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    Question about 2 cards and multiple screen setup!

    I currently use a non oc'd Radeon HD 6870 for my PLP setup, 20"+30"+20" (4960x1200 resolution). It runs games like BF on the center monitor (2560x1600) at reasonable settings while still using the other side screens for email, music, skype, etc. Would it be possible to add another card...
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    Crossfire question for Radeon HD 6870, suggestions?

    Currently using a single Visiontek Radeon HD 6870 to power my Dell 20/30/20 PLP setup and looking to add a second card in crossfire to up FPS in gaming. I have never installed a graphics card, or installed one in crossfire before. Can I go with a different unit like a Sapphire 6870 or does it...
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    Triple Monitor Desk Mount for PLP Setup??

    I am looking to mount my Dell 20/30/20 Setup to a desk mounted stand. Not looking for a lot of mobility as I never need to move the monitors. Mostly looking to elevate the monitors more than the stock stands allow, as well as clean up the desk a little bit and gain some space there. My...
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    Refurbished UltraSharp U2311H 23-inch monitor $133.60 w/ FS

    via Slickdeals, looks like a great deal if you are looking for a 23" monitor.
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    Modified Z-2300? Adding new speakers

    Has anyone on this board modified a set of Z-2300 Logitech speakers before, or known anyone that has? They run 8 ohm, with a proprietary cord to the control pod/amp on the sub. I really think the sub is great, but I was able to get my hands on a nice set of Boston Acoustic Passive bookshelf...
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    New Headphones under $75 for comfort?

    I am looking for a new set of headphones for my setup at home, so size or looks isn't an issue. Price and comfort are my two biggest concerns. Would like them to be circumaural and comfortable for wearing for long periods. Currently have a Logitech g35 on the largest setting and even those...