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    Favorite MGS

    Personally my favorite metal gear soild game has to be MGS3 just for the incredible story and emotinal impact. Although i think MGS4 really perfects the controls, mgs 3 has got to be my favorite in terms of overall impact on the my perception on the series. But please, voice your opnion.
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    Top 10 most terrifying enemies

    The Cyber Demon in Doom 1-2, i mean, once he awoke you could hear his footsteps anywhere in the level! It freaked me out when i was 4 years old playing with my dad and it still freaks me out at 18. Oh, and this fish creature in Half-life. jumping into that resovior and never knowing where...
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    GTA...Overhyped, your opinions?

    I finally got the game last night and played for a good 3 and 1/2 hours. Now i really want to state that i am not a GTA fan. I really didnt like any of the other games but i find this very impressive. Bellic is a great character and the story does grab me. The one complaint i will have for this...
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    Average age of your fellow GAMERS

    Im 18. I wouldnet consider myself a hardcore gamer anymore. The finacial burden of car payments and a girlfriend have really taken a toll on my gaming money. Not to mention my bar tab every other night.(In Canada, you can drink at 18)
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    What games do you think have held up best over time?

    Doom 1 and 2. Still play almost every night. "Mom, dont answer the phone." "Ring, Ring" "Hello?" WEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAA "God damn it mom!"
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    your best gaming memories?

    By far the greatest gaming moment was playing Doom over dial-up modem with my buddys. "Mom, don't answer the phone!" -Ring,Ring "Hello?" Wee yaaaaaaaaaaaa...... "Damn it mom. don't answer the phone!" Man if i could go back.......
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    360 Racing Wheel Lag?

    I'm up to date as of the last major 360 update soo..... probably version 2.Now
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    360 Racing Wheel Lag?

    I recently picked up the MS 360 Racing wheel and while beeing failry impressed i cant help but notice a sense of lag when steering. When i installed the PGR 3 disc with the drivers i was expecting some kind of initial set up or loading screen, instead the disc went straight to the game. The...
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    Gaming and Smoking

    I am also a smoker at 17, yeh i know im a kid, but typically i only play games before bed. I will play for 1-2 hours, have a drag in between and play for 30min-1hour then hit the hay but i never brag about it. But if i wasnt playing games i would still need to step out before bed so its not like...
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    Locating Guitar Hero 2 in Canada

    I have been having a brutal time trying to track down a copy of Guitar hero 2 for the 360. I live in Calgary. Everywhere i phone is completley sold out but i did talk to a EB games employee who said Guitar hero 2 has actually been recalled. I guess that would make sense as Futureshop and Bestbuy...
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    C&C3 love it or hate it ??

    I really enjoy the game and the classic gameplay is downright fun. My only complaint is about the corny FMV. I know TS and RA2 FMV was rather ridiculous but i always thought C&C 1 and RA 1 was much more serious. I have always been fasinated with the C&C lore and have established my own theorys...
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    Replaying Doom3

    Doom 3 was a really decent game. The game play wasn't revolutionary but that wasnt really what id set out to do in the first place. I actually liked the whole PDA idea and thought it was an interesting way to tell a story about horrific things after the fact. It created atmosphere as you would...
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    Hot dog, it C&C 3 week, I can't wait..anyone else

    Out of interest, have any of you been able to play online? im registered with ea and log in and all but when ever i try connecting the damn thing freezes up on me and i have to reboot. And yes i am running with the 1.2 patch and no im not using vista. Anyone else notice this?
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    Anyone running STALKER on an x800?

    Im using a single x800xl, the rest of the specs are in my sig. Im currently running everything high with static lighting. I havent checked my acutal FPS but from my impression the game runs very smooth. there is a little bit of stuttering initially when you start but other then similar...
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    Starcraft vs Company of Heroes

    Like many have said before, this is a ridculous comparison. Starcraft was badass in its day and is still a deep and balanced RTS. CoH while not quite as mindblowing, is a game i would persoanlly rather play. Keep in mind your also comapring WW2 era gameplay vs crazy scince fiction alien warfare...
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    Game Music - Some Favs

    March to Doom, that was it. Man i should have known that.
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    C&C3 feelings

    After getting over a bit of a learning curve, i have beaten the hard computer with no handicaps on either side. playing as both NOD and GDI. I find it much easier playing as nod, but thats just me. Personally im a bit of a turtle. Large base with one hell of a defense. Typically i will have...
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    Top 25 PC games by IGN

    I find it funny how Doom always gets overlooked. Perhaps people simply cant remeber how groundbreaking it was. Rocking soundtrack, online play and just general badass gameplay that was all revolutionary back in 1993.
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    Game Music - Some Favs

    Aside from the all ways awsome Hell March of Red Alert, there was one track from Comand and Conquer that i always remeber. I wish i could recal the name of that one. It was really sobering and powerful, the background was as a military march. When i get home i will have to find the name of it.
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    Game Music - Some Favs

    Thirded. Doom 1 and 2 had some awsome music. There was some obvious metallica nock offs but never the less it got me ready to start pumping lead.
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    C&C3 feelings

    Man, coudlent have put it better my self.
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    which new games RAWK??

