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    7 US Tech Companies Pile on Google

    Larry Ellison.
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    Tesla Factory Workers Reveal Pain, Injury, and Stress

    It's not good for the people overseas, but that's actually great for us. All the money we save buying the cheaper overseas stuff we can use to educate the person over here without a job and put him to work producing the high-level services that we can actually export and make a profit on.
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    Police Mistake Fallout Cosplay for Bomb

    That's not really that many. I mean we're losing a whole hell of a lot more people to obesity related heart disease, tobacco related lung cancer, car accidents, firearm related suicide, and even accidental firearm discharge. Seems like if we took all that effort we're putting into keeping the...
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    Ghost In The Shell Official Trailer

    If her raceless cyborg body was supposed to be asian looking in the anime, then it was a freakishly tall, giant breasted, and doe-eyed asian and would have certainly stood out in any mostly normal-looking asian crowd. Being super attractive, hyper-sexuallized, and often scantily clad probably...
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    Python syntax compile error

    Due to the way invalid syntax errors work the problem may not actually be on that line, but instead on a line somewhere around it.
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    Smart TV Hack Embeds Attack Code into Broadcast Signal—No Access Required

    Fortunately we don't really use DVB-T in the US.
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    Samsung Galaxy 8 Launches Today and the Tame Apple Press is Terrified

    Maybe if the press focused more on the UI then more people would care, and maybe that's why they should.
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    Starbreeze Will Publish System Shock 3 and Invest $12 Million into Its Development

    I love SS1 and SS2 as much as anybody, probably more, but sometimes you just gotta let things go.
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    Tim Sweeney: Microsoft UWP Still "Woefully Inadequate"

    You can't see how forcing everyone to purchase new software through the windows store where they get a cut of the sales isn't of benefit to them?
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    This is the Samsung Galaxy S8

    I haven't had a phone battery wear out in any phone I've had in the last ten plus years. That's not to say that it doesn't happen, but is there any real (non anecdotal) data on how often it happens? There's other factors there too... like does adding the mechanism needed to make the battery...
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    Google: 99.95% of Recent ‘Trusted’ DMCA Notices Were Bogus

    If they're going to do that then they might as well just proceed with regular court action against the copyright infringers. Oh wait, maybe they should just do that... you know use the regular legal system that the rest of us regular people have to use and not the special unfair one that was...
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    SpaceX Launches First Rocket from Iconic Florida Pad

    You mean besides the video you just watched of a rocket working in space? I don't understand the question.
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    Google CEO Writes Back to Girl, 7, Who Wants a Job

    You have to have like 9000 interviews before you can start though.
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    OK, This One is on Me

    "Ass Feel"
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    Lucasfilm Says It Has “No Plans” For A Digital Carrie Fisher

    "...but Peter Cushing on the other hand, fuck that guy." ?
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    Razer Ripped Off at CES 2017

    Only Razer would think this monstrosity is worth $22k.
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    Encryption Backdoors Are Against US National Interest

    The most widely used these days, by a large margin, is AES and it's not based on primes.
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    8 Minutes of Prey Gameplay Footage

    This whole "Prey in name only" thing is interesting to me, because that's how I view the 2006 game. There was a Prey before that game which sounded amazing and different (there was a write up in a very old PC-gamer). I remember it had aliens that would hunt you, and there was a lot of talk about...
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    NVIDIA’s Lens Matched Shading Technology Takes Everest VR to New Heights

    Is it just me or is that girl ludicrously attractive?
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    Free Shipping Is A Lie

    Did the customer pay for it or did the customer's employer (or whoever gave them the money) pay for it? I mean if the food at the store was .03 cheaper then they could get away with paying you .03 less in wages right? #DeepThoughts
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    86 Year Old Lady Accused Of Pirating Metro 2033

    I think I found the problem right here: Sure he doesn't.
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    Self-Driving Mercedes Will Be Programmed To Sacrifice Pedestrians

    I think the car's first priority should be to follow all traffic laws at all times. Steering into oncoming traffic isn't really a legal maneuver. The default choice is to hit the car in front of you. It's the thing at fault anyway and that's what would happen if you just continued to proceed...
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    New U.S. 'Secret' Clearance Unit Hires Firm Linked To 2014 Hacks

    They never STOPPED using Keypoint. If you want to know why they shouldn't have rehired them and probably why they had leaks, then go look at their glassdoor reviews.
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    $50 Device Could Hack Countless Computers

    I know NTLM is weak and all, but it hasn't been totally broken has it? And provided you have a proper password that's not in a table somewhere and has enough entropy it still gonna take thousands of years to brute force it right?
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    Case Mods On Display At QuakeCon

    Because Quakecon.
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    Many Fitness Trackers Leak Personal Data

    Human bodies leak personal data too: height, facial image, fingerprints, etc.
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    China, Fears That Pokemon GO May Aid Locating Military Bases

    There are places in the U.S. where if they catch you with a cell phone they'll confiscate it and grind it into paste. You don't want to play Pokemon Go there. Base to Troops: Don't Chase Virtual Pokemon into Restricted Areas |
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    Amazon Building “Glass Nature Complex” For Workers

    This sounds like a really tricky place for Amazon to convert into soulless cubicles when they mature into a value company.
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    You May Need Less RAM Than You Think

    When I see people overbuying RAM it's usually not the quantity that strikes me as being unnecessary, it's usually the speed. Superfast "gaming" RAM is just a huge waste of money.
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    You May Need Less RAM Than You Think

    Gates never actually said it.
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    Das Pitches Cloud-Connected Keyboard

    "The things you want to know can easily get drowned out by all the other stuff out there." So here's a keyboard that throws even more stuff at you so you can drown even more quickly.
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    RX 480 is apparently killing pcie slots

    Well maybe it didn't. Maybe his MB, PSU, or those dubious unpowered ribbon cables were faulty all along, but the previous cards he was running didn't reveal the defect. Or maybe just one of the three 480s had a defect. You get defective hardware sometimes, it happens.
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    Google's Diversity Efforts Show Scant Progress

    The demand for CS/CE, despite rumors of a downturn, is still pretty ludicrous. As long as you're willing to go where the jobs are and you didn't skate by with a 2.0, you shouldn't have any trouble finding work.
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    RX 480 is apparently killing pcie slots

    That's an interesting one. I'm looking at the pinout on the 24-pin ATX connector, and it looks like it's one of the 3.3v connections that took the brunt of it? He doesn't mention it in that thread, but in other threads he says he had several days of instability (random reboots) with the 3x480s...
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    Jury Awards HP $3B In Damages From Oracle

    I'm pretty sure Larry Ellison has done most of those things, I'm sure his buddy Mark Hurd has done them all.
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    RX 480 is apparently killing pcie slots

    I've never had that happen. It's usually some under-educated person in India, and they just want to get you on the phone, in the system, and off again as quickly as possible. They don't care what happened to the board. Several times they haven't even asked to have the old board shipped back.
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    RX 480 is apparently killing pcie slots

    I don't think they care. I mean I've warrantied more than a few boards in my life, they don't ask a lot of questions about what you had plugged into it. You just tell them your board died and they send you a new one.