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    Weird Problem

    So I recently got an SSD and loaded win7 64 bit on it. Everything was going swimmingly, except I'm unable to play any games with a voice chat app open. Mumble and TS3 both cause the machine to hardlock with out a bluescreen or anything. If I don't run them, I can game for hours. I've tried...
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    Forceware 197.41 EDID fix

    Anyone having trouble getting the EDID fix to work in 197.41? Never seemed to have an issue with my 8800GTX and L2410NM using a dvi-hdmi cable, but it has reared its ugly head since I got my GTX 480. Waaaay oversharp and hosed up colors. I've tried the reg hacks to fix it and they don't...
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    Woot-Your-Own Adventure! !
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    EVGA advertising WC Fermi

    Stumbled on this:
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    Any experience with Asus P50 or K50?

    As title says, anyone have first hand experience with the K50 or P50 lines from Asus? Specifically looking at build quality/durability.
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    Business/Travel Laptop

    Trying to help my Mom pick out a new laptop as her pre-lenovo thinkpad is finally on the way out. She uses it mainly to run her business and travel to trade shows and conferences, but is also her primary machine at home. I haven't really looked at stuff in this class since I got her thinkpad...
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    A ray of sunshine: DICE :D “On the PC, it's a PC version, which is getting that same treatment, and then also a little bit more as PC users are generally used to a different type of experience than console users are, and we recognise...
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    Gateway tablet and win7

    I know a bunch of you had gateway tablets back in the day, anyone had any luck getting the finepoint digitizer working under win7? It starts to install the driver and hangs for like 20 minutes. During the hang the digitizer and pen work great, but then windows decides it can't install the...
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    GT200 Preliminary Numbers The new GeForce cards are expected to hit more than 650 nanoseconds of protein simulation in a single day, while the Radeon HD 3870 is stuck at about 170 ns. The Playstation 3 is able to produce "only" 100 ns of simulation, while a quad-core CPU...
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    Videos with sound in the contextual ads?

    Are these new? Hadn't seen one before and the sound definitely caught me by surprise. Luckily the headphones were plugged in ;)
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    Westinghouse L2410NM $359 BestBuy Online Had mine since the last time they had it on sale at 399. Tempted to pick up another.
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    Crysis: Little problems make an OK game...less OK.

    Anyone else finding all the little things that make this game frustrating? I cant say how many times I've had the physics glitch and kill me. I can stand there and take 30mm shells from a helicopter...but a box clips into something, goes crazy and kills me. Threw a guy into a wall at close...
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    Dell M1730 laptops include PhysX

    Apparently every new dell M1730 has a physx card. Can't see a way to remove it. This could help the install base a little bit :D
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    Folding on nVidia Thought this might interest some of you ;) Some work to be done, but looks like it's coming.
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    Warfactory Bandwidth Exchange LAN 2, Jan 13-14, St Louis, MO

    St Louis Warfactory is kicking off the New Year with our biggest LAN yet. 200 PC seats will be available at the Bandwidth Exchange Building in downtown Saint Louis for your fragging pleasure. Our sponsors have come through big and have enabled us to offer the largest tournament pots that Saint...
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    dSLR-like recommendations

    Camera was recently stolen, looking for a good replacement. Not into photography enough to justify the cost of a dSLR, but like the dslr-like cams. Thinking about the new fujifilm finepix S6000sd, opinions?
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    Gamerail Posted this in gaming section, but noone seemed to care, what do you guys think? Would be pretty cool if it works, and the beta is free, so I think I'm going to give it a shot.
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    GameRail-Private Network for Gaming

    Digg Sounds interesting, and they have an open beta, might be worth a shot!
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    Warfactory No-Frills, Sept 30, St Louis

    Our regulars have been asking for it, so St Louis Warfactory has put together a "No-Frills" LAN for this september 30th at the St Louis Science Center's May Hall. No tournaments to worry about, just good LAN fun in whatever game you can convince everyone to play. Admission is 10 bucks either...
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    SN25P and 7950GX2

