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    Katie Couric to Become Yahoo’s Global News Anchor

    I don't like Couric and don't really care about Yahoo either. So...bleh.:p
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    Candidates for Microsoft's Next CEO

    Linus Torvalds. At least he'll only hurl curses....not chairs. :D Oh, and he knows how operating systems are supposed to work.
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    Justice Department Accidentally Outs Google In Data Demands Case

    For some reason, I don't really see you paying much in taxes.....ever.
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    Justice Department Accidentally Outs Google In Data Demands Case

    So instead of Google fighting the data requests believe the right thing was for them to just hand it over?
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    Happy 18th Birthday, Windows 95!

    Boy does time fly. I was in the USAF for 9 years at that point. I had an AST 486DX 33. I think I also had 4MB of RAM, CD ROM drive, etc. I don't recall the HDD size, but I do remember that it came with 2MB of RAM and I spent BIG money to get another 2MB stick of RAM.
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    Microsoft Dropping Price of Surface RT Bundles

    They could probably donate them to a charity and use it as a tax write off, but yeah....they just need to unload them and be done with it.
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    AT&T Playing Politics with Al Jazeera America?

    I'd really just like a news channel that gives me the bias, no opinion, just state the facts. Instead we have american news channels that manipulate video and present as news (NBC). Channels that get caught doing that shit should have their FCC license pulled. I think most of us...
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    Unlocking Cellphones Illegal, Feds Still Unhappy

    I bet if people had to buy the phones outright, we wouldn't see so many phones coming in at the $400-700 range. They'd be more like $200-300 with the same features.
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    Sun Unleashes Another Solar Storm Aimed at Earth

    We should send something up to the Sun to stop this crap. I know, I's really hot there. That's why my plan has us going at night. ;) I saw a news story about this.....why do they try and get people riled up over stuff we can't control.
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    Unlocking Cellphones Illegal, Feds Still Unhappy

    Next thing you know, they are going try and force people to buy insura....err, nevermind. ;) I actually have to support THIS^. If you got your phone on a contract, then it's not really your phone until you finish the contract. You want to carrier jump, need to actually BUY the...
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    ESET Reports Trojan in Orbit Downloader

    Agreed. Java being the exception....if they'd just get rid of that bullshit when updating, etc. I'd be happier with Oracle.
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    Steve Ballmer to Retire as Microsoft CEO

    I didn't know chair throwing was counted as a technical strategy. ;) Either way, I think MS will be better off without him.
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    USB-Powered Desktop BB Sniper Rifle for Work Stations

    I just wasted 30 seconds of my life. Remember folks, you cannot un-see something.
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    EA Launches Gameplay Trailer of The Sims 4

    Never been a Sims fan, and am certainly not an EA fan (haven't bought an EA game for years), but honestly....why would ANYBODY pre-order a game from this company after the last fiasco?
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    Diablo III: Reaper of Souls' Expansion Revealed

    I won't be buying. I was excited when D3 came out, but lost some of the "magic" that the previous two editions had. Once I beat Diablo the first time....I was done. I uninstalled it because it really wasn't that fun to play.
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    EA Begins Offering Refunds for Its Digital Game Sales

    EA has been so shitty, for so many years and now this? Nah, until the upper echelon of management is given the boot....this is just a simple PR move. Actions speak louder than words, and right now all we have is EA words. So, yeah, I second the FUCK EA comment.
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    Microsoft's QR Code Competitor Tag to Shut Down

    MS really needs to get another's been a pretty consistent stream of FAIL the last few years.
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    Thais Make Citizens' Arrest of Google Street View Driver

    Feel better now? Speaking of buffoonery...check your shit at the door.
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    California Senate Votes to Ban Online 'Revenge Porn'

    This law may have good intentions, but their seems to be a lot of potential for abuse by ex's and the government. Of course, this is California we are talking about. The dumber something is, the more they go for it. I have no doubt it will pass and cause trouble. California in a nutshell...
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    Thais Make Citizens' Arrest of Google Street View Driver

    Got to love the general buffoonery of humans.
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    US Senate Launching Virtual Currency Probe

