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    What are some higher quality current keyboards and mice?

    If you really want a high-end production keyboard, I would encourage you to take a look at Leopold. While they do not follow the trend of gaming keyboards with flashy aesthetics, the materials, components, electronics, attention to detail and build quality are second to none, and where other...
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    Torturing yourself with blank keycaps?

    Blank user here too: Since I touchtype legends are unnecessary and I like the clean aesthetic of blank keycaps. Incidentally, it keeps the noobs off my keyboards.
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    Palmer Luckey Explains Why Oculus Rift Will Cost Over $350

    Didn't Luckey go on in interviews that the Facebook acquisition would allow them to make the Rift cheaper?
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    can't hit shift and capslock at same time, how to fix?

    It sounds like a limitation of the keyboard matrix. Not much you can do a part from change your bindings.
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    mechanical keyboards and switches?

    The G710s are actually notorious for key breakage. Replacing the keycaps is easier said than done since Logitech have opted to use a non standard layout, which means tough luck finding a third party backlit compatible keyset.
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    mechanical keyboards and switches?

    Topre is love, Topre is life.
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    Is the Logitech G502 better than the G9?

    The G502 is a mouse that's all over the place in regards to its design and its biggest potential issue — depending on how you hold your mouse and what you play — is its weight. If you wish to stick with Logitech, the G402 and G302/303 are SKUs which make more sense.
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    Steam Summer Sale Pricing Shenanigans Confuse Consumers?

    Actually if one wanted to be cynical, they would say that Rockstar are bundling that in-game content so the game can not be refunded.
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    Oculus VR E3 Livestream

    Yup. They did that.
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    Steam 2015 summer sale is here! runs from June 11th to June 22th!

    I'm guessing it's because those cards are "in-game alterations" so if you buy this bundle, you will not be able to request a refund.
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    Mighty No. 9

    I haven't checked on Mn°9 for a while. To be honest, I'm not feeling the Nintendo Mii art direction nor the floaty look of the animations.
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    Steam Now Offers Refunds For Any Reason

    Considering the conditions, this seems to be more about complying with European customer protection more than anything else.
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    Twitch bans Adults Only games

    All this commotion around Hatred is nothing more than one big knee-jerk reaction resulting from certain press outlets at their usual click-baiting agenda; writing sensationalist articles about a game they had not even played at the time. Anybody with a minimum amount of common sense who has...
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    Steam Now Offers Refunds For Any Reason

    Totalbiscuit tried to get a refund live on his Twitch. He had the choice to be either credited to his Steam Wallet or Visa card.
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    Corsair K70 Reviews on Amazon

    They've been promising an update since October...
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    What do you think of this keyboard? (similar suggestions welcomed)

    While I personally do not like backlit keyboard (regardless of the quality, the LEDs will be the first thing to fail), Ducky is about as good as it gets. Corsair, have a bad track record with their very high failure rate on their classic LEDs and their RGB keyboards not being up to spec, while...
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    Razer Blackwidow Keyboards Worth it?

    If you are paying for a keyboard there are other, better constructed mechanical keyboards for the same money or even cheaper depending on what you are looking for. If you are getting one free, it could warrant thinking about it.
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    Swedish Scientists Claim Million Year Storage on DNA

    Ahem... You might wanna double check on the location of Zürich, Domo sir.
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    How pc gamers justify the cost of keyboards and mice

    Keyboard – I use a Cooler Master Novatouch TKL. – I didn't pay for mine (I was a tester for Cooler Master). MRSP is €179. – I chose it over my Cherry MX boards because I have a preference for the feel of Topre and I still have Cherry MX keycap compatibility. Mouse...
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    Assassins Creed Unity PC(Uplay) $25.40

    DLGamer is legit, G2A not so much; the former being official retail partner while the latter is not. Publisher's have communicated on this. For instance Devolver Digital :
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    Windows 10 Is A Free Upgrade For All 7 And 8.1 Users

    There is now way they would do this; there are many places where it is illegal.
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    Keyboard protector for Corsair K70?

    Don't worry, the LEDs — if non-RGB — on that keyboard will be failing faster than you can spill anything on it. :o
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    Post your Mouse and Keyboard pics

    I forgot to ask — what wrist rest is that you have there kind sir?
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    mechanical keyboard or not

    Well... Technically speaking you'll have tactile feedback from any keyboard when you bottom out. However, if we are talking about the actual Cherry MX Brown key switch mechanism then this is incorrect; the tactile point is located at the half travel point of the key (2mm).
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    Best Graphics of 2014?

    I'm gonna be another one to say that The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is most probably the best looking game of 2014 in terms of fidelity, by far.
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    Metro 2033 is over hyped.

    My aim is decent and my settings are fine. If anything, the way I play Quake Live has affected the way I approach other games, not the other way around.
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    Metro 2033 is over hyped.

    In my opinion that's a bit of a stretch there. Playing solo games with mediocre mouse controls such as Metro will not mess up your aim in other competitive games.
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    Metro 2033 is over hyped.

    What hype?
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    Anyone know if all keys on the Logitech 910 are mech?

    The G910 has Omron switches and the keyboard is indeed fully mechanical.
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    The PlayStation is 20 Years Old This Week

    The special edition PS4 to go along with the anniversary looks pretty nice (I like the textured cross, circle, square, triangle finish), in my opinion.
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    Assassin's Creed 6: Victory

    Indeed they have : Source.
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    New Corsair Gaming Keyboards

    No. I said it makes sense that manufacturers would omit them in order up their margins on their products (mechanical keyboards in general are expensive to produce) and that on a side note — since the question was being asked to me — I do not personally find dedicated media keys...
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    New Corsair Gaming Keyboards

    My point is that it's cheaper for manufacturers to program the media keys on the Fn layer rather than put money towards R&D in creating a design that integrates extra keys. Otherwise, to answer you questions — and this is my subjective view on this — yes I have used dedicated media...
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    What Your Face Looks Like To Facebook

    You just wait for Facebook to become sentient and fabricate duplicates of all of us!
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    Choosing between three keyboards

    This is correct; the LED on classic back-lit Cherry MX switches are mounted onto the switch housing. However, the story about mechanical wear resulting from the mounting solution is a half-truth spread by Corsair's PR to justify their high failure rates — the reality is that Corsair's LED...
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    Choosing between three keyboards

    RGB switches are not a completely different design, it is only the illumination method that differs. That being said, while there does not seems to be reports of LEDs failing, there are issues related to the state of the software which is causing problems for many users and also the fact that...
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    Choosing between three keyboards

    Depending on what you are looking for I would chose between the Das and the Ducky; Corsair keyboards have been plagued with LED issues that the company has failed to address.
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    Need a new Anti Virus...

    Could I please have one if you still have any left? I stopped using AVG quite a while ago. I did so because they made modifications rendering it too intrusive for my taste.
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    ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces Gladius Gaming Mouse

    Braided cables are a poor design choice in my opinion; the only benefit they have over rubber cables is their aesthetic, otherwise they are stiffer, prone to catching, retain dirt, not easy to clean and wear out much faster. For those who are interested, I found NVC's review I was referring to...
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    Ducky Shine 4 anyone?

    OP, you can find some information on this thread over at GH. Other than that, there is not much insight available at this present time. The less bloatware, the better, IMO.