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    Hiding Wires -- Electrical tape?

    Anyone got advice on what kind of tape to use for holding down wires under a motherboard? Just plain old electrical tape (the dark black stuff) or is there some kind of magical electrical tape that people prefer?
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    SD card reader - I need (read: really want) a fast one

    For some reason in the last few weeks I have really wanted to find an SD card reader that will transfer fast... I am tired of waiting 5 minutes to dump the memory off. So... anyone here seen any reviews for SD readers? or perhaps know of one that goes faster than .9mb/s? I have my eye on...
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    Need advice for good wire sleaving.

    So I bought the Antec Neopower 480w PSU and for some reason was under the impression the wiring was sleaved like the Ultra X-Connect. But I was wrong it is not :confused: I get to learn how to sleave wires! YAY..... Any advice for brand names? I would like UV reactive sleaves...
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    AC'97 surround sound problems....or are they? Seeking GURU style advice.

    So I read a post on Gamespot the other day about a user having trouble with his onboard AC'97 producing poor quality sound from his 5.1 rear speakers. I thought I had the answer to his post so I typed up a quick reply, and before hitting submet (yeah I used the noggin before clicking!) I...