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    ipod touch 2g repair

    So i got a ipod touch 2g from cowboom. It worked fine then day 31 the headphone stopped. I opened it up and replaced the headphone jack and did the digitizer also while it was open. Now it just clicks the screen and starts apps and closes stuff and types never stopping. Anyone have any...
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    whs to hyper-v using disk2vhd

    OK i have a current whs with 1 500gig thats the os drive, 1 samsung f4 2tb drive. I want to convert the e6600 with 8gig of ram to a 2008 r2 running hyper-v. I plan on adding all drivers physically not virtual for the pool. I want to know if i use disk2vhd do i just convert the 20gig OS or do...
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    100-pack of Reusable Velcro Self-Gripping Cable Ties $6.81

    stolen from sd but its worth it. I just ordered some for my av rack. 100-pack of Reusable Velcro Self-Gripping Cable Ties $6.81
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    proper way to run a patch panel

    So i have a 4 post rack and im not in the IT field so im lack in my proper ways to do things. I just got a new house and i have converted my rack to an av rack on one side but i want to put the patch panel on the other side. I ran the runs through the side and into the patch panel but it just...
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    Scorpion EXO-1000 Apollo Matte Anthracite Helmet 99.99+sh

    I love my exo-400. Its this color only but these are nice helmets. stolen from sd.If only i rode more id get this. Scorpion EXO-1000 Apollo Matte Anthracite Helmet
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    Windows Home Server 69.99+shipping TD

    stolen from Slickdeals 61 with 12% cb.
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    copy paste issue with virtualbox

    Ok so I have a virtual box on my whs. I have it running windows 7 for testing. I am rdc into that vb from my main pc. I cant copy and paste links in the rdc to say gtalk or anything for that matter. I have notepad turned on my rdc settings. I know its an odd setup but shouldnt it work?
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    small 5-10 person setup

    I got asked to help install a small 5 person business. I think i want to get a linksys rv082 after reading about them on here. Is that overkill? They want vpn and plan to grow to 25 ppl next year. Can i use it with only one wan connection? Thinking untangle for webfiltering. I have use...
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    vmc guide not working

    I just setup another htpc on vista. I setup the guide correctly and it says it downloaded but it shows no data. I saw others having this issue on the green button but no fix. Anyone having it happen to them here?
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    WHS PP2 recorded tv vmc issue

    I put some avi files and recorded shows from my 2nd vmc into the new whs recorded tv share. I added the share on my main vmc. All i see is the recorded shows from the public folder on that vmc. I even unchecked the public folder in the library. I go into videos and see videos, and recorded shows...
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    Newegg AMD Phenom 9600 Quad Core $80 Free Shipping

    stole this from SD but it looks like a good deal. subtract $15 with coupon code AMD21015 for a total of $80 with free shipping. I have been thinking of upgrading now that i have been ripping more dvds to mkv.
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    on board ethernet issues

    I have an aw9d mobo with gig onboard. Its been working but now stopped. I have uninstalled and reinstalled drivers but that hasnt helped. When the pc is rebooting or in bios the lights are working and i can see the light on my switch but in windows or a live cd shows no cable connected...
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    UPnP on endian?

    I have a WHS pc and im trying to access the page from the outside. I have setup the endian firewall to port forward 2375 ->443 but that doesnt seem to work when i https to it from outside. This should work right? I tried to use the whs router setup and it fails the UPnP and i cant seem to...
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    MCE and Xbox 360 remote issues

    Anyone run VMC and have an xbox 360 on the same tv? When i turn on my xbox with the remote it shuts the pc off. When i hit the green button to watch something on my vmc it turns the xbox on. This is why i have given up so many times running a pc hooked to the tv. No one else has this issue? I...
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    Antec NSK4480B PC Case with PS 380 @ BB B&M YMMV $24.99

    Ok i stole the heading from SD but i bought two of them at my bb in IA and googled for the deal on my phone at the time. Didnt see it was posted on there even yet. Seems like a good deal as they had 380w psu with them.
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    Cant restore image using whs

    I have a 250gb hdd with a 40gb Vista 64bit partition. I have the new pp1 for WHS so i can backup now. I am using easybcd as my boot manager. I put a 120gb sata drive in and did a recovery from the whs of my 40gb to the 120gb. All that worked but when i reboot from the recovery the vista image...
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    redirecting email

    I want to make a email like forward to my gmail. So the @blahblah is just sending all mail to my gmail but not really running a server. My lan group had it so you could email anyone at and it would send it to my yahoo, but i cant remember that app.
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    GH2 xbox360 bestbuy 23.99 YMMV

