of the OS, eventually I'll turn on...
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    BtrFs and Fedora 11

    I just read (although this seems to be a relatively old news) that Fedora 11 will include BtrFs as an option, while Ubuntu is only just including Ext4 as an option (it's the default file system in Fedora 11). I don't really know enough about file systems to really judge its merits, but I've...
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    Text to Speech software?

    I'm looking for a program, on either Windows or Linux, that will read back a text document (doesn't have to be anything fancy, I use Open Office but I would be happy to copy the text into the program itself) in a voice that isn't terrible and doesn't sound like a robot. This will be for the...
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    Ubuntu 64-bit

    When Ubuntu 9.04 is released next month, I'll be installing it on my desktop with 4 gb of RAM (dual booting with Windows 7 64-bit). Since Linux doesn't pre-cache things natively like Windows does, and I never have enough programs open to actually use all that RAM at once, I'm wondering if I...
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    Linux and Terrible Battery Life

    I've been trying to make the switch to Linux for a couple months now, after much badgering from my friends. My desktop is likely to always remain a Windows machine, but as a novel writer, I really don't use any programs on my laptop other than Open Office, Firefox, and maybe something to play...