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    Gaming Issue

    Update, I pulled the plug on an EVGA 850 G2. Got a 9.9 on JonnyGuru, and problem solved. No restarts and everything is running beautifully. Thanks all.
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    Gaming Issue

    Been playing around with it, and if I hold the framerate at 60, it won't crash. If I let it go, it heats up to about 69, then crashes. I know it's an older card, but it's always handled everything so far beautifully. 69c should not be too much right? Is this still a power supply issue?
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    Gaming Issue

    I was just testing with OCCT and it crashed almost immediately with the graphics and psu test. So, yes, most likely PSU. Upsetting cause this rig is only a couple years old. I don't have another to test, but have been getting random crashes for a few weeks now, hence the reinstall. Looking...
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    Gaming Issue

    Hi all. Long time since I posted, but I'm having an issue with some of my Steam games. Mainly it is Skyrim Special Edition. I start a new game, and during the initial opening wagon run, my PC will shut down and restart. I've noticed it does the same thing with Bioshock Remastered, but...
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    Android Streaming boxes

    Anybody try or have one of these? Like the SkystreamX or the like? Any good? I like using XBMC for my media, but would like to stream netflix, hulu, and amazon prime as well. These look like just the thing....
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    New Build. Thoughts? Ideas?

    Power supply was 80 shipped. One review I read said it had really solid voltage regulation. That's why I got it. There are better ps's out there, but I've seen more expensive ones where the voltage was all over the place ( Thermaltake).
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    New Build. Thoughts? Ideas?

    Yes, I may overclock. The power supply is a Corsair GS700. It got a good review. I'll put one drive in the new system and one drive in the HTPC. And yes, the motherboard was the Z87 Extreme3
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    New Build. Thoughts? Ideas?

    After much debating I tried to make my build as future proof as possible, if there is such a thing. Final specs that should be here today: Asrock atx 1150 Etreme3 mb Thermaltake Overseer rx Asus 23.6 inch full HD monitor I5 4670k 16 gb Corsair XMS3 ram 1600 Samsung 240 gb evo ssd Hauppauge 2250...
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    New Build. Thoughts? Ideas?

    Thanks for the replies. I windows 7 pro I believe.
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    New Build. Thoughts? Ideas?

    My budget is around 1500 give or take. I was up around 2 grand with a core i7 extreme 2100 but thought that was overkill. I'm in the U.S. Up in New England. I could reuse my old case and power supply but it's going on 7 years and don't know if the power supply will last. They're both from Ultra...
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    New Build. Thoughts? Ideas?

    Thanks for the reply. I believe the ram was the cmz, the had tall heat sinks on them. I'll look at the 4570. I'm not planning on oc'ing.
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    New Build. Thoughts? Ideas?

    The V1 cooler is going on my sig build so I thought since I've been rocking the Q6600 for about 7 years now I thought it was about time for a new build. I'll be using this for my htpc and gaming. Basically all around media center. And now, the specs; Corsair 16 gig 1600 vengeance ram Asus z87...
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    Help with PS3 - No signal to tv - Reset didn't work - Troubleshooting

    I had a similar issue with mine. I know you said you swapped hdds. The firmware for the ps3 is stored on both the NAND and the hdd. If either one is corrupted you get no signal, not even in safe mode. I swapped out the hdd for my old 60 gig original hdd and thankfully it worked. However, I...
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    What iPhone 5 cases are you guys using?

    Otter box commuter. Less bulky than the defender and good edge protection. Dropped my phone once, glad I had it.
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    Anybody switch from iPhone 5 to Android?

    I just did the opposite. I switched from android to iOS. I love the iPhone 5. I've been an avid android user since the original droid incredible and just my opinion, but android has become more fractured, and with the phones getting bigger and bigger, I just felt like I wanted a phone that...
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    Verizon Shared Plans = Massive Rate Increase?

    I had the old unlimited data plan being with verizon for years. The GF and I both have a droid and I looked at the new plan. I switched and got double the data I was allotted, (4 gig), plus free hotspot, plus if I add a tablet, which I will eventually, it's only an extra 10 a month. Grand...
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    Anyone else get excited?

    My current computer, when I ordered it, everything but the memory arrived the same day and was left outside the door of my apartment in the hallway. I was excited it wasn't stolen.
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    Ashton Kutcher To Play Steve Jobs

    Zak Galifianakis :D
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    Thinking about switching back to an iPhone, am I the only one?

