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    Have PS3 60gb; any compelling reason to keep PS2?

    So, here's my situation: I have a PS3 60gb. Due to lack of inputs on my TV (and my unwillingness to drop cash for a switch), my PS2 is sitting around gathering dust. My PS2 library is 100% compatible with the PS3, with the exceptions of DDR and Guitar Hero - both of which I plan on rebuying for...
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    Subscriber Perks

    Would it be possible for subscribers to get some kind of "this guy is a subscriber!" icon or text next to their names? Ars Technica does it, and it works quite nicely.
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    New "main" DDR console platform?

    Does anyone know which console platform is going to be Konami's flagship platform for DDR, now that the PS2 is being phased out? The Wii seems like the best choice based simply on Japanese market share, but their efforts thus far for that platform seem anemic (DDR-HP was pretty lame, from what...
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    DG33TL, anyone?

    I'm vaguely astonished that no one in the forums has been talking about the DG33TL motherboard that Intel's putting out pretty soon: It looks like a really fantastic board, especially for those of us trying to migrate to PCI-E (it...
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    PS2 problems with emulation... dying?

    You read that right: this is a PS2 (two!) question. My PS2 is a fattie, not a slim. I recently bought some PS1 games (FF Chronicles and FF8), but when I went to play them, discovered that I could get no video from them. The sound worked fine, and it sounded as if the controllers were working...