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    Operating systems and their flawed versioning scheme

    After reading several complaints (to say the least) of Vista, and of people running back into the welcoming arms of XP, I've had to ask myself, WHY do OS manufacturers insist on this method of versioning their software? If I were to ask you, which has a more successful track record of version...
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    What happened to...

    Anyone remember when the MMO genre was in its infancy all the developers touted they'd be releasing new content on a weekly basis... New landmasses, monsters, etc. Instead of doing this, they release a game half assed then add the features that should have been there since release slowly and...
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    3700+ and 8800 series card

    Would getting an 8800GTS or 8800GTX be worth it right now with my current setup or am I better off just waiting a while and building a whole new rig?
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    Games suck.

    Anyone else feeling this way right now? I'm feeling seriously at a loss for a good game, WoW is old, CS is loosing its shine after years (though still fun) and in general I almost feel like I'm outgrowing gaming, yet I still want to play! I keep trying MMOs, EVE, EQ2, etc but nothing keeps me...
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    Ebay scams?

    Lately i've been seeing a lot of this type of stuff on auctions for 2405/2407/3007FPW auctions: "EMAIL ME @ XXX@XXX.COM BEFORE YOU BID OR BID CANCELED" etc etc Well I email them to see whats up, often they ask for a direct sale with some sort of direct bank wire. This guy says he'll sell a...
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    Good WS LCD for desktop work

    I've currently got myself a nice comfty FW900 24" CRT, its great for gaming and overall general use but as its a CRT there is some eye strain involved when not gaming. If I were to purchase an LCD however the color reproduction would have to be as good as possible, so that I wont be screwing up...