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    55" LG 55EC9300 1080p Smart 3D Curved OLED HDTV $1999.99 with free shipping

    55" LG 55EC9300 1080p Smart 3D Curved OLED HDTV $1999.99 with free shipping [Currently $2999 at Amazon] BuyDig via eBay NOTE: This matches Micro Center's B&M price and is $349 less than the recent Frontpage Deal. It is also currently $2999 at Amazon [] 55" LG 55EC9300...
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    why do people want the ms surface more than the ipad?

    I've been a windows/android user for the longest. I finally got the Ipad and it works just great. The battery life is good, and everything just seems to flow more smoothly.
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    wireless solution for 50 users

    it doesn't have to limited to one device. i'm willing to buy multiple, but i'm not sure how it will work and how it can balance out the number of users on each device. my goal is just to have one ssid.
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    wireless solution for 50 users

    What is the best solution to connect around 50 users at once. The room is not that big so I need something that can run together and split the traffic somehow using one ssid.
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    HP w2338h Whats the deal with these?

    I have one and I like it, it does have some backlight bleed though. But I love the way it looks physically and it's pretty good for watching movies compared to the dell monitors I use at work.
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    Post your pc screen shots!

    Can you link me to that wallpaper?
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    LCD Stand:I'm Suppose to break it installing it?

    lol I had the same problem, I forgot how I did it though
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    does the adjustable legs come standard? or is that something you modified?
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    thanks for all your input! i'll stop by ikea sometime this weekend.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    does anyone know where to buy that desk kniff is using?
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    Dell G2210 and G2410 Widescreen LED Flat Panels

    these monitors look very interesting .
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    wallpaper websites

    anyone have a site that contains a lot of beautiful babes on there?
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    thanks Trageta!
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    Hey illuminate, may I please have a link to the happy face wallpaper?
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    May I please have a link to that wallpaper?
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    Newegg Hard Drive Packing

    i've had bad experiences with newegg and receiving items DOA. But my luck sucks!! So I try to avoid online ordering :D
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    Samsung T260 $439.99 - $20 MIR
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    Chrome vs firefox/ie/opera/safari

    there is no best browser for me, i use ie for compatibility and opera for speed. i'm testing out chrome right now and it seems pretty darn good for being it's first beta and it's only going to get better.
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    The KMPlayer

    i use it to watch my hd movies, it's a real nice player with tons of options. it has a nice zoom to widescreen feature which works perfectly with my 42" monitor :D i also use it to view broken video files.
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    4870x2 reviews beating gtx280 sli

    I wonder if my 600 watt psu is enough to power one 4870x2.
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    4870x2 reviews beating gtx280 sli

    wow, these cards are power hungry!
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    PC TECHS! What software tools do you run to fix a persons computer?

    The only tool I use is runscanner. It's pretty much all I need, Boot into safemode and get rid of anything that's not suppose to be there. If i'm still unable to remove it, ill end the explorer.exe process and try to remove it again. If I'm unsuccessful, I'll put in the windows cd and boot into...
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    Sprint SERO - last chance.

    I'm on sero right now, what happens when my contract ends? Will my monthly payment be the same??
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    notebook vs desktop

    I prefer desktops too, it's a lot faster and you can customize it anyway you want it without paying an arm and a leg for it. And I can't stand the current designs for laptops right now, they're so bulky with an exception to voodoo's envy. But the cost doesn't make it an attractive computer for me.
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    Rohan Online

    hey rx3? so how do you like the game soo far? i was started playing 2moon yesturday but i really like the way rohan looks. i think i might switch today to try out rohan
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    Bandwidth Monitoring on a domain

    someone help us out :(
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    Bandwidth Monitoring on a domain

    I'm looking for an Internet bandwidth monitor that could generate reports for each user on our domain to see how much bandwidth is being utilized. I'm trying to locate the Internet abusers. I tried dozens of software, but all of them were only able to log each website visited. Any insight would...
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    PS3 Online Multiplayer

    yeah, thats one of the reasons why i bought my ps3. and also, all my friends have it so it's fun owning servers in cod4!
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    Vista registration problems

    what kind of information do they ask for when you call in to get your os activated?
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    Your Top 3 PC games?

    w00t! Tribes was the best game I've ever played!
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    Your Top 3 PC games?

    1) Tribes 2) Starcraft 3) CounterStrike
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    You guys have experience with turntables?

    Technics 1200's are good. They've been around for along time and are very durable. I would recommend them.
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    Sharp AQUOS D64-series Friends and Family event

    For those who can't get a price match. is offering $50 off select televisions priced $599+ when applying coupon code "DLA6QUYAD6" during checkout. Right now its on sale for $1399.99 at So $1399.99 - $50 and 10% off, if you could find a working AAA discount code
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    Sharp AQUOS D64-series Friends and Family event

    i have no idea, lol.
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    Sharp AQUOS D64-series Friends and Family event

    well, i'll be home in 3 hours, so i'll post some pictures of my receipt soon :)
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    Sharp AQUOS D64-series Friends and Family event

    wow, that's weird maybe you were talking to some lazy employees overthere. i'm currently at work right now, but when i get home ill post a picture of my final receipt.
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    Sharp AQUOS D64-series Friends and Family event

    ok here's the deal, i got my 42" priced matched saturday at circuitcity with no questions asked. so my total came out to $1092 after tax. for those of you still intrested, print out the shopping cart for the tv you want and bring it to your local circuitcity to get a price match, i know lots of...
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    Sharp AQUOS D64-series Friends and Family event

    Sharp AQUOS D64-series on Friends and Family event. Sharp is pleased to offer all of the products available on this site at specially discounted prices. LC-42D64U – retail price = $1,899 promotional price = $1,000 47% savings!! LC-46D64U –...