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    Alphacool Eiskoffer Lucky Draw

    Love to give this a try. Had some difficulty making 3D bends in my last build. This looks like it would make it a piece of cake.
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    Intel Sandy Bridge 2600K and 2500K Processors @ [H]

    I just built a system for myself around the ASUS P8P67 Revolution and 2600K. Probably the easiest and most stable build I've done in awhile, BTW. The issues don't affect me directly cuz I'm using SATA III drives. Anyway, I did purchase an ASUS P8P67 Deluxe and 2600K from Amazon and both are...
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    Microcenter Has Taken Down All P/H 67 Boards !

    No need to get snippy. Mine has been rock solid too. I don't have anything on the 3gb ports, just two SSDs hanging off the 6gb ports. Yes, there is an issue with the board. The issue doesn't mean it can't be worked around. Got two or less hard drives? Use the 6gb ports, even if your...
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    Hyper-V and exchange 2010 questions

    Check your DNS settings on the WHS. Make sure it is pointing to your Domain Controller for DNS. Then configure the domain controller's DNS to forward to your ISP's DNS server for names your DC cannot resolve (do this in the forwarder tab). Sounds like you don't have an MX record pointing to...
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    3rd HD Failure on a Raid 5 in 3 Years...

    I believe he said Seagate ES.2 which are drives designated by Seagate for RAID/Enterprise storage. Comes with a 5 year warranty. I had ~15 of the 1TB drives in a RAID array at one point. That said, I don't think they're very reliable drives. In the 2.5 years I had them in operation, at...
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    HP SAS Expander Owner's Thread

    Has anyone tried the HP SAS expander with a Supermicro X8DTN+-F motherboard? I'm trying to find a suitable, dual LGA1366 motherboard with at least 12 DIMM sockets for 4GB ECC/Registered modules that doesn't have an issue resetting the expander card like some motherboard do. It also needs to...
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    "RAID is not a backup" ..ok then, what is?

    Thanks.... but fortunately, that building was evacuated well before the south tower collapse. There were no casualties from 7WTC, although it was a disturbing sight to see since my office faced the WTC plaza. Here's what it looked like in August from my office window, taken by a coworker who...
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    "RAID is not a backup" ..ok then, what is?

    My company used to be at 7 World Trade Center which had two entire floor datacenters. We all know what happened there. Almost 400 servers were crushed. Within 1 week we had the data recovered to servers at different sites. It wasn't RAID that allowed us to recover the data to another site...
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    ARECA Owner's Thread (SAS/SATA RAID Cards)

    Has anyone tried the new 1880 Areca controllers with the Supermicro chassis with the built in SAS expander on the backplane? Specifically the 847E1-R1400LPB (3 Gbps) and the 847E16-R1400LPB (6 Gbps) chassis? Any issues? Do the SES2/I2C features work with the backplane's LEDs?
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    Is RAID5 safe with Five 2TB Hard Drives?

    All these variations have been around for quite some time. I remember setting up a RAID 5 array on a Compaq Proliant 1000 some 15 years ago using a Compaq Smart Array Controller (there was no numerical designation on the model number back then) and installing Banyan Vines on it. That was my...
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    Ok to stack drives?

    I've found that stacking them that way causes the drive on the bottom to overheat quite a bit. I rather put them on their side with a little space between them. As long as you're careful around them, they're quite stable and will run much cooler.
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    HP SAS Expander Owner's Thread

    Yes, the 9690SA worked with my expander when it had version 1.0 firmware. It also worked when the 9690SA and drives were limited to SATA-I with other firmware. I've since gotten rid of the 3ware controller and went to the 1680 route mainly because of the power saving features and the ability...
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    Hitachi drives..

    I have 15 500 Gig Hitachis from a server I built in 2005. I stopped using them about 2 years ago and they sat on a shelf. 7 of them have been put back to use and they are working fine. I had 12 1TB Hitachis from a server built in ~2007 (I think it was originally 5 drives, then 7 purchased...
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    ESX as a file server

    I have a Lian-Li 343B cube case right now. It has eighteen 5.25 inch bays (nine on each side). I use six 5 to 3 hotswap bays (gives you five 3.5 inch hotswap bays per three 5.25 inch bays) which gives me 30 hotswap bays for hard drives. The server has room for six more 3.5 inch drives as...
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    ESX as a file server

    Here's what I'm using: Tyan S5380 w/2 quad core Xeon L5410 16 Gigs of RAM Arcea 1680ix RAID controller HP SAS Expander Two 150 Gig Raptors in RAID 1 for OS (these are recycled from a server two generations ago, one died under the tail end of the warranty and WD sent me one of those new...
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    2 TB drive for HD video: 5400 or 7200 rpm?

