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    Anyone else bummed out that BF4 is coming out already?

    I was out of PC gaming for a while after I bored myself of Counter Strike and never bothered to upgrade my PC. 4 years without touching a PC game. A year and a half ago I finally upgraded and starting playing BF3.. When I saw the trailer for BF4, I kept thinking that it was way too soon to...
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    Which AMD Card? 7950? 7850?

    I just sold both my 6870's, partially due to my frustration with crossfire and the noise that one of my reference cards produced under load. I've been researching on Newegg and reading random reviews, but would like some additional insight from the forum. I only game with one monitor and...
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    Has BF3 changed the perception that gameplay trumps graphics?

    As a long time FPS player from back when GL Quake and Glide changed everything, I've been completely mesmerized and in awe of this game engine. I can't help but admire the job that Dice has done with the BF3 engine and the unbelievable graphics of BF3. So, has the tide turned? It's hard for...
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    Rate this purchase + Heat Sink and Fan Question

    I haven't upgraded my PC (AMD 64 3200) in over 7 years and finally decided to bite the bullet and purchase a monster gaming rig.. Marriage, work and just being busy limited my free time to game. Around a year ago I started playing on my PS3, which IMHO, has pathetic controls and doesn't come...
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    6800GT Died while playing Quake 4 :(

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    6800GT Died while playing Quake 4 :(

    So my card crapped out a few days ago and no longer had a video signal.. Luckily I had purchased the CompUSA replacement plan and was able to get a new card right away.. However, today, I decided to check my Antec Truepower 430 and noticed my 12v rail fluctuated all the way down to 11.39, which...
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    New F.E.A.R. Trailer

    As much as I loved Hl2, I think FEAR may surpass it!!! I can't wait for it! EDIT: This is the same trailer, in lower rez, that was released several months ago.. I don't understand why it is being reported as new content. VE Link
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    Proper way to connect a large screen tv and a Computer?

    I have a 55 Inch rear projection HDTV and want to play HL2 on it. For the best image quality, (I think it is a 1080i) what type of cable do I need? Will S-Video give me the highest possible resolution???
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    Post your HL2 Benchmarks Here

    Anandtech has a great set of benchmarks that you can download HERE . Just follow the instructions and run the City 17 timedemo, which is the todays equivelant of Quake 2's crusher timedemo (hope some of you remember that :D Anyways, HOLY CRAP, HL2 is totally CPU dependant, on my not-so...
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    HL2 -bsod, need to do a hard reboot

    Haven't seen this one yet, the game will just crash to various colors and my monitor shuts off.. Has happened 3 times, reset doesn't work, I have to switch my machine off to get back in to windows... I lowered my processor OC and it seems to be better. Does this sound like a memory problem or...
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    Steam is the right way to do business

    Valve has worked 6 long years to make this game and has been through some major obstacles to get it done. Steam is the future, we have to deal with this model given the success of it already. The game has not been cracked, even if it is cracked in a week or a day, they still had a head start...
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    Steam forums down - If the trend continues we may have HL2 very soon!!!!

    Valve has taken the steam forum down, which in the past has normally meant a huge release. Perhaps we get the game early tonight!! Before the forums were taken down there were a few posts detailing a lot of network activity in Steam coming from Valve. A huge upload!
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    The ultimate geekdom

    Link to auction Gotta give him a little credit, it must have taken him a long time to create that auction!
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    Half Life and Mods have sold over 8 Million copies

    Just found that interesting stat on the front page of HardOCP.. Wow, if you can assume that the average price it was sold for was $29.99, that is over 270 million in sales.. Never realized that gaming companies can make that much money, if it was a movie it would be the 25th highest grossing...
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    Looks like CS Source is more taxing than originally thought

    My GT crawls at times, especially during heavy gunfire. I'm talking sub 20's :( Dropping the resolution and turning down AA/AF has little to no impact, especially on the larger servers... Wondering how the game runs on ATI hardware, I'm not interested in what people are getting in the video...
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    Strange Video Corruption on my 6800GT

    This one has me stumped.. I was playing some CS Source and all of a sudden my screen froze and the entire display was corrupt to the point where I could not make anything out. My system then decided to reboot itself. Upon reboot, my bios screen is fuxored, I can't see anything except for red...
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    Am I the only one that already feels like deleting 3dmark 2005?

    Jeez, I ran this benchmark two times and am already sick of it. It seems so pointless to continue playing around with this for me. I did it before with the older versions of 3dmark, but I don't feel like wasting time with this one, tweaking drivers, updating drivers, running the test with...
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    Higher OC results in lower performance

    Guys, been messing around a little with my K8V, I know the board is limited but something has me stumped. I have been running @ 210*11 for the longest time, everything I throw at this chip/vid card has played perfectly. However, tonight I decided to go to 215*11, without changing any other bios...
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    Can a loose power supply cable damage my video card?

    I have been having the WORST luck ever this past week :( Firstly, my IDE cable craps out on me and I have a quick scare that my C:\ drive is dead. A couple of days later I decide to do some cable management to my system to eliminate all the loose wires from my PS. I didn't know it then, but I...
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    Air flow question..

    Guys, I have been getting really tired of having all the ps cables all over the place in my case. So, I decided to do this: Was it done correctly? It seems like all the cables lead to the bottom of the case, is this going to restrict airflow, or should I have done it a different way? sorry...
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    New VIA All in One Drivers

    Link Anyone try these yet???
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    New HL2 E3 Bink Video

    OMG, I think I just drooled all over myself. The character animations look phenomenal as do the menacing striders. Gotta love the physics as well, I can't wait! VE3D Linkage
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    Can online lag create video lag???

    Guys, I have played Doom 3 on both a LAN and online. When playing online with multiple players (6+), I have noticed that my FPS drop significantly when 2 or 3 battles are going on at the same time. This normally corresponds with a little packet loss/lag. My FPS have dipped below 20 at times, and...
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    Improved my Doom 3 benchmark by 10fps

    Guys, not sure if anyone else can verify this, but I just went from 79.8 fps to 91 fps in 1024*768 8AF, 00A, high game settings, Nvidia image settings to high quality. I ran a bunch of benches yesterday and could not understand why my score only went down 3fps when I enabled 4aa from within D3...
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    Can't wait for HL2 Already

    I'm loving every second of Doom 3 already, but I have a strong feeling it will die as soon as the single player part of the game does. It just seems like the system requirements to run games online above 30fps are simply too high to sustain a huge online following. I mean with just 4 players on...
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    Anyone else starting to really like the way video card reviews are being done??

    I don't know about you guys, but when Kyle developed his new format I was a bit skeptical. It seemed like an odd way to do reviews. I found it a little confusing and was so used to video cards being reviewed with the exact same settings. But after reading their Doom 3 benchmarks, I found this...
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    New Monolith In Game Video - F.E.A.R.

    Guys, download this trailer RIGHT NOW! This game is looking amazing, the graphics are great and it looks really creepy.
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    Far Cry Benchmarking tool

    Found this over on the Ubi Far Cry forums.. My FPS seem a little low, I think another stick of 512 may help... enchmark session result Operating System: Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service...