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    Upgrading WinVista 64 to Win7 Pro 64 - What's important before starting?

    I'm having nightmares about losing everything important to me on my hard drive, or having to re-install EVERYTHING in steam. Before I pull the trigger on this tomorrow, what's the procedure I should follow? I have the HDD space on an external drive, how should I utilize it?
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    Recommended dedicated mobile graphics?

    What is the top performing or most robust graphics solution I should look for in a gaming laptop? I want something I can port to a larger monitor and still look good. Any input is welcome! A quick look at newegg shows laptops with Nvidia hardware sitting on top of the price pile, but I...
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    Droid phones, mobile computing?

    Anyone had some success in rooting,romming, and overclocking their droids?
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    What does my board support?

    I have here the specification page for the mainboard I am currently running; MSI P6N SLI Platinum What I am trying to work out is, what video card I can upgrade to, or rather, what will work on this board. It lists PCI-Ex16 as 2x. It then goes on to list PCI-E Gen as Gen 1 ( 1x16, 1x8)...
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    Garmin nüvi 285W/285WT 4.3-Inch $129.99 free shipping I think it's a good deal... only...
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    L4D2 @ Gamestop for $29.99

    L4D2 @ Gamestop for $29.99 online Got mine :)
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    Black Friday or E-Monday?

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    Black Friday or E-Monday?

    I'm getting the wife a new laptop for christmas, and I don't know if I should try to order it on Friday, or the following Monday. The 2 Acer laptops ($499 and $549) I was keeping an eye on on Newegg vanished yesterday, with no "out of stock" indications, making me think there be shenanigans...
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    $200 budget--what do I get?

    Hey guys! I have a $200 budget for an upgrade, and I am thinking of getting a new video card. The question is, of course, which one? Also, I have a 8800GT 512 meg on an SLI capable board right now, so getting a 2nd one is a possibility. Here's the sys spec: --------Motherboard-...
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    HELP! Dell is being mean

    I am trying to get replacement PSU's for 2 dell machines that recently failed. The only replacements I can find from dell are listed as "refurbished", and have gone UP in price in the last 2 weeks. Here are links to what I am trying to get from Dell. Any suggestions as to an alternate...
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    Video SLI Upgrade, or CPU?

    I don't know what would show the best improvement, either a 2nd 8800GT in SLI, or a better processor. Quick sys specs: MB: MSI P6N SLI Platinum CPU: Intel E6750 @stock speed MEM: 4 gigs DDR2 800 V-card: Gigabyte 8800GT "Turboforce ed." Newegg has the matching card on sale for $139...
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    Getting Dual caore optimization to run on a single core

    Ok here's what I'm trying for: I want to get a very memory intensive game (Crysis) to run on the primary CPU core alone, so I can continue to run ATItool scanning for artifacts on the 2nd core without restrictions. I can set the processor affinity of ATItool to run on processor core 2 (core...
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    Vista SP1

    Does anyone have confirmation on the Vista SP1 release?
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    Delay Email Deliberatly

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    OC E6750--How do I begin?

    I have recently re-built my computer, and am wondering what the easiest, safest way to OC it would be. I am looking to gain on the Processor, and perhaps the mem a little too. Here's the build: CPU: Intel E6750 2.66GHz Board: MSI P6N Platinum, 650i chipset, bios rev 1.4, passively...
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    $500 budget

    I've just got my X-mas bonus, and I need to do an upgrade this winter. Need to do it for $500 U.S. or less. I'm thinking a new CPU and Graphics card, but am on the fence as to which ones to get. My largest limiting factor for the CPU is that I have an AMD 939 board, and processors of that...