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    Dell UltraSharp 2007FP 20-inch $86.64

    Hi all, Just want to share that I just bought Dell UltraSharp 2007FP 20-inch Flat Panel Monitor for $86.64, use coupon WINTER25DELL until 1/29. This is a refurb of older model, but it has 1600x1200 dpi. I called Dell and make sure the model I ordered has IPS panel. Link...
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    What do I get with $400 to play with? mobo, CPU and ram

    So I am kinda bored and have spare change. I have an empty case, hard drives, video card and PSU. Was looking around the forum last night, and stumble on multiprocessing thread. I can spare about $400 or so to build a dual proc workstation. This sounds cool to own :) While this is just for spare...
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    What happen to EVGA lifetime warranty when you RMA the card?

    I was cleaning the my case yesterday, and notice that my GTX 460 has TR part no - I never pay attention to this before. I received this card from RMA last yr - my previous card has a lifetime warranty. So I guess I lose my lifetime warranty if I RMA ? .
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    Win7 x64 fail to install on SSD

    I finally got a new Kingston SSD to upgrade my old computer from regular HD (raptor) to SSD. System consist of Abit IP35E, Q6600, GTX 460, 8GB RAM. During install of Win7 x64, it will stop after the first reboot, and then nothing. I have left it on for a few hr, and it does not make any...
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    Dead Dell 2704, worth fixing?

    I have a Dell 2407 that has been dead for a year or so. Just one day it does not turn on. There is nothing displayed on the monitor. It is not the power button that is broken (I checked this), but I am not sure what is the cause. Its been sitting in a closet. I am cleaning the house, and wonder...
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    Is it possible to have three monitors with 460 GTX + 430GT PCI card??

    So I have decided to hold off upgrading the entire PC until later in the year, but I still like to have three monitors now if possible. The monitors are two Dell 2007 and Dell 3007 for PLP setup. Currently I have a 460 GTX card. If I were to buy a PCI card like this 430GT ...
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    Build advice for workstation with 5 monitors

    My last build was a Q6600 which still run like a champ. Since then I have not really keep a close eye on the latest greatest - new baby kinda keeps me busy :) I tried to read up, and catch up, but thought I ask the experts here before building a new PC. 1) What will you be doing with this...
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    Cheapest card for dual monitor without extra power

    I have an old P4 3.2Ghz (dont laugh), 4GB RAM, that need a new video card. It is a back-up PC, being used mainly for surfing, speadsheets and sometime playing movie on one monitor while the other monitor is being used for work. No gaming whatsoever. The idea is to find the cheapest card that...
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    Computer require a complete reset to boot up

    The spec: Q6600, Abit IP35E, 460GTX, 850W Antec PSU. The problem: Since yesterday the computer will not boot up. Press the start button, and nothing happens. It does not show BIOS menu on the monitor. If I unplug the PC, take out the little battery, then it will boot up just fine. Shut it...
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    Free software to delete duplicate files?

    I have several Gigs of pictures multiple folders. The numbers are in thousands. Unfortunately, many of these files are duplicates. I like to clean them up and delete these files. What make is complicated, I realized that I have two different problems. 1. File A.jpg in folder A is the same as...
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    What is the easiest to copy entire harddrive (OS, apps, data) into another one?

    Hello guys, I have a friend who life far away, so I can not just stop by and fix this. This would be too easy :D She need to copy her entire harddrive into another harddrive. The harddrive contain the OS, apps, data and everything else. What is the easiest way to do this? She is not really...
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    Corsair Flash Voyager - the rubber came off

    I have a Corsair Flash Voyager 8 GB in the last 6 months or so. Its been used everyday at work. A few days ago, while pulling the thumb drive, the rubber came off of the metal part of the thumb drive. Has anyone seen this problem? It seems that the rubber part is just glued into the metal part...
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    EVGA GTX 260 sticker is peeling

    Hello everyone, I have an EVGA GTX 260 55nm, about 4 months old. I just noticed the sticker is peeling. I dont really want to RMA this card for such a minor issue, however, I want to make sure I still keep the lifetime warranty. Currently it is half way peeled, just hanging off the card...
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    Easiest way to connect 2 PC?

    Hello all, I need some help here since I am relatively a newbie on networking stuffs. I need to connect 2 PC to move file back and forth, and to share the printer driver. I have an old netgear switch, but when I connect both PC into this switch, the PC does not show IP address. I did not think...
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    Dell 2407 WFP-HC die - please help?

    Hello all, I have a Dell 2407 WFP HC that 1 month pass its warranty. This morning was still working fine, but in the afternoon, it can not turn back on. Pushing the power button does not turn it on. I have change the power cable and still could not turn it on. Monitor is connected to UPS, so I...
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    Need some help: Brand new GTX260 problem

    All, I just got my EVGA GTX 260. I tried to play COD4, and the temp went straight to 90-100C with fans blowing at 100% according to Precision software. Then in a few minutes of playing, my computer crashed. I have to reboot to recover. Is this means my video card has a problem or something...
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    Best thermal paste to use?

    I am getting ready to place a purchase of thermal paste. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestion. AS5 seems to be the popular choice, but what is the best paste to have? AS5, MX2, TX2 ? I like to use it on the CPU and GPU, if it makes any different Thanks Chris
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    Minimum vidoe card to drive 2 Dell 2407 at max resolutions

    Hello, I need some advice and hope someone can help. I currently have an opportunity to get 2 Dell 2407 for a good price. These monitors were to be used for work - no playing games. I was planning to build a new PC with nvidia 8800 to support the monitors, but that plan will have to wait...