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    Odd flickering issue mystery

    OK I'll try to provide as much info here as I can think of right now to see if anyone else can figure this out... I just got a free Radeon X800PRO to replace an FX5900XT in my old system. I like to play 2 games, QuakeLive and Company of Heroes. Company of Heroes for some reason will flicker...
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    ATI PowerPlay Issue

    Hello. For some reason my notebooks settings for ATI's PowerPlay feature isn't working correctly. I want the X1400 to run in power saving mode at all times. However it will only do this if I go into Catalyst Control Center and UNCHECK "Enable PowerPlay" and then check it back in again. It works...
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    E8400 Wolfdale on Asus Maximus Extreme OCing

    Hi everyone, My pal wanted to build a new PC and wanted DDR3 and some fast components. He chose the Asus Maximus Extreme for mainboard and went with the wolfdale cpu I recommended. I'm sure many here are familiar with the specs so I'll spare the details here. I've read many overclocking this...
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    Laptop help and suggestions thread (Where to buy)

    Hi everyone. I was thinking about getting a laptop for my girlfriend. I'd be using it too, but mainly she'd be using it for her girly stuff like searching for recipes and that stuff. I'm looking for a cool running and low power draw, but something that has a little bit of speed, nothing...
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    Command Prompt Full Screen Problem

    Hello everyone, this is my first post, and here's my strange problem that I cannot figure out... If I open a command prompt window and hit ALT ENTER to go to full screen, I get a black screen. I can still type in EXIT to escape back to desktop or hit ALT ENTER to return to window mode. Also...