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    BenQ XL2420TE 24" 144hz - $279.99 at Newegg

    I hear ya! My Catleap 27" 2560x1440 ips panel busted. That's what lead me to give this monitor a whirl. I wanted to check it out while playing BF3 & 4.
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    BenQ XL2420TE 24" 144hz - $279.99 at Newegg

    I've been watching this monitor for the last week. I almost bought it when newegg had 5% off on their mobile site but charged $8 shipping, no SR on mobile site. I was pleased to see the $20 off coupon this morning prior to going to work, plus SR 2nd shipping!
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    Hot deals for folders

    MASSCOOL STARS-700 silver thermal grease compound 0.5 gram .99 cents + free ship for mwave club members (limit 2)
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    FS: SR-2 Kit

    PM sent in regards to the board and both procs.
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    FS: EVGA SR-2

    New? Used? Original owner? RMA assist?
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    Best $30ish cooler for 2600K you guys recommend?

    I run a 212+ on my 2600k. Can't go wrong for the money! It performs well.
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    Computer Area Lighting

    Maybe a cheap solution would be a cold cathode kit.
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    Help selecting the right video card

    What board are you running and what exactly is your "severely limited budget"?
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    ATI 4600 HD vs nVidia 8800 GTS

    Yes, the 8800GTS would be an upgrade.
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    is this a legit evga card?

    Nice work resurrecting the card! :D
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    Dead GTX460 or failing PSU?

    Agreed..PSU issue. Do you have another PSU to swap in?
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    Still ethustiastic about SB ?

    I enjoy my SB system and have no regrets. I use it for apps, gaming and folding. I enjoy the performance & lower power consumption. If you were to use it for word processing and web surfing then it may be a overkill.
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    New build 2500k

    Here's the revision for SB chips.
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    Is the CM Hyper 212+ works good with i7-2600K?

    I have this same cooler on my 2600k. I'm oc'd to 4.5 24/7 and at 100% load it's about 57*C.
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    Is there still a need for sound cards for gaming?

    :D Mine as well! :eek:
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    Smallest device to receive network streaming video

    I have a roku to stream my netflix.
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    FPS Selection

    +1 for BFBC2
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    How many cases have you gone through the past year?

    I've gone through 4 different models and 6 cases. Currently use Lian-Li K62R1 & PC7 (2 ea). I use all of them but two older CM cases (690).
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    ASUS P8P67 6gb Ports

    You'll need the Marvell drivers for the navy blue 6GB ports.
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    Gigabyte G1-Killer line (first images)

    Good looking board (assassin). I'm not sure about the 5 LED lights. I'd have to see it in a complete build.
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    Looking for new case

    The v2120 is a very nice case. I think you can't really go wrong with a Lian-Li case.
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    Just got an e-mail from Microcenter in regards to the P67 chipset.

    A similar email was sent out to Newegg customer. In their letter they stated they would extend the return policy. I'm sure MC would also do the same but it's probably best not to assume. It could make an ass-u-me. :)
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    Intel Chipset Design Error!!!

    You need to come back to reality. Cars with peoples lives in them are no comparison to a hard drive in a pc. :rolleyes: That's like me saying you're the dude that was in the news saying his gas pedal was stuck and can't stop his prius, all the while his foot had it mashed to the floor. :D Stop...
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    Asus p8p67 pro went up in smoke

    RMA that sucker... I haven't had any issues with my Asus Pro board. Side note, if you RMA, get a new one back and decide not to use the Pro board, hit me up.
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    Sabertooth P67 - Anyone buying?

    I would've loved to have the Sabertooth. To bad it wasn't available at release. I would have bought it vs the Pro. If I ever did a military type theme build, this would be the board I would choose.
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    Asus P8P67 Anybody 'NOT' Having Problems with this Board ?

    I haven't had any issues with my board at all. I had the extra time to boot because of the drive controllers but it wasn't an issue but more preference for a faster boot time. My board has been working well since release. (2600k oc'd 4.5GHz 24/7)
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    2600K h20 cooling so far... pics

    Very nice! I may go h20 in the near future for my SB rig.
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    Can you control the Fan speed with Nvidia Cards?

    I believe you can control the fan speed in MSI Afterburn, which is included with each MSI graphics card.
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    Sandy Bridge.... Fresh install or just upgrade

    +1 on a fresh install.
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    Do the Intel boards last long?

    I say go for it! It should meet your criteria.
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    MSI GD65 question

    If I have a cpu cooler fan blocking a slot, I install the memory first and then the fan. I adjust the fan height clearance to clear the back of the memory chip. So right now, I have to take the fan off my cpu cooler in order to remove the memory chip in slot one.
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    GIGABYTE GA-H67A-UD3H question

    On page 20 in the manual for that board, it says dual monitor is supported, just not during bios or post.
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    Cleaning k/b?

    I use safety swabs (similar to q-tips) for HD cleaning and canned air for maintenance.
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    PSU for this Sandy Bridge build?

    I have Seasonic X650 in my SB setup. 2600K w/212+ 2 - raptor drives GTX460
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    2600k Batch?

    I agree it's a mixed bag with SB. I haven't seen any correlation in batches that point toward a "golden batch" like the 920's.
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    Another nice thing about upgrading to SB...

    As a 24/7 folder, I'm glad I was able to go to SB setup without having to fork out another $150-200 for new psu. Transplanted my Seasonic x650 from old to new build.
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    Core i7 950 or SB 2600K?

    2600k for sure... Better performance and lower power consumption as well.
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    AsRock x58 Xtreme died

    I use two of these boards and no issues thus far. I'm not sure how well their support is. Sabertooth is a nice quality board. I've good luck with EVGA boards in the x58 series as well. Plenty of nice choices in the FS/FT section.
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    Voltage Questions

    Google results: