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    wireless card or WiFi adapter

    Hello hardforum, I just put together a m-atx rig and I won't be able to run an ethernet wire across my house what would people recommend? Thanks in advanced
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    intel 730 shell shocker

    Was looking for a new SSD and this was on the page of newegg.
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    mechanical keyboards and switches?

    I am looking to switch to a mechanical keyboard and been looking into things like color switches.. would love some recommendations on brands and color switches from some of the people here
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    Mic being too low?

    So i recently got a Steelseries Siberia v2 headset from my wife, and when i use the voice command in any game people say I'm really low and they can't hear me, same thing happens when I'm using Skype, right now im using a independent card that is like 6 years old, could that be the problem?
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    pokemon x and y friend safari swap?

    Was wondering if a thread to swap friend codes for pokemon was started or not but if there isnt one here is a start my friend code is 4270 1466 6781 and a friend told me my safari is normal and I dont know whats in it
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    Harddrive temperatures

    Hello, I just recently bought a 2tb caviar black harddrive and I was wondering if the temp on it is too high, it is currently being used as a storage drive and it's temp is at 52C