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    Sierra is back!!!

    While I wasn't impressed with The Silver Lining, a lot of people seem to like it. Have you taken a look at that? It's a fan made KQ game. And the reason I wasn't impress with The Silver Lining, might just because I can't play point and click adventure games any more.
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    How I Screwed Myself Out Of A Job At Insomniac Games

    Isn't that almost always the case? Companies are asking too much most of the time. One of the jobs I applied for was asking for apple troubleshooting skills. I asked them about it, and the guy told me, he doesn't know why it's in the requirements as they don't use any apple computers. Lots...
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    IFPI Chief: Blocking Pirate Bay is Not Censorship

    You mean, like someone that killed another, must not have ever done anything else in his life that's worth anything, right?
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    Activision Notes Industry-Wide Downturn In Pre-Orders

    I thought the general consensus was that fc3 was great? I never played it. I'm glad pre ordering is going down. Esp with all these preordering bonus stuff that really shouldn't even be bonuses.
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    Verizon To Throttle 4G LTE Users With Unlimited Plans

    Where? the bank, to cash their new checks!
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    Paedophile Snared As Google Scans Gmail For Images Of Child Abuse

    This is my question as well. I mean, in this case, the guy was a convicted sex offender. But if someone spams your email with cp, are you screwed? Though I don't generally do it, some people just leave emails there that they don't read. I know I've done that in the past, esp with certain emails...
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    Mass Effect 4 Panel From Comic-Con

    Actually, after 2 I believe it was. they said after 3, Shepard's story is over. But they will have other stories in the same universe.
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    Facebook Goes Down; Facebookers Call Cops

    Yea, right! Like the internet company would say they'd cancel your internet so readily.
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    Why are almost all indie games 2D?

    Essentially, it comes down to money. While it's not impossible, it is improbable that a small team can put as much money into the assets of the game. Most small teams also don't have dedicated writers, as that would mostly end up being a waste of money, if they have to pay for it or split the...
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    Consumers Are Too Dumb To Understand Google Fiber

    she's probably single, right? I mean, it's a bit hard to marry someone who thinks you're stupid.
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    Crytech USA Lays off staff (leadership quit)

    I see... So, doing what every other big company does... at least that's what it seems like to me.
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    Dotcom’s Assets Attacked From Multiple Directions

    It's funny, because he looks like Jim Sterling.... >.> Anyway, I'm all for the guy going free. He might not be perfect, far from it. But what he's being prosecuted for is BS.
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    Crytech USA Lays off staff (leadership quit)

    What makes Crytek such a bad game dev? Only bad thing I've heard from them is this debacle.
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    C.I.A. Admits Penetrating Senate Intelligence Computers

    Agreed. We all know Gov't is doing incredibly shitty stuff. So, if it turns on itself. I can't help but say, "Good."
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    You have rested for 26 Days and 8Hrs...

    How..... do people play Icewind Dale? Seriously, I own it, and I tried to play it, but holy crap, I think I'm missing something but I get utterly destroyed by the enemies in that game so easily. I've never played the board games or nothing though. I did play Pool of Radiance (LOVE THAT GAME...
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    Should WoW Thieves Be Sent To Real Prisons?

    The article didn't go into detail on how the item was stolen... at least I didn't see it when I was going through it. Was it stolen due to hacking an account or something? Or did someone ninja loot him? Or used an in game skill to steal it? I know, it sounds dumb, if it was an in game...
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    Teen Creates App That Exposes Sellout Politicians

    This is actually a good thing. Lots of people these days, kids and adults, use their phones for everything. While the information was previously available in many other avenues, having it on the phone might actually increase the possibility of it being read.
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    Why Windows Needs A Start Menu

    And they thought it was a good idea, both times to completely remove the old way with a new way, with no transition, or middle ground. So, they might've done end user research, but they clearly didn't ask what they needed to, or they didn't listen. If they did, then people wouldn't be...
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    What Do Game Developers Make In Salary?

    I doubt most people that get into Game Deving, are doing it for the money. It's usually because, it's something they WANT to do.
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    Mighty No. 9

    You know, looking at it... the arm looks a bit weird. Anyone else think so? I hope that the female character sections aren't mandatory and not in the middle of the rest of the game... if it's anything like what it shows, she looks like a character that'll just dodge and sneak passed things.
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    Another Successfully Kickstarted Game Cancelled

    It's not a lottery. It's an investment. Just because you invested something, don't guarantee returns.
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    FBI: Self-Driving Cars Could Be Turned Into Weapons

    .... As opposed to putting a bomb into a car, a brick on the pedal from 200+ feet away? Sure, you can't do so as accurately from farther away but it's essentially the same thing. Hell... you can bypass all that just by having parked car with a bomb in the trunk and a remote detonator...
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    Sleeping Dogs

    What didn't you like about the Gun mechanic? I didn't think it did anything amazing, but I don't see anything wrong with it personally. It is overpowered though, esp against vehicles.
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    DARPA Tests Self-Guided .50 Caliber Sniper Rounds

    They're put into tanks we build then get rid of.. because, you know... jobs. I'm actually serious.:( Apparently, we do this... because of jobs and to keep factories going or something.
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    FTC Sues Amazon Over In-App Purchases By Kids

    Actually, doesn't the one click buy without any other interaction? I never used it, but the name implies that.
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    Student Jailed For Refusing To Decrypt Data For Investigators

    That's great, but that comment was purely replying to the person above, not the incident.
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    New Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay Trailer

    That definitely looked impressive. Graphically. The gameplay looks like it'll be fun as well. It looks like it won't be shit, but who knows.
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    Copyright Education Needed in Every School

    More like they'd make it so you'd have to do everything through whoever they represent, with no other option, and barring that, they'll make it seem like it's impossible without them.
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    Student Jailed For Refusing To Decrypt Data For Investigators

    Yes, but someone brought up the US's 5th amendment and compared to the UK's lack of privacy rights in recent times, which is why we're talking about it.
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    Student Jailed For Refusing To Decrypt Data For Investigators

    He's technically right. The password thing should be protected by the 5th amendment and miranda laws, since what you said can be used against you, and basically be self incriminate. Not that the courts aren't trying to force you anyway. Laws, are all good and all, by when the "interpreters"...
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    Student Jailed For Refusing To Decrypt Data For Investigators

    Seriously...? Why do people make threats and not doing anything?!
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    Armed Robbers Steal $36m Worth of Samsung Gadgets

    So... Apple up their game. Steal directly! Then take the ideas from that! Yep, I'm bringing in Apple! BOOM!
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    October Is Going to Be an Insane Month for Video Games

    I doubt they, Metallica or the Game companies, care if it's good or not.
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    Mighty No. 9

    Hah! Losers! I'm Mighty No. 5394. :D I don't follow it much though. I only found out about the Dina Situation like 2 months ago. From that small footage I saw, it looks very reminiscent of MM. Though, personally, I had hoped it would look more like MMX, with a more mature looking...
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    Adblock Plus: We Can Stop Facebook from Tracking You

    Yea, as long as you don't say "You've blocked this site", you're more or less golden. TBH, don't know why you would. It's not intrusive, and there aren't any loud video commercials. It's one of the few sites I haven't found the ads to be blinding.
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    Crysis Developer Crytek Hasn’t Paid Staff for Months

    WTF? How in the hell does this happen, and no lawsuits has happened? Oh right... not in America... but still.
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    Facebook Diversity Report Is Same As Yahoo, Google

    What is an asian? Is India not part of the Asian Continent?
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    Best Buy Asking Employees To Contact Congress

    I actually have... a couple even. Also a couple of absolute idiots, so it balances out, I guess.