    I got guitar hero 2 for xbox 360 on 4/4 for 47.99. Its now 31.99 but ringing up 23.99 now. This seems to be certain stores so you may have to check yours. Hell they still want 59.99 for the game of guitar separate. I picked up gh3 off the forums for 30 here and i can play both. Might need a usb...
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    vmc only records 5 mins of movies

    I have a vmc box and i tried to record powder and in the name of the father on encore. I only get the first 5 mins of the movie and thats it. I record tv shows fine on all channels. Maybe a movie channel cant record issue or something?
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    xbox 360 cod4 leaderboard scores

    I played cod4 with some work friends. We are all pretty much the same play wise. This one guy though is killing me in leaderboard score. He can play an hour and get 5k points and i play 4 hours and get like 1k. Last night i played from 10-1 all HQ getting about 300 points a game. My rank went...
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    COD4 (xbox360) patch is live now!

    Anyone get it yet? Im at work but ill be playing all night.
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    COD 4 patch sent to Microsoft for certification! Robert Bowling, Infinity Ward Community Relations Manager, has announced that the new feature patch for the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty 4 has finished its internal testing and development and has officially been sent off to Microsoft...
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    Mass effect street date broken at Kmart

    Im seeing stories all over Kotaku and gamefaqs. Anyone get it?
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    939 foxconn with 3400+ 69.99 AR

    Didnt see this but it looks good.
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    need replacement sn41g2 psu

    Anyone know where and what to get? I have seen a fsp one out there thats 40 ish. I hear its loud and someone said it didnt fit. Anyone have one?
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    Viva Pinata and Fuzion frenzy 2 29.99 each shipped

    ripped from slickdeals. seems walmart shows it for that price too. I cant check it as walmart is blocking my company's ip because they are babies.
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    Gears: Annex info
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    RS:vegas live help with points?

    I need to beat two maps on coop thunt and having problems finding good people to do research and library with. I would also like to do some of the 2 player ones like snipe 10 kills in a row kinda thing. Ill do the same for you. Im on live most nights 11-1 central time. I would like to get some...
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    Endian Updates

    I see they have updates on their site but i dont know how to update my firewall. I used to have smoothwall and i would just do them from the gui. Am i missing something?
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    MXT 500gb sata outpost 129.99 shipped

    Didnt see this yet on here. mxt500gb
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    htdv help

    I just got 37 inch westinghouse last night. It has only one rf and i dont want to switch between antenna and cable and rescan since my wife wont do that. I have a shuttle with mce2005 on it and was thinking of getting a hdtv tuner card and just plugging in vga. What card should i get? How will...
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    cisco 2948g-l3 vlan

    I picked one of these up a year ago and have been just using it as a switch. I wanted to break up some of the ports and do a vlan but when i do config t interface vlan1 it doesnt work. I have looked on the web and tried everything. I put the latest ios it could do on it also.
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    RDC on xp home

    Im trying to see if there is a way to modify xp home so i can rdc to it. I have a client pc that i need to connect to and vnc always gets turned off by someone there who thinks its a virus. Im hoping there is a way to enable it on home.
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    Uptime of 366 days for my linux machine at work

    This is my 40gb mp3 server i use at work thats a amd 2ghz pc i brought in for folding also. It gets daily use thats for sure. Running kanotix and needs updated im sure, atleast a bigger hdd.
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    samsung drive length?

    how is this dvd burner for the qpack? newegg
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    amd rma

    I need to rma my opteron 144. It says on their web that i have to call. I did that and she said my serial needed to be checked because it has 2 letters in it and it should have one. Well that was monday. I bought this retail with warrenty but they seem to be not wanting to hurry this any. Should...
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    I love newegg but clubit has 939s cheaper

    3800 x2
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    worst luck ever?

    I have some g.skill pc3200 2x1gb. My biostar board gave me errors with everything stock on the board and ram. I rmed them. Got those in. Ran memtest on my asus k8vse. Ran overnight no errors. I put the ram in my biostar. Errors in test 2. I ordered a new biostar board. Same errors in memtest. So...
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    Biostar 6100-939 issues

    I have had the worst luck with 2x1gb sets with this mobo. I just got g.skill pc3200 2x1gb ram back from rma. Windows loads but reboots right after i put in my password. This happens at any setting in bios. Memtest works fine at defaults but will not load windows. I have two of these boards...
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    psu has to be upside down?

    I bought a ttgi 520w and a xclio 450bl and both psus had to have the fans on the top or they wouldnt fit in the qpack. The holes dont even line up the other way. Is this just me or did i get some odd psus?