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    Help building a new computer

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Playing games, specifically GTA:IV/EFLC, along with basic web browsing and running vmware if I can't bear to wipe and install another OS on my other computers I'm currently using my Asus g50vt-x5 laptop as my computer...
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    Looking for (1gen/3gen) iPod Touch case/protection

    I just got a 3rd gen iPod Touch (32gb if you have to know) and right now its naked so it needs some protection. All it has is my 1st gen iPod touch case, but since the back is curved, it doesn't seem to protect it good. And I'm also looking for better protection for my 1st gen iPod Touch...
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    RAID5 along with a single hard drive

    Is it possible to have Vista on a single hard drive, and a RAID5 system (3 HDDs) on the same SATA controller? If so, how do I set one up?
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    nothing on newly built computer after a restart

    Antec three hundred case Asus P5N-D motherboard Intel Core2Quad q8200 233ghz CPU Supertalent 2x 2gb DDR2-800 RAM XFX Geforce 9800GT 512mb video card Coolmax 500watt PSU Hitachi Deskstar 500gb SATA hard drive Liteon bluray/HD-DVD reader DVD/CD burner After I initially installed Windows...
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    What's a good website to buy a phone from?

    The last time I've dove into buying a phone online, I've heard a lot of people not receiving their phones, getting the wrong packages, or buying way over MSRP. Is there websites that you guys know of that has unlocked GSM phones? (I'm with tmobile, and don't like their selection of phones)
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    nv4_disp.dll file error and memory

    I'm getting mixed message on a customer's desktop. He brought his computer in (EVGA 132-CK-NF78-A1 mobo, q6600, EVGA Nvidia Geforce 9800GTX, 1x 2gb PC2-6400, XP Pro), saying it was crashing while playing games. I ran 3DMark06, and it crashed maybe 8/10 tries I ran the program - all at various...
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    Have you ever thought of someone stealing your SFF?

    Now that my qpack has been demoted to a *counts* 8th computer, its in the family room, where there's high traffic. Has anyone thought of someone just unplugging their SFF computer and walking away with it? (in my case, the qpack has a convenient handle). But then again, what will stop a...
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    charging with the front USB ports on a QPack

    Yesterday, I plugged in my Creative Microphoto MP3 player into one of the front USB ports to recharge the battery because it was almost drained. I was on the computer all day, and when I checked it about 8 hours later, the battery was still recharging (it usually took a couple of hours to...
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    looking for a good media card reader/floppy drive

    Okay, maybe I'm finding a reason to stick with a floppy drive, but my desktop doesn't have one and I'm not sure if I would want to get one for my SFF. What media card reader do you guys use?
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    How do you qpackers carry your computer?

    Like the title says, how do you qpackers carry your qpacks? Can you show your ideas?
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    What is the current second best card out there?

    I have a budget of about $250 (maybe more, maybe less) and I was wondering what is the second best video card I can get from I just want it to be able to play today's games for a while, w/out worrying about upgrading or anything. I don't care about the whether its ATI or Nvidia...
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    Use the Aspire QPack's PSU as a grounding?

    Since I changed my QPack's PSU to an antec brand PSU, can I use the Qpack's PSU as a grounding source? I have never worked with a painted PSU before, and the mirror finish is turning me off to us it as a grounding point.
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    Managing two computers in my room

    Hopefully in a month, my Aspire watercooled computer will be done and I'll be the first person in my family to have 2 computers in his room. So, I was wondering what's the best way to mange 2 computers on the same desk? KVM? Remote desktop? Other? What about internet access? Hub? router...
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    Use an external enclosure for DVD burner, or get a smaller PSU?

    I'm building a watercooled QPack and last night, I bought an Antec TruePower 2.0 430watt PSU. When I test fitted it with a regular sized optical drive, the connector didn't fit. So, the PSU is sitting in its package, waiting for me to make this decision: should I just use the PSU and get an...
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    Should I return the PSU, or hope to get a smaller optical drive?

    I have an Aspire QPack case, and just bought an antec TruePower 2.0 PSU from a local Best Buy. I tested the components with an old CD burner (a Cendyne that is a few years old) and it looks like the power plug for the optical will fit if I fix the wiring, but I don't want to mess it up enough...
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    Can I go for low specs with a college laptop?

    Basically, the heat in my room is unbearable, and since I have a big tower and a CRT monitor, I can't lug it to another place in the house even if I wanted to. I was looking on ebay for laptops, and I'm thinking of lowering my search to a laptop with atleast 512mb of RAM (so I can get lower...
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    Buy new or used?

    I'm looking to get my first laptop computer soon, and so far I've saved up about $200 and was looking on ebay. I really don't need a powerhouse, just enough to do word processing at the library, probably some wireless internet (if its connectable) and listen to music. But some people are...
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    Finding out other account info from a limited account

    I created an admin account today, and switched my regular account to a limited account, to ensure the safety of my computer from installed programs. I've been through a lot today, and in a few hours, I forgotten the username I used to make the admin account. Is there a way I can find out...
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    Saving edited animated gifs comes out washed out

    I edited a gif file and placed it in a new photoshop file, then added a background image and some text: (as seen in PS) After I saved it as a new gif file, it comes out to this: (viewed in IE) I edited the document in Photoshop and saved it in gif form in ImageReady. Can...
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    Possible to blow out a sub?

    Lately, I've been playing my speaker and sub system at a louder volume than usual. I fear that I might blow the subwoofer and/or speaker by playing it at full bass (at what the computer and speaker can dish out). I sometimes use Creative's Audio HQ to increase the bass also. Will this...
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    ATI 9200 or Nvidia 5500 video card?

