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    HD5850 eyefinity issue.

    I got 3 screens for a driving simulator. The issue is however, I can't get 3 screens to work, I got 2x 5850CF, disabled CF for eyefinity. HP1925 HP1950 HP1925 I can connect all to DVI, doesnt work two to DVI and one DP to DVI (passive, I know yeyeye) 2dvi one GFX1 1dvi on GFX2...
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    CF Flickering issues 11.2/3-5

    Okey. I'm tired of having an idle graphics card now... It worked, but does not work anymore, and havent for some months, when I get my screen back so I can run some higher res's again I'd need the 2nd gpu. Setup 5850 Crossfire, Both are xfx, one is refrence design at 765 mhz clock vs 755 on the...
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    Cisco IOS Dhcp+routing question.

    Hi. I have a standard connection, all connected up using another cisco device :) 1800 series. But, well, I'm doing some lab training, and well, im used to using linux as routers, and my cisco skills isnt the best in the world either. just tired of big boxes doing the routing, and planning to...
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    Fun article from norway-gtranslate.., what is the best crysis thermal compund?

    Hi. Just read it, and was chocked by what they tried, enjoy it :) Remember its google translate, ill translate what they test and rest is understandable since it's in a sentence :) - Test: Det meste får gjennomgå -Test av alternativ termisk pasta - Google translate #...
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    cpu-z question .

    is it possible to get cpu-z to validate on core 2 or 1 instead of core 0. i probaly got the world record on dry ice, i know it works at -52. But thats the overall world record for phenom 1, and its done on water, but no validation, since cpu-z auto uses core 0, you set it to show a...
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    gonna do a review, post what ya want that i can do with my hardware.(AMD)

    I might need some help on doing the writing, ill try to get a friend to help me out tho. Amd/Ati crossfire scaling up to 3 vga's, testing 790gx vs 790FX. well it will be about amd systems mainly!! and the chipset and motherboards, sb750 vs sb600, x2 vs phenoms in games etc! Anywayz, ill...
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    Memory speed real world performance(games) internal memory controller Amd n Ci7

    Well, since I see alot of people complaining about i cannot run high end memory on my CI7 due to the "intel claim of safe vdimm" and such. I'll show just 2 pictures, indicating the improved performance with an integrated memory controller, and the lack of improvement in games with faster...
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    CRYTEK THANKS! make this THANKS thread! no dvd protection.

    I dont have dvd room, i dont like expensive games, drm protected here and there, this game got NOTHING ? i cant see any, just bought it, installed through my laptop, works without DVD. Thankya crytek =) low price no dvd protection!
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    My phenom run good chip =)

    i hope i can get some better clocks when issues is corrected, i wont list them atm, but i will show my good gigabyte DQ6 run. THIS IS ON AIR, Noctua cooling. voltage set to auto, multi set to 15 BATCH/STEPPING: JAAFB AA 0810EPMW PHENOM 9850 BE. I dont have 3045 on 12 H run, but ive...
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    9850 BE is my phenom a rare one or does every1 clock like mine ?

    Okey, kyle and stuff, help me out. im using same mobo as you guys, and ocz 850 watts phenom 9850 BE Well, the 3 ghz was daamn easy, the 3.1 ghz was daamn easy, the 3.2 easy 3.3 moderate. 3.5 hard due to cooling. Im using a watercooling. And im not kicking alot on the volts either...
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    what is it about analyzers of amd etc etc.

    Okey, first, missing letters are due to keyboard, typing errors are cause i live in norway, and isnt a english speaking person, I got norwegian as my mother tounge, i dont live by rules either, such as big I's, even though i try to make them, foreget alot, so dont complain!. Okey, market...
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    some bad reviews on amd motherboards feedback.

    well, when i saw the Gigabyte MA790FX-DQ6, first thing i saw was like, amd-intel comparison. hmm, let us see, you guys use a not yet released cpu QX9770 that would cost 8x more than the phenom 2.2ghz. comparing memory performance intel vs amd, ridicilous, most people know amd easy wins that...
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    Please post youre opinions about amd/ATI.

    Well, im ati fan, so well, their recent chipsets and videocards 2900XT 3870 3850 i got them all, 790 X 790 FX and so on, but do i got a phenom to back this up. NO, it just cant beat a athlon core at 3 ghz. so why should i buy a new one at twice the price and get the low performance. Amd...
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    Hardocp, Performance test review Plz make one.

    Okey one thing i definetly notice around here at hardocp. is the single card only reviews. Ati have said, we are going for multigpu rather than single, single is still an option, but for us we would like something more powerfull. please take some 3850's and 3870's in a test vs nvidia's...
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    Gigabyte issue, or just my board ?

    Uhm, okey, ive tried some stuff, not too much But my Mainboard is GigaByte MA790FX-DQ6 My comp doesnt reboot, i do reboot, and it hangs, its like after windows linux bios reboots, so no 3rd party software in the picture.! Ive had the mobo for a day soon 2, it doesnt reboot at all ill write...
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    ATI hdmi :D

    I just got my first LCD tv, I've been abit late with it yeah, but now I got a 42" lcd tv from phillips up n running, quite cheap aswell. It had 2x HDMI, which fits perfect, since both me and my lill bro got HDMI on our computers using ati's HD series. I plugged in my HDMI, it did enable my...