    If you're looking at just a single drive, the WD should be fine. Unfortunately for me, I tried using them in RAID and had nothing but trouble. Got Hitachis instead and have no problems whatsoever now.
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    Build-Log: 100TB Home Media Server

    Great build, although I'm curious if you already have enough data to fill most of those drives now? I find it more cost effective to purchase a drive when I approach filling my array and expand as I go. Reason is that the prices drop over time and eventually, larger capacity drives will come...
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    HP SAS Expander Owner's Thread

    Tried the beta firmware on my 1680ix-12. SES2 enabled works fine now and it looks like the power saving features seem to be stable now. BTW, I see the same phenomenon regarding 24 ports with SES2 enabled compared to 32 ports with SES2 disabled.
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    HP SAS Expander Owner's Thread

    Are there any other fixes implemented in the beta firmware? Or just SES2 functionality?
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    Samsung Disks and 3ware (LSI) controllers

    Nope. The drives worked fine right out of the box. They are retail boxed drives so I believe those are Ultrastars. I do have 7 of these drives on a 9650 for about a week now with no problems. Those 7 Hitachis replaced 6 WD20EADS I had nothing but trouble with, even with TLER on. I also have...
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    Samsung Disks and 3ware (LSI) controllers

    I use the 2TB Hitachis, 1TB Hitachis from 3 years ago and 500Gig Hitachis from before that. I never had to RMA one drive (they're all still functioning to this day) so I can't comment on their RMA process. I've used the 9690SA and 9650SE 3ware controllers, the former is a SAS controller and...
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    NetApp DS14...what should i do?

    Sell them and use the money to purchase equipment more suitable for what you need. I've got millions of dollars worth of Netapp hardware at work and they are absolutely fabulous pieces of hardware for what they are and the support from Netapp that comes with it is top notch. They're designed...
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    any suggestions for 48TB+ server

    Any update on the progress of your Supermicro build?
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    ARECA Owner's Thread (SAS/SATA RAID Cards)

    Odditory, Did you use the Hitachi utility to change any parameters on each hard drive in regards for power management? If yes, what values did you use? I'm trying to use the HDD power management on the Areca to spin up my array on demand and although it works fine using the 1 minute...
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    3ware 9650se or ARC-1220?

    It's not that they are bad performers, they are just not top performers. I inherited an environment 6-7 years ago that had all 3ware controllers in the servers. To this day, not one controller (among 12 or so?) has ever given any trouble and I used every SATA & SAS model they have released to...
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    HP SAS Expander Owner's Thread

    If I use the external connector on the 1680ix-12 to the external connector on the SAS expander, the Areca hangs during post and eventually reboots due to a timeout. If I connect the 1680ix-12 internal port (any one) to the internal port on the SAS expander, it works fine. I don't have any...
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    HP SAS Expander Owner's Thread

    FYI, the 3ware 9690SA cards works with the SAS Expander quite well. In fact, my expander has an older firmware and the Areca 1680ix-12 I have hangs when I connect it via the external port. The 3ware does not. The 3ware only does SATA-I (1.5Gbps) however. I'm going to try getting it flashed...
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    HP SAS Expander Owner's Thread

    Boo... but figures it would be that way. Did he have to use an HP server as well or a home built is ok? If an HP server is required, I'll have to take mine in to work and look for an appropriate machine. Might need a flashing service for these cards!
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    HP SAS Expander Owner's Thread

    Were you able to flash the cards to 2.02 without other HP hardware or did you have to use an HP server and P410 controller?
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    3ware 9650SE-12ML - Which BBU?

    Not to mention it won't take up another slot.
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    3ware 9650SE-12ML - Which BBU?

    The BBU-4 comes with a dummy PCI card which the battery attaches to. This is designed for the 9690SA cards which has no physical space on the card for the battery to clip onto. The BBU-3 comes without the dummy PCI card. This one is made for the 9550 and 9650. You can tell if your card can...
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    HP SAS Expander Owner's Thread

    My SAS card is also green with the large heatsink. I did not get it from eBay tho, but from the HP vendor we deal with at work. It was cheaper than the eBay prices from a few months ago, but not cheaper than the current ebay prices now. @Odditory, could you check to see if you're getting...
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    Hitachi 2TB Harddrive Owner's Thread

    FYI, Microcenter has the retail Hitachi 2TB for $150 right now. I bought 5 mid December from TigerDirect (retail packaged) for $130 after $30 rebate. Unfortunately 5 was the max. I'm checking TigerDirect and Newegg (they had the same deal in November which I missed) every so often to see if...
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    HP SAS Expander Owner's Thread

    They're designed for PICMG computers on a card. Basically, these are entire motherboards (Core2Duo, Xeons, etc) on a card and you plug it into one of these backplanes that has the slot configuration you're looking for. If you look at the one I linked to above, there is one long slot. That's...
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    HP SAS Expander Owner's Thread

    Although I haven't tried it, I suggested using a PICMG backplane to power the HP SAS expander card. Eventually, I'd like to do the same with 2 additional Norco cases (when will they come out with the 4224?). See this link for more info.
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    HP SAS Expander Owner's Thread

    Just came across this thread from AVSForum. I have an HP SAS expander hooked up via the external port to one of the ports on a 3ware 9690SA-8E card. It sees my eight 2TB Hitachis just fine. I've copied large amounts of data back and forth to the array (RAID 5 for testing) with no problems...
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    Galaxy GeForce 9600 GT LowPower LowProfile

    Exactly my point. Part of the cost could be offset by selling off my current 9600GT but I could probably forgo that by underclocking it and having the same effect.
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    Galaxy GeForce 9600 GT LowPower LowProfile

    So running this card at reference frequencies would be indicative of what a stock 9600GT would consume powerwise? It doesn't seem much different unless there is some other power saving feature on the card that a stock 9600GT lacks. I have a 9600GT in my HTPC right now but I'm trying to shave...
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    Electric bill

    With POCOs raising their rates, I'm curious to see what y'all are paying on powering your equipment, especially in these summer months where you need to run the A/C as well. I just got an $800 electric bill. Two Lian Li 343s with Dual Operton Tyan motherboards (older models) and about 25 1TB...