    I currently have a PNY Nvidia 5500 video card in my computer, but I grabbed my friend's ATI 9200 from his computer when he upgraded to a ATI 9600 (we upgraded at the same time, but I didn't have the money for the higher end card). Which card should I use in my computer? (or which card will...
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    Good photoshop plugins?

    Where can I get free additional photoshop plugins?
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    Can a SFF computer house a AIW card and 2 hard drives?

    I don't know if heat is still an issue with SFF computers, but if not, then I want to convert my current computer into a SFF computer. The problem is, that I use 2 hard drives, so heat will be an issue, and since I'm using most of my components from my current computer, the AIW 9700 card's...
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    Removing an emachines optical drive cover

    Even though its not my main computer, I want to make my Mom's office computer nice. When she bought it from circuit city, she asked them to install a DVD burner (which I should have done) and they removed the stock drive and added the burner, but since the computer had drive covers, it looks...
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    How many times a week do you receive a Blue Screen Of Death?

    I swear, I receive so many BSODs lately, it isn't even funny. So far, I had 4 BSODs this week (one from today, one yesterday, and 2 earlier this week). I guess my computer doesn't want to be on my shelf (where the wind makes my temps go down a bit), so to keep it happy, I'll bring it down...
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    Can I make a boot.ini file on a hard drive?

    I deleted the wrong boot.ini file on my friend's computer to stop an old OS from booting up. How can I put a boot.ini file into the proper hard drive? (I tried moving a boot.ini from one drive to another, but it didn't work.)
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    How do I disable an OS from booting?

    I just activated Windows on another hard drive, but whenever I boot the computer, it'll ask me for what OS I want to use. There was an old OS on it, but since I changed the mobo, I can't boot into it. Is there a way to disable that OS w/out reformatting it?
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    Pros and cons of wireless keyboards/mice combos

    I just got a MS keyboard/mouse wireless combo set from Circuit City last night, and my desk is lookin much cleaner and better color coordinated. I tried to surf the net with my 16" CRT from my bed, and I can barely read the text at 800x600. Other than the convience of hiding your...
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    SATA drive connections

    My friend has a computer that uses a SATA hard drive. This is the first time using (or fixing) computers that have that kind of connection, so I'm a bit worried as to what connections it uses. Do they have 2 connectors (one for the power and one for the data)? Can I use the "IDE power...
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    PSU sounds like its failing

    This is ****ed up. Specs are in my sig, and I have an Antec TruPower 330watt PSU A few minutes ago, I was on my computer, doing something important, when I heard my computer click like its about to shut down (that sound usually happens the second before it shuts down). I frantically...
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    Friend's computer is broken. HELP!!

    First of all, the specs (from what I can remember) MSI K8T Neo mobo AMD Athlon 64 bit 3200+ processor 1gb of RAM (2x 512mb) 120gb SATA HD (old) 200gb SATA (just installed) ATI Sapphire 9200 video card He got it yesterday (after being in the hospital for a few months, then he got a room...
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    Computer isn't recognizing my iPod

    I have a 10gb 3rd gen iPod, and lately, my computer connects my iPod to it (there's the Safely remove hardware icon in the notification area) but then it won't display the ipod in my computer or iTunes. Or when that didn't work, then when I disconnect it, a few seconds later, the iPod will have...
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    How much for a case with these features?

    I'm thinking of upgrading my case (a Antec 660 AMG) and getting a case with a top exhaust, window, and a front access door. Since this will be an upgrade, I'll use the current PSU. How much are average cases nowadays? How much will this cost me? (this will be a xmas gift for me, or a New...
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    Best repartitioning software?

    I downloaded a (supposedly free) repartioning software to make the C: drive on my cousin's computer bigger (for some reason, the c: drive was set at 16gb, and the rest was for the d: drive [out of 60gb] and the d: drive is only using 1gb). When I was ready to reboot to do the operation, it said...
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    Using the first PCI slot under the AGP port

    How many of your computers have something in the first PCI slot under your video card? That just popped up into my mind just now, and I got that tip from my older brother who overlooked my computer while I built it. I googled, and found out that both the AGP and that first PCI slot share...
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    How can I make sure that the OS on a computer is a full install, not an upgrade?

    I'll be going to my cousin's house this friday to see if I can somehow figure out why they're computer is running slow (I'll see what's "slow", and try to fix that). She doesn't remember if she bought the computer with XP or it was upgraded from a prior OS, so if I do a reformat and the OS...
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    A PC iMac?

    I had an idea, to turn a SFF computer with an LCD monitor, and mount the monitor on the case, to make it like an iMac: The bottom would be the computer, and the monitor can be hooked up to a swivel stick to let it go up and down. Is that a good idea? (I don't have any money, so I can't...
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    What are some software that every computer should have/use to check problems?

    I'm putting together a CD to bring to my cousin's house on Thanksgiving, because she asked me if I could look at her computer (I don't know if it'll be hardware or software based, so I'll bring the essential tools to open the computer and a CD full of programs/links). Here's what I got: -...
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    Is a digi cam worth it?

    I have $150, and I'm looking for a digi cam in that price range (I'm thinking of buying it locally, because some site's shipping is a pain to Hawaii). Should I wait until I saved up? What's the sweet spot for a noob photographer?
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    Connecting the AIW's power to the same cable as a HD

    I want to get rid of the cables that are plainly visible in my case (even though I don't have any means of showing the inside w/out opening the case). I read in my AIW manual, that I have to connect the card's power connector using the same one as used by a hard drive. Do I have to do that...