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    1440p @ 120hz vs 1080p @ 144hz

    Thanks in advance to anybody taking time to answer. I play mainly first person shooters, I have a 2080 ti in my rig and I'm using 3 old 60 hz monitors in surround. I'm getting away from surround as it's to big. I wondering if anybody has experience with these, or similar monitors, and their...
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    sli question

    can a superclocked 780 be sli'd with a non SC 780 (both reference design)? thanks in advance.
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    multi monitor gpu question

    I am currently running 5760x1080 with a 780 ti 3gb, how hampered am I by the 3 gb? I want to get another 780 ti but I dont want to be held back by the 3gb. Would I be better off waiting for the 800 series? thanks in advance.
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    Creative Sound Blaster ZXR or Asus STX?

    Creative Sound Blaster ZXR or Asus STX? I'm going to purchase one of them and I would like to know, which is better, has anyone tried both?. I will be using it to game on, mostly FPS games. I have Sennheiser G4ME ZERO headphones. Thanks in advance.
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    2 780s

    will my corsair hx850 be enough power for 2 780,s I am running a 2500k, and want to buy a 2nd 780. And will the 2500k be a bottleneck with 2 780s? thanks
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    Galaxy 780

    Is Galaxy a good company, or should I wait for more EVGA 780's to get back in stock? I've never bought from them and wanted to know if I should pull the trigger on this.
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    water-block question

    ok, im planning on watercooling my 7970, this is my first time watercooling so bear with me. Im planning on buying two of these but Im a...
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    cooling question

    is this rad enough for a titan and 2600k? thanks
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    Tygon E-1000 tubing

    Im planing to use some Mayhems pastel white fluid and this tubing is suggested by Mayhem, does anybody have, or have ever used this product? Im wondering about its characteristics, mainly flexibility. I cant find any reviews on this stuff, thanks
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    Radiator question

    I'm wondering if anybody knows which one of these will offer the best performance, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Black Ice GTX Xtreme 360 Radiator...
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    coolant question

    can anybody recommend a very high quality UV blue coolant?
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    7970 eyefinity temps

    So Im running two reference cards in crossfire with eyefinity and with only having the computer on, no programs running, im getting 55c with fans at default, which i believe is 20% IS this normal? Im a little worried, i took out one card and still reading about 55c, then switched card and same...
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    not really a great deal i did however find Titans in stock only problem is u must be in Australia
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    Sleeving question

    I hope this in the right place. I have a question I want to sleeve my psu cables, I have the HX 850 and the pci-e cables running to my gpu have a bump thing wrapped in heat shrink about an inch from where the cables plug into the gpu. I hope somebody knows the part Im talking about...
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    eyefinity problems

    so i updated ccc and now two of my monitors have black borders. I tried to use the scaling option but it wont let me adjust it (the option is grayed out). I lowered the max resolution then tried to use the scaling option but its still wont let me adjust it. Ive been tinkering with this for a...
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    7970 PCIe 2.3 vs PCIe 3.0

    Heres a vid comparing the two, PCIe 3.0 not showing as much GPU performance gain as I was expecting, maybe ill stick with my 2500k... but probably not.
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    7970 bottleneck

    will a 2500k bottleneck 2 7970s? that is all, thank you.
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    Microsoft flight sim X

    What mods do you guys use, I currently use UTX, GEX, and REX 2.0, I get pretty nice visuals with this, just wanted to know if anybody had a better combo of mods or suggestions. I also use TrackIR 5 and the Saitek yoke and rudders. All these things combined makes the game pretty good but I...
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    Corsair Vengeance K90

    just got this board and I love it, wil never go back to rubber dome keyboards again, all the major typing keys are mechanical, the macros are rubber dome but I can live with that, all the keys are lit individually and look great, I came from the sidewinder x4 and the difference is night and day...
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    Need help building your first rig?

    Not sure if i posted this in the right area but I was browsing youtube and ran across this vid , its about 2 hours and is by far the best how to vid on pc building ive ever seen. I highly recommend it to anybody new to building custom pc's.
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    get 2 6950s or wait for the 7970?

    Should i get 2 6950s or wait for the 7970, Im running three 1080p monitors.
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    $1,800 build suggestions

    Case - Coolermaster Haf X GPU - Sapphire 6950 x 2 CPU - i5 2500k CPU Heatsink/Fan -...
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    Eyefinity or one big monitor?

    Eyefinity or one big ass monitor? Which do you prefer? and a reason or ten why. Please reply only if you have real hands on experience with each option, thanks.
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    Kentucky area lan parties

    If anybody in the Murray Kentucky area is interested in lan parties let me know, im going to be hosting them at my house and am trying to find people to come out and have a good time.
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    Z68 question

    Should I cancel my order for Asus p67 Revolution for a Z68 mobo? I didnt know they were out yet untill about 5 min ago.
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    570 or 6970?

    what is a better choice for a three monitor setup at 5760x1080: two 570's in sli or two 6970's in crossfire
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    3 monitors

    Hi, I am currently running eyefinity with 2 6970's in crossfire, my brother wants to build a computer but wants to use Nvidia as he belives they makes better cards, the question is will two 570's run three monitors well? and if so at what resolution can he expect to see a loss in performance due...
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    Thin bezel monitor

    Im looking to purchase 3 monitors for eyefinity, problem is I cant find many with a thin bezel, I found this but it seems to have poor reviews. I want a 23 inch monitor and am hoping to get in at $600 for all three...
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    GPU setup help

    I really would like to know if three 6970s are faster than the 6990 + 6970 setup as I cant find any benchmarks comparing the two. I know that the 6990 + 6970 is blazing but I was hoping to get input on three 6970s because I had read the three cards in tri fire lose some power, does the 6990 a...
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    which motherboard is better???

    Asus p67 Revolution or Gigabyte p67 UD5
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    6990 and eyefinity help

    Hi, Im new to computers and have a few questions. Im building a computer and wanted to use three 23" monitors 1920 x 1080. I was wondering what the best card would be for this setup. One 6990 or two 6070s. And is the 6990 plus one 6970 faster than three 6970s? I want to be able to run any...