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    Metro 2033 review

    Wow. This game does look insanely good. My jaw may have literally dropped at a few of those screens. Anyone think it will get the same attention that Crysis did for its graphics? Even if the graphics are equal or slightly worse, it's such a completely different environment / atmosphere that I...
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    Computer Stuttering During Audio Playback

    I tried 44, 48 and 96. (88 wasn't an option). 16 bit. Still got the stuttering. Should I do anything with the "give applications exclusive control" checkbox thing?
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    Metro 2033 preview vid

    I had no idea I was even referencing a meme. How interesting.
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    Metro 2033 preview vid

    That's because in Eastern Europe, they can take bullets like real men. Us Westerners are all like "Awww man, you just unloaded a double-barrel shotgun in my face!" whereas they're all "I'm going to take another shot of vodka and wait until you're reloading to kill you, bro."
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    Computer Stuttering During Audio Playback

    I'm having a strange problem that I have no idea how to even begin diagnosing. I've been using the same home-built computer for two years now—ran Vista for the first year and a Windows 7 beta build for the last year. A few weeks ago I did a clean install of Windows 7 retail (64 bit...
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    Crysis 2 GDC 2010 Off-Screen Demo Reel Footage

    On one hand, I'm very glad that we'll be fighting humanoid enemies again. The alien portions of Crysis were not nearly as fun as the Korean army portions — I think almost everyone agrees on that. So I'm glad for the weird plot change, but I'm really curious how they explain the fact that...
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    Has anyone played Stalker:Call of Pripyat. Please post !!!

    Ahh, interesting, I didn't realize you couldn't sell weapons without them being in good shape. I think I probably had at least something that was in decent condition, so maybe I didn't even find the right guy. I'll have to look again. Thanks guys.
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    Has anyone played Stalker:Call of Pripyat. Please post !!!

    Am I just daft, or is there no one to sell weapons to in the first area (the Stalker camp in the ship in the swamp)? There are a few people buying/selling some very small items, the guy you can order super expensive rare weapons from, and the mechanic. But no one to offload guns onto. Do I...
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    WD® Introduces Fast and Rugged Solid State Drives

    I remember when the Vertex came out a year ago and everyone said "I'll wait six months until they're half the price they are now." Checking back a year later, it seems that SSD prices have pretty much stayed the same. Is the supply just not there yet, or what did I miss? What's it going to...
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    Metro 2033 system requirements!

    A SSD shouldn't really affect in-game performance, they were probably just putting it down for the hell of it. The requirements do seem bizarrely steep, especially considering most of the game seems likely to take place in subway tunnels.
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    Metro 2033 system requirements!

    Judging by screens, it's the best looking game I've seen since Crysis.
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    1M Fewer Music Download Buyers in '09

    Wow. Some of you guys really need to learn how to discover new music. Here's a hint: if it's on the radio, then it's probably awful. The days when interesting, innovative bands like Zep and Floyd could be super super mainstream popular are over. You have to work to find good music now, and...
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    Project Offset...

    I've been waiting for this game for years. That Blind Giant video still looked pretty good.
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    Metro 2033 preview vid

    From the review I read, which seemed to be based on an earlier version of the game, it didn't seem like the reviewer was the "run around and blast everyone" type. He praised the bullet-rationing as a good idea but said it was taken too far. The bullets as currency is awesome, but ended up...
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    Metro 2033 preview vid

    Those screens look insanely good. I'd be really curious to see a comparison between the PC version and xBox version. How do consoles keep up with advances like DX11 and such? They just skip out on those effects? I read an early review saying that the game's only flaw was an infuriating lack...
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    Has anyone played Stalker:Call of Pripyat. Please post !!!

    This is probably a stupid question, but does buying STALKER via Steam prevent you from using mods?
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    Carmack says market is going consoles

    People making the argument for consoles being cheaper conveniently forget that most people already own a computer anyway. So, if you're building that gaming computer, chances are it's not just for games. Most people want a new-ish computer every 4-5 years anyway. Maybe you'll spend an extra...
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    The Book of Eli = Fallout 3 Movie?

    Am I the only one who thought the fight scenes looked flat and actually kind of silly? Denzel Washington doesn't really move around much, he sticks his arm out and someone next to him falls over. And considering almost nothing is mentioned about the plot, except that he has some book which...
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    Next PC shooter to surpass Crysis in graphics/physics?

    I believe they've said that Episode 3 is still the same engine with just more tweaks. What would be awesome is if Half Life 3—which they have strongly indicated will happen—came out a year or two after Episode 3, with a brand new engine. But knowing Valve, it'll be another two years just for...
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    Next PC shooter to surpass Crysis in graphics/physics?

