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    Constant Restart Win 7

    OS: Win 7 Pro 64 bit RAM: 4GB DDR OCZ PC2-6400 5-5-5-12 CPU: Intel 3.0Ghz Core 2 Duo Wolfdale E8400 PSU: 700W OCZ Mobo: Gigabyte EP45-UD3P VGA: GeForce GTX260 GT200 55nm Rev B1 VGA temperature while playing games would be around 75-83 celcius. So here is what's going on, my computer restarts...
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    Issue with Intel Wolfdale

    My current setup is like this 3.0Ghz Wolfdale Processor 4GB OCZ RAM 2xHDD 1 DVD ROM BFG GTX260 GPU 750W OCZ PSU Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P I'm using stock heatsink for the CPU. The situation is, I overclocked my CPU by 0.15 so it's 3.15 now and it shuts down my PC right away after a while. Can't...
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    Bootcamp along with parallels

    Is it possible to use bootcamp after I installed xp under parallels ? I'm using a 2GHz MB. I wanted to play some games but it's not available for mac, so if it's possible, do I have to reinstall my xp? Or I can straight away install bootcamp? Thanks in advance.
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    X360 wireless adapter

    Hey guys, is it possible to use another wireless adapter for the x360 ? i'm not going to spend 100 bucks for the one M$ released. My wi-fi router is even cheaper than 100 bucks. Thanks..
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    Problem after installing AirPort update

    Hey all, After I installed the update for Airport extreme 2007-002, I couldn't access my wireless connection. I have a Dlink router. So I removed the update and install the old one, Aiport Extreme 2007-001 update and also the AirPort Extreme N enabler. And everything back to normal, I can access...
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    Can't log to Mac after updating

    Hey guys, I'm having problem with my MB, I just did the updates and stuff. I believe there were 4 updates for Mac today. And my last update, there's something wrong with it. It went to the trash can after it finished downloading. And then after I restart my MB, I couldn't log into the system...
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    Problem iPhoto

    I'm having a problem viewing my photos. I can see the thumbnails, but the preview area only showing grey background with dotted border and an exclamation mark right in the center of the viewing area. I tried many things but to no avail. Can someone help me how to troubleshoot this ? Thank you...
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    auto logout on macbook

    I'm having a problem with my Macbook. If I leave it idle, I'm not sure for how long, the MB will log out by itself. This way I couldn't leave any torrent on while I'm asleep. Is there any option to turn this thing off ? It happened to me recently, a few days ago. It's a 2GHz MacBook with 1.5Gig...
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    Dual Display Problem

    Right now I'm using dual display, one is samsung 215tw and the other one is samsung 151N. And the problem is, the main display is set to samsung 151N. I want it the other way around, so 215tw is my main display while 151N is the secondary display. It's when you go to settings tab in the...
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    PC problem. Low FPS for gaming.

    damn it, so many problems with my pc, HDD died on me, constant reboot all of a sudden, and now the video card. Whenever I log in to WoW, the frame rate drops. This is happening to FFXI too, the usual fps is 30. But now it's only 14, seems like the fps limit was set to 14. because it never go...
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    blockedReferrer site

    Hey all, whenever I want to access, the browser redirect me to this site, I don't know what site is that, and this happened to me almost everytime I wanna go to Can someone tell me what is happening ? Thanks. p.s btw, I'm...
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    extra taskbar

    Hey, this thing happened to me twice already. To be honest I didn't how I fixed it the first time. So here I am trying to delete the extra taskbar for almost half an hour now. I've tried moving it upside, left, right, but still the extra taskbar is there. Can someone tell me how to remove this...
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    AIW X800XT

    Guys, I'm having a problem with my x800xt's tv tuner which is built-in. I've got no sound for the tv, it's not in mute mode and volume is maxed out. I've been trying all the buttons to see if I clicked something wrong, still no sound. It just happened yesterday when I hold the channel's switch...
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    Video Card Problem?

    Hello, I need some help with my video card problem, it appears when I'm playing games. As I dont know the term I'll just post the screen shot. What I need to know is, is there a way to fix it. Thanks.