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    MATX X99?

    Seems like that one could work. I just wish the boards were more readily available. I have no issue buying secondhand but paying MORE than MSRP just... bothers me.
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    MATX X99?

    Where did all the x99 mATX boards go? Newegg has 3 currently, all seem fairly dated. Are there any mATX x99 boards that support the new Intel 750 and USB 3.1? Looking to buy ASAP and the offerings seem slim.
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    Where did all the MATX x99 boards go? And case recommendations?

    I just got a 5930k, and am looking to buy a board and case for it, but its going to be a rough move from my SG08. Newegg is down to only 3 boards in stock, and I know there were more before. Anyone know the reason for the lack of stock? Also, does anyone have any suggestions for a sub $200...
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    Kimera Industries Cerberus: The 18L, mATX, USA-made enclosure

    The main post doesn't seem to be updated at all. Is there a new timeline as to when these may go available for purchase?
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    Intel Retail Edge Holiday Deal 2015

    I literally just checked this forum to see if anyone had any info.
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    Silverstone SST-SX600-G 600w Gold SFX

    Every time I see a new post on this thread I get excited thinking a release date may have been announced. Then I see its more sata cable talk :(
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    Have most of my components, looking for case.

    It would indeed look like we have come full circle! Now, the question is would it be better to just use the PSU that comes with it, or get the Lite and buy a separate PSU :P. There is $100 difference between the regular and lite right now. Edit: Also, what cooler to put in! So many decisions!
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    Have most of my components, looking for case.

    All of which are cases I'd be interested in, given my opening line of "smallest that fits the gpu".
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    Have most of my components, looking for case.

    Yeah, I agree, and I would LOVE to get the 600w one, but SS has been extremely tight lipped about an actual release date or pricing. I am thinking of just grabbing the cm 130 for now, when the 600w comes out, get it and an sg05/08.
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    Have most of my components, looking for case.

    Which psu would you recommend?
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    Have most of my components, looking for case.

    I have one for another build, but I would still need a new PSU, mine is too long.
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    Have most of my components, looking for case.

    So, I have these components - i7-4770k Maximus VI Impact 8gb Wonder Ram MSI 780 XFX 650w ATX PSU And one of these 3 coolers - Phanteks TP14, generic version of h50, and an h100. I understand the PSU would have to be replaced in most situations. I'm looking for a small case, the...
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    Intel Retail Edge "Summer Deal" 2014

    Hey cyclone I'm at work on the road, mindsending me a pm when it does go live?
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    Intel Retail Edge "Summer Deal" 2014

    Holy Shit guys. Jump down my throat more. It said sold out for a bit, I emailed Intel and they said it was a glitch
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    Intel Retail Edge "Summer Deal" 2014

    It already says the 4770k is sold out, but i still can't find the order page for the 4930k...
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    Intel Retail Edge "Summer Deal" 2014

    They were a year ago lol.
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    Intel Retail Edge Winter Deal

    Are these still in stock? I JUST got hired by HP but my start date isn't for 2 weeks.
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    Opinon before I run to Frys

    I'd buy a new psu before you EVER push that to the point of shutting off again. Enough voltage drop and you could fry the card.
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    780 vs 290

    Stryker, exactly what I was curious to hear about. How about temps? I have almost exactly the same setup you do and am playing a lot of the same games on 1440p at around 120hz. Why'd you sell your 780 and what kind of temps are you seeing?
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    780 vs 290

    I said with all things equal because I'm able to get a used 780 for the exact same price as a new 290, and no one is selling their 290s. 780 market is pretty bad atm. There's really no flipping to be had on 780s.
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    780 vs 290

    Assuming I could get either at the same price, both reference design, which would you choose and why?
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    FT-03 Mini + Titan Build Complete

    Have an upboat! Any temp readings?
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    How can I condense my system?

    Ok ok, I think I'm pretty set, going with the CM Elite 130 so I can keep my PSU, going to have to drop the phantek for my old h60 for now, and look to pick up an h80i eventually, and getting the asrock board :D
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    CM Elite 130 ITX

    CM rep confirmed over on OCN, the ship date from the factory is the 27th, Amazon should be getting theirs in the first/second week of Sept.
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    How can I condense my system?

    Argh, the temptation! I can get the ASRock ITX board for $90 too from another forum... hmmmmmmmmmmmm
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    How can I condense my system?

    My hope was that I could find a 760 +125 or so for trade for my 680, then look at going to a matx case. How do people keep heat under control?
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    How can I condense my system?

    Prodigy it won't fit into, found a post on that somewhere else. I'd even be fine trading my video card out for a smaller 680 or a good 7970 as long as it would fit. I'd also be fine swapping the phantek for an h100 or something if I could get it to fit.
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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    Argh, why must you do this to me! I want to go to SFF, but my vid card is a 680 classified :(
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    How can I condense my system?

    Hello SFF enthusiasts! I currently have this build And I want to start to condense it down, either to an ITX or SMALL matx size. Are there any cases that are relatively small in size that would still accommodate my massive heatsink/video card?
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    Sony Vita handheld, buy or pass on it?

    Pass on it. No real games that seem worth it, go tablet if you want moble gaming.
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    Co-op with the girlfriend

    Portal 2 was pretty good?
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    Upgrading Internet, will xbox live run with less lag?

    If his internet speed was EXTREMELY slow before, like .5mbps dsl or something, he may notice an improvement.
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    Dawnguard is out for Skyrim.

    Are there any multiplayer mods out yet?
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    I feel like while this game is relatively well developed, it did not 1.) live up to the hype left by D2. 2.) did not innovate on the idea it came up with 12 years ago...
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    The Official Guild Wars 2 thread

    Can't wait for GW 2! Prepurchased through GMG yesterday
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    Gigabytes "Aivia" Gaming Series Keyboard, Mouse and Mousepad

    Should probably tag this thread NSFW...
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    Case fan recommendations?

    How are the yate 120's? Or should I just get GTs?
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    Laptop recommendations...

    Dell outlet for refurbed latitudes for college students for the build quality/warranty. Otherwise try to find an acer with an A6 processor.
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    Good deal?

    To whom? Remember if you sell it on ebay you have to deal with fees/shipping. If you sell it on craigslist, you are going to get lowballed horribly. I would shoot to get it for $500, and settle for $550, with the expectation you will have to replace the battery soon.