    Project Offset looks fantastic, but is that ever going to come out?
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    Old People Don’t Understand Twitter

    There's really nothing to "understand" about Twitter. I think people who havedn't used it, like Letterman, just assume it has to be more complicated than it sounds, because it sounds so astonishingly stupid. They were both sort of dancing around the fact that it basically boils down to...
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    Google Chrome OS

    I don't mean the idea of having an "x" box to close a window. I mean that's exactly what the window would look like if it were a screenshot of Vista... which indicates that it's fake (as they are). I'm not sure why the person who made those didn't bother to at least use a random Linux skin.
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    Google Chrome OS

    Somehow I have a hard time believing those pictures are real. Why would the the Google developers give their windows the same border and "-" "x" buttons used in Windows?
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    Keyboard and Trackpad Drivers Vanishing?

    I'm having a strange problem on my laptop, a Dell Vostro 1310. I'm running Win7 RC, never dealt with the factory install, but this has happened on every version of Windows 7 I've run, and on Ubuntu Linux as well. A couple weeks after doing a fresh install of the OS, eventually I'll turn on...
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    Episode 3 coming or not?

    Are we at least going to get that Half Life 1: Source (I think it's called Black Mesa?) this year? I've been hearing about it for years. At least home-brew projects have an excuse to take forever.
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    Episode 3 coming or not?

    Six years between Half Life and Half Life 2 and look at the dramatic differences between their engines. At least six years between Half Life 2 and HL2: Episode 3 and some lighting effects added to the engine. Granted, the Source engine has aged very well and doesn't look as dated as the...
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    Windows 7 Build 7201

    I'm assuming that none of those features from that list floating around a few days ago are in it? They sounded fake, I couldn't see Microsoft adding so many things after the RC, but it would be interesting. This proves that false, then?
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    Known issues with Windows 7 RC?

    I don't think battery life is an issue in 7. I'm getting significantly better battery life on my Dell laptop than Vista could manage, and 7 kicks the ass of Linux all over the place. Almost 5 hours of regular usage on 7, whereas Ubuntu/Mint/Xubuntu/Fedora all could barely squeek out 4 hours if...
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    any free Anti virus for windows7?

    Avira has one of the easiest uninstalls out there. I wouldn't worry about it, it's definitely the best of the free ones.
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    Known issues with Windows 7 RC?

    Daemon Tools still doesn't quite work on 64 bit. I had a few blue screens after putting the computer to sleep. That's program specific, though, and there's another program I can't remember the name of that people have been recommending instead. Other than that, uh... I guess it does take a...
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    Why do you need to boot...

    Because an operating system is just another program, essentially, and a large, extremely complex program. Considering how long it takes a simple program like @#$%! Open Office Writer to open up, it's not really surprising. Hard drive's are still the slowest component of a modern PC, and the OS...
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    Pope Encourages Youth To Use Internet

    Later in the speech, he also encouraged Siberia to be cold, politicians to be corrupt and water to be wet.
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    Which SSD for my system?

    Yeah, I never understood why turning off superfetch was a recommended tweak. I wouldn't think it would cause writes to your system, or at least, no enough of them to have any noticable degradation... it's just reading off the hard drive at startup and loading programs into RAM. Granted, a SSD...
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    Windows version for new build?

    What everyone else said. No reason to not at least try Windows 7, since it's free for almost a year. If for some reason there's some odd issue holding you back, you can always buy Vista if you have to then, but it seems unlikely that you'd need or want to.
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    Anyone know performance stats for Dell SSDs?

    I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure that both Apple and Dell use Samsung drives. Vertex is too new and Intel is too expensive, but major vendors can't afford to have sketchy drives with the Micron controller, so most computers that come with a SSD are going to have one of those previous gen...
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    Facebook Confirms Removal of Holocaust Denial Pages

    Denial of Holocaust Denial?
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    Will Hard Disks become Obsolete in Near future

    I love SSD's and I have a vinyl collection that I listen to regularly, thank you very much.
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    Windows Vista/7, SSDs, and Indexing

    It's not just about wear leveling. Seek times are so fast on a SSD that the OS won't need to index your files, a search will pull them up just as fast even without indexing.
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    Windows vs Steam/Linux

    Comparing Windows to a game is misleading. Within the world of computers, the demand for Windows is going to remain inelastic, in economic terms. As long as the price is somewhat reasonable (and 100 to 200 dollars isn't that much considering most games cost 50 - 60 dollars), people are going...
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    Top 7 Reasons People Quit Linux

    I think the point here is that, yes, Ubuntu does recognize a lot of hardware right away. However, not every other Linux distro does, and if Linux doesn't recognize something, it's usually an incredible PITA to get the driver working compared to Windows. Ubuntu recognizes the wireless card on...