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    Corsair H100i $69.99 I know, I know, $20 MIR, but Corsair MIR are the only ones I've had no hassle with and received quickly in the past.
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    Gigabyte GTX 780 Ti $599.99

    I'm a little sad that this went down to $599.99 after I bought an EVGA reference card a couple weeks ago from NCIX for $70 more (which was also a good sale price).
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    Fine Tunin' For those too lazy to click: * i7-4770K ? Noctua NH-D14 ? Asus Z87-PRO (V EDITION) ✔ Crucial Ballistix Tactical 16GB (4 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 ✔ Samsung 840 EVO 500GB ✔ Hitachi Deskstar NAS 4TB 7200RPM ✔ EVGA GeForce GTX 780...
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    Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 Now Or Wait For Corsair 450D Release?

    I was thinking of the Corsair 250D and going the mITX route but am having second thoughts about possibly needing SLI down the road. My new question to you is: wait to see what Corsair is probably soon to unleash upon the world (hopefully it will leave amazing impressions like the 250D seems to...
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    Last Few Component Undecided

    Trying to figure out my motherboard, memory, and case. Current items are here. This will mainly be used for gaming, streaming, archiving (compressing/decompressing), light Photoshop use, etc. I have no limit to my budget, although I'd like to keep it under my tax refund amount (~$2300) if...
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    Swiftech H220 vs. Corsair H100i vs. Noctua NH-L12

    I will be getting a 4770K and putting it on a ASRock Z87E-ITX motherboard inside a Corsair 250D case. I'm not trying to go balls to the wall on overclocking. I may not even do it if the benefits aren't substantial. My main goal is to have a pretty quiet, small system that packs a punch. If it...
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    ST4000VN000 vs. H3IKNAS40003272SN

    I can't decide which one to buy, the Seagate or the Hitachi. This drive will be used on a personal computer for storage/downloads/etc. (ie. no program installs). Someone mentioned the Seagate had 4 platters whereas the Hitachi has 5 (I am assuming less platters equates to better performance)...
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    Yet Another One Of Those Threads

    First off, I play a wide range of games but mainly stick to CS 1.6, Dota 2, Path Of Exile, & Rift on ONE 1920x1080 resolution screen (I use the other for streaming, etc.). My current computer is unable to run Rift with reasonable FPS and maximum settings. With supersampling I get a pitiful 15...
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    A-DATA S599 Bad?

    I got the "64" GB S599 almost two weeks ago and was pretty impressed with its performance. I just have my OS on the drive and the WoW game with about 20GB of free space. The first time the problem occurred I was away from my computer. I had left it on and when I got back I was welcomed with a...
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    10.10d Disable Catalyst A.I.

    Am I blind or just plain stupid to assume that there's no option to turn this setting off but only to change it in the latest hotfix? Or does it go by a different name?
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    First Impressions of Acer G235H (Ie. Recommend Me a Better Screen)

    I finally broke down and bought an Acer G235H from Newegg for $160 since I'd heard good things about the G series from many places. I was so excited to open the box and set it up. Unfortunately, this monitor is quite possibly the worst thing I've ever seen in comparison to my old Samsung...
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    Asus EAH6850 Temperatures

    I have two 6850s in CrossFire and just with the default voltage and clock speeds the temperature on the main card climbs up to 87-88C after 5-10 minutes of Kombustor and the fan is going at 90-100% around this peak temperature with my near-default user fan profile. So much for a "cool" card. At...
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    XFX Radeon HD 6850 CF + ST31000528AS - $438.84 Shipped @ Newegg Just checking out now using this combo myself. :)
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    6850 CF or GTX 460 SLI?

    Both are the exact same price before rebates, $360 for 2. I hope to run Metro 2033 at Very High settings, not necessarily with AA bumped up, but definitely with tessellation active as well as any future games. If I overclock each to their highest potential what would yield better performance...
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    Newegg Let My Bogus Review In, Wtf?

