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    Strange black screen system lockup. PSU problems?

    I have a strange problem with a computer I built for my father in law. When he touches a few different things and static discharges on them (TV, PC, wall switch) the computer gets a black screen and locks up. Cant get display back until I hard reboot the system. Cant even force shut down with...
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    What is your favorite Memory stability testing suite and why?

    For the longest time I simply ran prime95 because I couldn’t get memtest86+ to work. Now I just do memtest for as long as can stand or manage or I’ll piecemeal it out over multiple nights and then the same with prime95. Are there better or worse programs or methods? I’ve only done a little...
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    Refill H60i?

    Hey everybody I have had an H60i for about 7 years now and it's getting low on fluid. It is attached to my very old 2500k setup@4.6ghz and I dont really want to get a new cooler. I have seen a few things online with people refilling their AIOs from the block and I just want to know what fluid...