    Doom 1 and 2. Forget Doom 3. Im sure that your old PC could run it but every PC should have Doom installed, old and new.
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    C&C3 feelings

    I'm sorry to say i agree with you word for word. Overall it is disappointing and i would almost rather have really detailed 2D animations (like RA2) then these chinsey 3D crap. I think Im going to have to pass on this game i just wish i could finally it a resolution to all the unanwser...
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    GoW or R6 Vegas

    I hate to be one to do this but i simply cant decide and i really need a new game for my 360 so. I am aware Gears is all the rage interms of gaming but i cant help feeling that with all the hype and all the info and videos i have seen, i am already tired of the game. But, it is gears of war so i...
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    What have you learned through video games?

    Correction, After doing further research into the movie, it was not acutally banned but none the less Russian verterans potioned to have it banned. However, when i was looking into this i did find there is an alarming many more historical inaccurasies then i intially thought. I would also...
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    What have you learned through video games?

    Like you, i really enjoyed Enemy at the gates until i found out that the actual verterians felt they were protrayed so poorley that they actualy had it banned in Russia. Thats signifigant considering its essentially a Russian propoganda movie. Or so ive heard.......
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    What have you learned through video games?

    By 2500, we will still be using lead in our weapons.
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    Scary games

    Doom use to scare the hell out of me. I remeber playing it with my dad when i was 3 years old! As soon as i heard the cry of the cyber deamon i use to jump out of my seat everytime. Fighting the thing was a nightmare. Im 16 now and i still play Doom. Greatest game ever.
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    Favorite video game ending?

    Mafia by far has the best ending i have ever seen. Althought, the ending to C&C and RA1 were both greats. That was way back before the live action became all campy and comical. I spent so many hours on thouse games only to see Kane get fried.
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    Rainbow Six Vegas - Any way to work with Shader 2.0?

    Im in the same camp. X800xl etc. At the moment there is no possible way or tweak to get R6Vegas running on SM 2. Although i have heard there is a poll ubisoft created taking numbers of SM2 and SM3 users. Apperntly ubisoft will determine if creating a patch for sm2 is worth the trouble.
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    omg... just started playing RB6 Vegas...and it rocks!!!

    At the moment i am really struggling between getting GoW or Vegas for my 360. Im aware this is the pc fourm but, like i said i cant decide. Im going to pick up either GoW or Vegas by friday and cant really decide. Ive tried the demo for vegas on 360 and i was fairly impressed but Gears of War...
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    Wanted - Your opinions re: Xbox 360 or a WII

    Hence why i said most family members, you may not let your 4 year old play but i dont see anything wrong with most 7-10 kids playing it. What does concern me is that you compare Kameo to Resident Evil? Sure its violence, but its cartoonish violence. If you were to compare things that way you...
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    Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles Announced

    While the map is confusing as hell. It is appreciated non the less I have what i need Thanks
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    Wanted - Your opinions re: Xbox 360 or a WII

    The fact that Microsoft bought out rare....... At least it shows MS is trying to market to familys. Obviously Perfect Dark Zero is far from a family game but, Kameo, Viva Pinata and the future Banjo Kazoie should be appealing to most family members. I know myself, at 17, am more interested in...
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    Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles Announced

    Not to stray to far off topic, Where is the quest for Sheogorath? I have been driving myself nuts trying to find all the avatars. Just a general location on the map would suffice. Thanks
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    Retards at EA ruined NFS MW :(

    Haha. I also build a kick ass mustang. Maxed out the parts. Attached the biggest boddy kit i could find and painted metallic black and red. I call her The Beast.
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    Xbox customer service: worst ever?

    I dont consider myself biased in any way but Microsoft support is really testing my patince. So, 360 gives me the good ol red rings of death. Phone up microsoft. Good news, becaues i bought my 360 before 2006, im covered until Jan 1 2007. So we arange to have a prepaid shipping box sent to me...
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    Good RTS for 6year old?

    Speaking out of experince C&C games are the best for that age group or any age group for that matter. C&C TD, RA1, RA2 etc Relativley easy resource managment and still one of the best RTS series IMO. AOE is a little to far i would say. I remeber when i was a kid i just blitzed on C&C all the...
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    Xbox 360 breakdowns

    Im rather curious to see how many people who own 360s have had any kind of problems that would result in repair. Keep in mind i am not a flamer or any kind of fan boy of either 3 man consoles. Im not talking about the occasionaly lockup now and then. I mean actual breakdowns that require...
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    What??? my 800xt plat. wont play Double Agent , your Kidding?

    Do some research. With a careful bit of tweaking i got it running on my X800XL.