    My comment posted "10/10/2010 10:23:56 PM" for Come on Newegg, screen your feedback submissions.
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    Critique my 120.3 Loop Before I Order

    $80.19 - EK Supreme HF Rev 2 Acetal $69.95 - Swiftech MCP655-B™ 12 VDC Pump Without speed controller $46.95 - XSPC RS360 BLACK $14.40 - PrimoFlex Pro LRT Black Tubing - 1/2in. ID X 3/4in. OD (8 feet) $4.00 - Plastic Tubing Clamps - Black (10 of them, Large Size G) $3.95 - Antimicrobial...
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    Lian Li PC-V1000B and Custom Water Cooling Loop

    I made a thread over here asking about my next system upgrade: and I would like to get some advice about my current case and intended hardware. I would like to have room to run 2 GTX 460s in SLI (eventually) so that means a top-mounted radiator...
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    E8400 P35 To i7 930 X58 Upgrade Questions

    I currently have an E8400 @ 3.6Ghz, DFI LP DK P35-T2RS, G.Skill 2x2GB DDR2 1000, MSI NX8800GTS G92, and some anciently slow WD & Samsung 250GB SATA HDDs that I'm currently running in RAID0 (HD Tune tested the RAID at about 111 MB/s transfer rate, about the rate of both individual drives...
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    ASUS Sabertooth X58 + G.SKILL 6GB (3 x 2GB) DDR3 1600 $289.98 Shipped
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    E8400 Core Damaged?

    I've had my E8400 (C0 revision, 6 stepping) for about 2.5 years and it's seen different overclocks. However, I never went above 1.4 Vcore and watched my temperatures like a good boy. I must have been stuck with a bad chip because 3.8Ghz was as high as I could stably go within a safe voltage. For...
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    RP500-2 and Overclocking

    So I've had my Rosewill RP500-2 for a little over three years now. It has seen a few different components over the years, but mainly has powered my current system for about 2.5 years comprised of: E8400, MSI 8800GTS G92, DFI LANPARTY DK P35-T2RS, G.SKILL 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2 1000 RAM, a DVD burner...
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    How to Offset Across Dual Monitors

    I have two different resolution monitors currently. The one on the left is 1280x1024 and the other one on the right is at 1600x1024. I have switched the latter to 1280x1024 and kept the aspect ratio locked. This results in two black bars on the left and right sides. I was wondering if it was...
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    1xG245H, 2xG215H or Something Else

    Should I buy two of these: Or one of these: Or something else under $400? Will be primarily working in AutoCAD, playing TF2, WoW, CS 1.6, and working in...
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    8800 GTS G92 Performance Issues (PSU Problem Or What?)

    For the past ~2.5 years I've been able to run anything at max setting on my current setup which is as follows: DFI LANPARTY DK P35-T2RS E8400 @ 3.2 Ghz ZALMAN CNPS9500 G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR2 1000 (PC2 8000) MSI GeForce 8800GTS (G92) 512MB Rosewill RP500-2 500W I remember testing...
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    Necessary for an Upgrade?

    I've been looking to purchase a new monitor so I can finally get out of my 1280x1024 resolution that I've been running for a while. I just really cannot stand game interfaces being so gigantic in comparison to the game world anymore. Even in Photoshop or Word having more screen real estate to...
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    Looking to Upgrade from SyncMaster 193p+

    I've had this 193p+ for quite a while now (over 5 years) and am looking to upgrade to a larger screen. Don't get me wrong, I love everything about this monitor, but I would really feel better delving into the 1920x1200 resolution. This 1280x1024 just does not to me justice in most games. I love...
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    Zalman CNPS9500 Fan Speed

    Is there any way to run the fan not at low speed? How does this baby work? I don't hear any noise which isn't good; I would like to overclock and run the fan speed at high but I don't know where to look in BIOS and SpeedFan seems to be no help. Running the DFI LP P35-T2RS with my E8400. Help!
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    Is AS5 Really Worth It On Zalman CNPS9500?

    I haven't picked up my shipment yet but I'm assuming the hsf comes with some sort of thermal compound. Will AS5 make any more than a few degrees difference or is it fine to use what comes with it and still be able to overclock considerably well on my E8400?
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    Zalman CNPS9500 & DFI LP DK P35-T2RS

    Will it fit so I can try for 4Ghz with my new E8400?
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    Photoshop CS3 And 8800GTS G92

    I just upgraded my old x800xl to an MSI 8800GTS G92 and when I load Photoshop up certain parts of the GUI flicker strangely. I deleted my installation and reinstalled Photoshop to no avail. Doing anything is painfully slow and I can only half-see what I am doing. I've updated to the latest...