    Well, the card finally came in from eVGA, and, I managed to get it in. You have to remove the bottom spacer and squeeze it together a bit and it will barely slide past the caps. Now on to the bad news: It doesn't look like it works, as far as I can tell. Can't seem to get the SLI...
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    Quakecon2k6, Aug 3-6, Dallas TX

    Quakecon has finally been announced! We know you all have been waiting to find out about QuakeCon 2006, and we want to thank you for your patience. We’ve had some unexpected issues locking in the dates and location, but don’t worry, we’re still bringing you another kick-ass QuakeCon event...
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    7950 in SN25P

    Well, I'm number 11 in the step up queue. Any thought/predictions?
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    Warfactory LANetarium! May 27th, St Louis, MO

    Warfactory LANetarium! May 27th, St Louis, MO This Memorial Day, Warfactory and the Cyberville Gallery are hosting one of the most unique LAN's you will ever attend. This 150 person event will be held in the St. Louis Science Center McDonnel Planetarium! LAN under the stars, safely...
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    Warfactory Over 21 LAN, May 6th, St Louis, MO

    Warfactory Over 21 LAN, May 6th, St Louis, MO Warfactory is hosting an over 21 LAN May 6th, at D.A.'s restaurant, 900 Walnut, St Louis Mo. This is a small event capped at 40 people, but it should be a really good time! Food and drink specials all day, with by request game servers. Look...
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    7900GTX in SN25P (pics inside!)

    Those are the important ones. Clears the caps with no problem, rests against the drive cage. Might be under a little bit of torque, but if it is, it's not much. 5886 3dmark06 at stock clocks, never broke 65 degrees on the card. Doesnt seem to put too much heat out the side of the heatsink by...
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    St Louis Warfactory LAN, January 28th, 2006

    Hey guys, we've just announced our next lan! More details at DATE/LOCATION: January 28-29, 2006 100-150 Seats The Bandwidth Exchange Building 210 N. Tucker, St. Louis, MO 63101-1978 TOURNAMENTS: Counter-Strike 1.6 - 5 v 5 Counter-Strike: Source - 5 v 5...
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    SN25P Update (Opteron Goodness)

    Just letting all of you SN25P users out there know that the dual core opterons (s939) work great! Have my 165 running at 2.4ghz so far, rock stable, and at decent temps. It's a testament to shuttle power supplies with the dual core, 7800gtx KO, 3 HDDs, 2 gigs of ram and an optical can all run...
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    7800gtx ko in sn25p

    Well, it's working so far :D 8318 3dmarks out of the box, with 78.11 drivers.
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    Saint Louis September 24th Science Center LAN

    Warfactory is putting on a LAN at the Saint Louis Science Center, September 24th. Tourneys include Doom 3 1v1, Battlefield 2, and CS 1.6. Admission will include food and drink, along with a presentation from the guys over at LegitReviews...
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    Windows not detecting dual core

    Got an SN25P shuttle last night, and "borrowed" a 4800+ from work to give it a try. Downloaded latest nvidia chipset drivers, shuttle bios (which does support dual core) and AMD processor drivers. At one point last night, windows was detecting both cores and displaying two processor graphs in...
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    Windows not detecting dual core

    Got an SN25P shuttle last night, and "borrowed" a 4800+ from work to give it a try. Downloaded latest nvidia chipset drivers, shuttle bios (which does support dual core) and AMD processor drivers. At one point last night, windows was detecting both cores and displaying two processor graphs...
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    Laptop 3Dmark05

    Not saying it is useful, just wanted to see how some of the new laptops are doing. My 6811 gets about 835 3d and 3368 CPU
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    I am looking for a good, affordable webhost for a small/medium website/FTP. Can anyone one recommend a good company? Some of the deals I found look to good to be true, and don't feel like being screwed out of some of my hard earned money this week. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Broadcom 64-bit drivers

    I still havn't found them, please post here if you happen to catch them popping up somewhere. With the latest release of the beta XP64, they sure would be nice to have!
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    Geil Golden Dragon

    Anyone ever used the Geil Golden Dragon pc3200 memory? Comments?
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    Sapphire 9600 non-pro 256meg

    I came across this the other day while looking for an incremental upgrade to hold me over until summer and the next gen cards : I know it is possible to flash the non-pros up to pro level, but how well do you think...