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    Users are Unable to Block Mark Zuckerberg

    So do you have evidence of anything other than you not knowing who the CEO talks to.
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    Gadget Makes $10 Headphones Sound Like $200 Headphones

    Cause people like this get paid to wear them, and since people do what people do...(sadly)
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    How Your Facebook Profile Can Affect Your Credit

    I wouldn't be surprised if entities like credit agencies pay for higher level access than the average Joe user. So "private" or "restricted" means for the people that you want to see it and the people that pay to see it.
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    Facebook Prods Users To Share A Bit More

    Maybe FB's downward spiral has begun?
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    Facebook Changes 'Real Name' Policy Rules After Public Outcry

    Heh, ok. I guess that would be the point I'd go "meh" and text/call a couple people that I'm not on FB any more.
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    Facebook Changes 'Real Name' Policy Rules After Public Outcry

    Tiny secret, you never had to use your real name on Facebook... :rolleyes:
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    UK Doubles Cash Bounties For Catching Cinema Pirates

    Most of those are recorded on one of these anyway....
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    Sex With Robots Convention Cancelled "Inspector-General of Police, Khalid Abu Bakar, unfortunately, saw the topic from a more literal perspective, deeming love and sex between human and robots...
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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Poster
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    Windows 10 Upgrade Nags Become More Aggressive

    Vista Ultimate (non sp1 first thing that went in after install), i7-920, 12GB RAM, 7200rpm 1tb seagate drive. Had an identical machine with a 150GB raptor that ran a little better. Supported it on other configs, but that was my personal machines. Last Vista Machine I supported was about 6...
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    Windows 10 Upgrade Nags Become More Aggressive

    If by working perfectly fine meaning unable to play games and taking 15 minutes to boot...:rolleyes: You could alleviate this a bit by disabling, a couple somethings, I forget now. Then there's the infamous, hey Vista locked up and you had to force it off, now it's gonna take 30 minutes to...
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    Windows 10 Upgrade Nags Become More Aggressive

    I pulled the trigger on a gaming laptop that doesn't have anything important on it just to familiarize myself with it. I think I ticked "off" or "no" 30 times turning off the spyware and tracking crap. Then I notice one drive running and uploading crap through the Comodo firewall screen. Had to...
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    These Tech Giants Are the Walking Dead

    This is the kind of article you get when the author has ZERO understanding of subject he/she is writing about. Complete click bait, zero substance. It pretty much came down to companies A B and C suck 'cause ..things. Companies X,Y, and Z are awesome 'cuase ....stuff.
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    Are Your Speakers Too Big Or Too Small For Your Room?

    QFT, Generally the bigger the space the more air you have to move to get the sound across it effectively. But, some speakers are better at it than others, and some sound terrible doing it lol. Also another trick to "enhancing" the sound of a room is to put as much sound absorbing material on the...
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    White House: Broadband Is A Core Utility

    There must be an election year coming up....
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    Chicago Sued Over 9% “Cloud Tax” On Streaming Services

    This sounds like something the current White House administration would try. They must be from Chicago....
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    Go To The Dark Side Of Debt With This $28,500 Star Wars Watch

    Episode 1 is setting the bar pretty low. MEESAH SAY USAH SHOULD AIM FORAH EPISODE FREE! ;)
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    Ashley Madison Offers $500k Bounty

    It's an interesting if divisive topic. Seeing some of the people defend their "line in the sand" position kinda gives some insight to the mindset of real zealots out there. Throw in the same attitude with a healthy dose of religious fervor and BAM we have ISIS running around doing what they do...
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    Ashley Madison Offers $500k Bounty

    You're making things WAY too black and white. But, whatever. I'm sure most people on that site were creepers. That said, a lot of people get mixed up in affairs for a different reasons, some not so black and white. My hope is for those people not to know people like you I'm afraid. Not that...
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    Get Ready For Ads In Your Notification Drawer

    I'm already to the point that if I move from my s4 it will be something else. Hell after the "lollipop" forced update even the Iphone seems like a better option. I used to love my s4, now... :(
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    Google's OnHub Smart Router Pre-Order

    There's some good routers out there. They are hit or miss. DD-wrt and Tomato can be lifesavers too for stability, but DD-wrt has had major performance issues with some newer routers. I had to revert back to stock firmware as DD-wrt couldn't handle anything over 100Mbits and god forbid you try to...
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    Comcast Launching YouTube Rival Called 'Watchable'

    I'll leave this here.....
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    Student Loses Facebook Internship For Pointing Out Privacy Flaws

    So it forced them to address the issue, and because they had to rush to fix it, they were forced to shut down one of their data mining tactics. I can see why they're pissed. This also highlights another reason that people should distance themselves from Facebook as far as possible. I know...
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    Google Has A New Parent Company Called Alphabet

    Annnd, cue world domination through creepy conglomerate company.... :eek:
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    Google Refuses French Order To Apply 'Right To Be Forgotten' Globally

    Being conservative minded, I support the right to be forgotten initiative. I hope it takes off. People shouldn't be so stupid to post that kind of crap on the net, but at the same time they should have the right to have it removed.
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    Making Female Video Game Characters With Average Body Types

    Hey, I prefer women with at least a little meat on their bones, but this is retarded. I didn't see one example in those images where the original was unrealistic in any way. mls1995 is correct, you see the same thing in movies. Fortunately there's all types of body types, skinny no boobs, skinny...
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    Some Guy Is Driving A Hybrid To The South Pole

    I was wondering how much better the trackwheels are than standard ones, then I found this...
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    $340 Audiophile Ethernet Cable Tear Down

    If you're trying to push analog signals across an Ethernet cable I can see wanting to use a higher quality cable. Having used Monster, Viper, and various other cables over the years for that purpose, there's a point where it makes little to no difference between a $20 cable and a $200 cable...
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    An Online Troll Destroys A Family’s Offline Life

    Sounds like the victim was doing his share of "trolling" online. Not that it justifies the response, but it kind of fits into the "if you don't want to get your ass beat by the cops, stfu" area. It's also funny that the guy behind most of it is playing all innocent now. Like anyone expects...
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    Stephen Hawking Backs Venture To Listen For Aliens

    "I'm not sure..." Who's idea was it to not allow editing?
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    Stephen Hawking Backs Venture To Listen For Aliens

    I'm sure we have the technology or the understanding of what a truly advanced civilization would use to communicate on an interstellar level. Let's face it, our current knowledge only allows us to communicate at light speed. Who would want to wait potentially decades to get a reply back on a...
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    Video Game Synched To Home Lighting from Philips
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    Netflix Revenue Boosted By Strong Subscriber Growth

    Seems like Netflix is reinvesting in a lot of new content. So it seems like they're doing fairly well overall.
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    Video Game Synched To Home Lighting from Philips

    There's actually projects you can do with addressable LED's that tie into the video being input to the TV. Would probably look better and have a faster response time than this.
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    Official Suicide Squad Comic-Con Video

    They needed to hire this panda for the part....