    Wow, I just wrote a long post and it got totally deleted. Long story short, I've been with android since the beginning, and it's too fragmented. Google releases a new OS, then it's tested by the manufacturers and they put their bloat on it. Then it's tested by the Carriers and they put their...
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    Why Best Buy is Going out of Business...Gradually

    I used to go in there all the time. Then I'd overhear conversations between associates and customers and hear the associates lie to them. I'd see opened box items "Enhanced by Geek Squad" selling as new items. The one that really got me, and soured me forever to BB was when I saw a new PS3...
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    Corsair "Barebones" Christmas Giveaway!

    Great products and great customer service. nuff said.
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    Specs on that new Sony 24" 3D Monitor for PS3...

    It's getting good reviews from customers. Here's a BB snippit: Includes PlayStation 3D Display, PlayStation 3D glasses, Motorstorm Apocalypse game and HDMI cable 24" ultraslim PlayStation-inspired screen brings HD and 3D media to you with stunning clarity and detail Edge LED technology...
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    Ice Cream Sandwich Face Unlock Feature Compromised

    I kinda wondered what would happen if you got in a bad car accident or something and had to call 911, would it recognize your face if you had a facial or head injury? I'd pass on this technology. It's more of a "Hey, look what my phone can do" sort of thing...
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    I'm buying a new TV..get a Samsung with Smart TV..or a Sony with Google TV?

    I have a sammy LED LCD with all the little apps and a broadband connection hard wired to the TV and it takes forever for the apps to load. It's like dialup. The tech is just not there for TV's yet. And updates are few and far between.
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    Twitter to Surpass Facebook With its Simplicity?

    Well, Facebook changes their layout like every two weeks for the worse, I can conceive this...
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    How to Run Up a $200,000 Cell Phone Bill

    My girlfriend's friend has t-mobile and discovered one day her phone had been shut off. She called to ask why and they told her she had been roaming too much and they decided to take her phone off the network. Why didn't they do that with this guy?
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    NVIDIA Talks Next-Gen Tegra

    How was I blaming anyone? Nvidia fanboy much? Yes it was one of the first dual core phones there were.... that's why I jumped on it. It's just disappointing that it hasn't caught on like I thought it would. The X2 is nice once you root it.
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    NVIDIA Talks Next-Gen Tegra

    I have the Moto Droid X2 which has the tegra 2 and with Gingerbread it's really buggy. The games are nice looking but really the phone needs more than games to keep it competitive. The only game I've looked forward to is Zen Pinball, which I play on the Ps3. They announced it back in July and...
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    Gingerbread coming to Thunderbolt ...update

    Same here. Rooted and running the Atrix port on my X2. Much better.
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    Hollywood Downloads a Post-DVD Future

    Before they even think about digital, they should really make movies people WANT to SEE. I've had enough of the rehashed garbage coming from Hollywood. Learn to swim.
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    Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO of Apple

    I'm seeing more and more threads like this. Very few intelligent posts, and alot of useless rants by uneducated trolls. Steve turned the company around and made it innovative and successful. No one can deny that. Wishing death on a man you don't and probably will never know is sick and...
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    Scientists Predict Possible Ice Increase in Arctic

    The earth's plates shift, collide, mountains rise and crumble, alot of areas in North America are vastly different than they were even 100,000 years ago. This planet changes. I've seen key phrases like "greenhouse gases" and "fossil fuels" thrown around for years and years. Are we having an...
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    Government Agencies Warn of Solar Storms

    A large ejection can take out our electrical systems without the magnetic poles shifting. And you are right, it would take months or even years to replace the damaged transformers.
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    Hershey's Website Hacked, Recipe Changed

    They already changed their recipes for the worst...
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    Are you buying the Playstation Vita?

    Day one......
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    Google + invite button is up

    Dadi4168 thank you
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    Revolution or Thunderbolt

    I got the X2 and it was buggy as hell until I rooted it. I used Gingerbreak and titanium backup and froze and deleted a bunch of the bloat.....great phone if only it had gingerbread. The nvidia chip is quite nice too. check out some of the tegra games. It also is not compatible...
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    Android, Iphone wallpaper

    The link you asked for here
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    Android, Iphone wallpaper

    Someone posted an android wallpaper grid. Don't know if this helps... Image is 640x480
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    Android, Iphone wallpaper

    android has 5 or more homescreens, but the wallpaper is stretched over them. Android has different screens for the icons, but if you noticed as you scroll from one to another, the icons move faster than the wallpaper. I have a few screens on my droid x2 that have no icons and the wallpaper...