    BOHICA! (Bend over, here it comes again)
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    Dell's Profit Plummets Amid Buyout Brawl

    The old "I'll bring this company to the brink of destruction and then buy it cheap" trick. Nicely played, Mr. Dell, nicely played.
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    Drone Takes Out Bride And Groom At Wedding

    I think the US Gov already has something called "probes" and it ain't pretty. I understand the IRS has ordered tens of thousands.
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    Google Accused Of Trying To Sabotage Windows Phone

    Wow, a lot of hate for Google. MS has been nothing but a stream constant fuck ups and poor products for the last few years. I would not surprise me at all to find that they fucked up the you tube app and Google said "It's shit....No, you are not releasing it". Why Ballmer is still the CEO...
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    Government Finally Admits There's an 'Area 51'

    Oh man, Megalith.....I hope you are joking. :D
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    Shuttleworth: Ubuntu Desktop "On Its Own Will Die"

    Although I have my issues with Ubuntu....God Bless him. Not everything is about money. It's nice to see a guy supporting something because he believes in it.
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    Kinect No Longer Mandatory For Xbox One

    At this point, I'm not sure MS knows what the hell is going on. It does this, oh, wait, no.....Yeah, it has to be connected....Um, no it doesn't.....DRM, no way......WAY! Um wait........ Yeah, let's line up to buy shit that the company that makes it isn't sure about what it actually does...
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    More Than 100K Want to Go to Mars and Not Return

    Hmmm. I wonder if we can fuck up Mars in less than 200 years?
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    Judge: Video Game Lawsuit Can Proceed

    Bah, Gamestop sucks People know it sucks, they complain about it and yet....they still shop there. I agree. You shouldn't be able to sue a company because you are a fucking idiot. Exavior - I understand your logic, but I think a lot of us research products before buying them. Is it...
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    Microsoft Just Killed Xbox Live Family Packs

    Wow, MS is acting like they want to sell less of these than the surface :D
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    2% Of The U.S. Still Uses AOL

    I use to use it, but it's not been since the 90's - They used to send out 3.5 diskettes out everywhere, then started slapping about CD's everywhere. I was gone by the time they actually opened up to the internet.
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    Why Some Gamers Post Fake Negative Reviews

    Someone should counter with "Why some magazines SELL fake reviews" and delve into why some magazines (or review sites) give everything higher scores than they deserve. I mean, really, there's some glowing reviews out there for literal piece of shit products (games, software, hardware, etc.).
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    Corsair Raptor M40 Review

    ^ THIS. What's with the performance category being in French? The rest of the article was in English.
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    Best and Worst Notebook Brands 2013

    Seconded. I have two Toshiba's and they have both been strong performers. I had one repaired under warranty and it was an easy, quick and hassle free experience. Any rating system that uses reviews is already flawed. How many reviews have come out and said an apple product was shit? Very...
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    John Carmack Joins Oculus VR

    Wow....lot of animosity going around on Carmack. I wouldn't call him a "has been programmer" - the guy developed some of the best game engines of all time. I would predict he's going to help take the rift to the next level.
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    Sony Rejects Bid To Sell Off Entertainment Divisions

    I have a couple of Sony products (PS3, controllers, etc.) but like BladeVenom - they just don't offer much that I'd be interested in, and certainly not a the premium price they tend to sell their stuff at. Never mind that everything they make leans towards proprietary, and there's always...
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    The Government Wants Cybersecurity Insurance?

    No, this is bullshit. The government is going to offer incentives (i.e., MONEY) to companies who comply. That tells me the taxpayer is going to be on the hook for another program ripe with fraud. It would be better if they just came out and said - Meet this criteria or we will hammer your ass...
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    RRAM: Terabytes of Storage, Faster Than NAND

    They must have. If it only reads at 17MB/s then that will definitely impact it's usefulness.
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    $325k 3D-Printed Lab Grown Burger Tastes Gross

    I'll just keep eating animals, thank you.
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    36% of US Computer Owners Abuse Their PCs

    I don't think I've ever yelled or raged at an inanimate object. I mean, what's the point? It's not like a stern talking to is going to make it stand up and act right.