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    Feels good to me - U3014 for $999

    $1,199 with a $200 gift card.
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    ESX 5.1 + Windows Media Center?

    Has anyone successfully 'virtualized' a windows media center instance - passing the hardware performance/capability tests - with ESX 5.1? I'm curious if the new hardware accelerated graphics support makes the difference. I'd like to finally compress my last 2 physical machines - I still need...
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    Finally Finished - 'All-in-One' ESXi Server

    Here's my finished "all-in-one" ESXi / NAS server. Thanks a ton to the folks in these forums for helping me through some issues with the build! Intel Xeon 3440 Quad Core Processor (w/HT) SuperMicro X8SIL-F Motherboard (dual nics, IPMI) 16GB ECC DDR3 Memory LSI SAS 9211-8i HBA (PCI-e x8)...
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    Home Network Segmentation?

    Greetings fellow nerds- I'm looking to segment my home network - primarily to protect my critical data and services from unwelcome WIFI connections (I live in NYC), but also to get more familiar with networking basics. Currently I have a wireless router which acts as my WAN firewall...
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    ESXi / NAS

    I'm about 2 weeks into a project which to this point has been very educational. I'm trying to setup an environment which can host several isolated virtual machines (firewall/vpn, web & app servers, git servers, etc) and also serve my family's photo, music, and movie collection (CIFS/SMB). Data...
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    A Few SLI Issues potential buyers should be aware of...

    I recently purchased a brand new SLI setup consisting of a DFI nForce4 SLI-DR board, and 2x6800 Ultras. Needless to say, this was a big purchase for my gaming rig and of course I did as much research as possible before ordering the parts. Anxiously I awaited Mr FedEx to deliver my