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    Stress testing QNAP NAS

    I got a friend's NAS that seems to be unstable. he says it randomly reboots. he has brought it over to my office. when not in use, it seems it's fine. or at least when i use it, it's fine. his issue is it would randomly lockup or reboot. I have backed up and removed all his data. he is running...
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    Asus X58 P6T7 not stable@24Gb ram

    hi guys, I'm having a weird problem 1) all 6x4 G.skill rams 9-10-9-28 @ 1.5v is not stable when all is plugged in. 2) when all 6 are in, it will pass memtest86+ but always freezes in bios or BSOD. 3) but testing each ram individually with memtest and prime95 = ok I tried increasing DRAM to...
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    adaptec 5000 series with seagate 7200.12

    anyone here managed to get their adaptec 5805 / 51245 / 5405 to detect/load 7200.12 drives? i have got a 51245 adaptec and mine dont seem to load/detect 7200.12 500Gb seagate drives. but it detects 7200.11 500gb seagate drives fine. my adaptec firmware is currently 17517 which is the...