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    ASUS & HardOCP 20th Anniversary GTX 980 Gold Edition Lucky Draw

    concrete-core chokes and hardened MOSFETs I win
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    [H]ot!, imho- RYSE- pc download $10

    great deal thx op I wanna see how this stresses my 970 3.5gb edition :p
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    Metro: Last Light Redux $6.25 [Steam] @ Amazon

    Is there anything graphically better about this version over regular LL?
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    edit: all gone
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    ASUS Matrix OR Poseidon - CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON!

    replacing my gigabyte 970.
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    I'll take an Insurgency from the humble bundle if anyone has one. Thanks
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    Assassin’s Creed: Unity Framerate Is “Atrocious”

    So the framerate is capped at 30fps on all platforms too?
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    The Official GTX980/970 OC & Benchmark Perf. Thread

    My Gigabyte G1 970 always goes down 1 boost bin and 1 voltage bin within ~1 minute of starting any 3d program. Stock/overvolted, stock/overclocked, kboost on/off it doesn't matter. My older g1 had this same issue. Is this normal for all the cards?
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    Get a used 670 or 760 ??

    The GTX760 has 96 TMU. The GTX670 has 112 TMU.
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    Steam Summer sale is up

    Borderlands 2 Cosmetic DLC Divinity Original Sin Dishonored GOTY I held it together pretty good this time.
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Finishing Mass Effect 3 and starting Borderlands 2.
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    Borderlands 2 GOTY $9.99 COD 4 $4.99 Get Games

    Great deal thx for the heads up OP!
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    Iptorrent Invites

    I have 2 invites. PM your email. First come first served
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    Samsung 840 120g $80, 250g $148, 500g $300; 840 Pro 128g $115, 512g $400

    I'm trying to resist these deals while waiting for the m500 960gb to come back in stock but I don't know if I can hold out!
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    The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings ann.

    So can anyone chime in if this game is playable at any resolution with ubersampling (~60 avg) with the new Titan cards? I gotta have ubersampling on it looks so much better to me.
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    What brand SSD are you running?

    Running a 256GB M4 Crucial and about to upgrade to a M500 960GB just as soon as I can find one in stock :D
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    GTX680 owns Titan in 3dMark06

    Can't you keep it locked at max clocks using EVGA K-boost in Precision like with the other 600 series cards?
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    BioShock Infinite

    Looks like its using current gen texture sizes unlike bio 2 thank god. Did they get the widescreen implementation right this time (hor +)? I remember it being wonky with the earlier titles.
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    Corsair AX850 Gold Fully Modular PSU $130 AR

    Love my ax850 never had any problems with it and the modular cables really help with wire management.
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    PC + 360 controller, anyone else discovered this?

    Is there a decent 360 clone with a better dpad someone can recommend?
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    Yerli: Crysis 3 our masterpiece, but tepid reception due to console fatigue

    I was with you up until you said Crysis 2 was a shitty port. You should go play it again in dx11.
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    $1000 for Titan isnt too bad, I spent $749 fot 7800 GTX 512s

    A 8800gtx was one of those cards in history worth every dollar spent. It was always faster than 7800gtx sli and a must have for high resolution gaming. There was no clear upgrade until the gtx 280 almost 2 years later.
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    Amazon Digital Downloads Sale. Farewell to February.

    Looks like march can't come soon enough :p
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    Players Fixing Aliens: Colonial Marines

    Loved those vibrating pulse rifles lol!
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    Best Buy Cutting 30-Day Return Policy In Half?

    Looks like they will be price matching online retailers starting march 3rd
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    Best games that you played in 2012 on the PC.

    Guild Wars 2 Battlefield 1942 Battlefield 3 Trine 2 Hard Reset
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    Iptorrent Invites

    I would appreciate an invite. I have a couple trackers to trade for it.
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    Should I upgrade my gtx 580?

    580 to 670 was the route I went but I don't think it's worth it this late in the product cycle. Even though the 670 has more vram the memory bandwidth is basically the same so I think it would be best to wait for the refreshes and assess accordingly.
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    Today Is The Last Day For $40 Windows 8

    I finally bit and the upgrade went without a hitch only took about 30 minutes.
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    Upgrading to a 680 from 480 worth it?

    oops doublepost
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    Upgrading to a 680 from 480 worth it?

    If you want to stay with nvidia the 680 isn't worth it. The 670 is ~90% of the peformance for ~75% of the price and when both are overclocked is roughly 95% of the performance. Both cards have the same memory bandwidth and vram which becomes more important at higher resolutions. At 1440 and...
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    The Apple Lisa and Apple IIe turn 30

    Nothing like a long night of Montezuma's Revenge on the IIe!
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    Defense Grid Expansion out today for Kickstarter Backers

    I bought like 10 games this christmas but all I ever want to play is DG :confused: I was aware of the kickstarter but wasn't following it, thanks for the update.
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    Seasonic X-850 Gold PSU for 109.99 after Promo/MIB

    Love those Sanyo Denki fans
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    ASUS Z77 Motherboards - Official Support Thread

    I have a more general question about memory timings. I'm using a P8Z77-V Pro and 4 x 4GB of DDR3 1600 ram. I had 8GB from an earlier build and bought another 8GB. The model number, timings, voltage, etc. were all the same on both sets, but when I look at the SPD info in AIDA64 the secondary...
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    battlefield 1942 for free on origin

    I've been playing this a ton this past week. I bought it back in '02 but never got around to playing it at all. What a mistake that was, this game rocks!
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 6

    the performance/price ratio is even better than hookers and blow!
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    Amazon Christmas Digital Downloads Sale is Live!

    Bought the 2k Strategy pack as well, all steam codes too.
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 5

    Great cooling solutions and great customer service
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    ~$300 Graphics Card, 7950? MSI?

    In that price range the 7950 is definitely the card to get over the 660ti. You just have to decide on the brand/cooler. I recommended the gigabyte because its the same cooler used on my gtx 670 and I'm very pleased. I've heard many good things about the Twin Frozr cards as well but never...