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    xlr + 1/4 sound card?

    Are there any sound cards with xlr and 1/4 inputs on the market? I've been searching, but I havent found any luck. If there aren't any, can someone lead me to a good alternative or a good overall audio recording sound card? Thank you so much in advanced!
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    The Unix Kernel

    Is there a book that you guys would recommend to start learning the Unix Kernel? I would like to know Unix well enough to create my own Linux distribution. I know this is going to take a LOOOOONG! time but a list of resources and books to learn Unix would be a good addition to the section, IMO...
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    Programming lessons?

    Hello! I'm a high school student in the Chicagoland area and I was wondering if there was such a thing as Programming lessons. By this, I dont mean college or university summer school courses for teenagers. If they do exist, can you help me find someone in the Chicagoland to do this with? One of...
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    Contemplating a Sandy Bridge Build

    Hello! I really need to upgrade and I wanted to ask the Hardforum community how to get the most bang for my buck I am going to need to upgrade to the 2600k, a motherboard, and (4gb+) ram. The motherboard doesn't have to be fancy, but has to be able to take me to adleast a 4.6ghz overclock...
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    AMD Unlocking

    Everyones heard of x2 unlock into a x4 and x3 into a x4. Even x4 into x6(google it). Is it possible for an x6 to unlock into a x8? Another question, why isnt this possible with Intel CPUs? Thanks for your time!
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    How to host a Lan Party

    Whats up guy? I'm new to the Lan Party scene and i wanted to host one for me and my buddies. What will I need to host this event? Money isnt a huge problem but try to keep it on the low side. The Lan Party will have, most likely, <15 people.
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    Sandy Bridge vs Bulldozer

    What do you guys think will be more worth it in the end? I'm definitely getting the highest end of one of these (from Microcenter :D) and I want to know which one do you guys think will be the better deal in the end? As of now, I'm thinking Sandy Bridge for sure.
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    C Programming Books?

    Whats a good about i can get about the C language? decided to give my java book back to the teacher i got it from and learn some C. Could use some recommendations. Thanks!
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    Preperation for College

    Hey I'm a freshmen and I've decided to take the plunge and dedicate the rest of my time in High School to become as prepared for majoring in Computer Sciences as I can. I'm going to quite a prestigious high school and I have a ridiculously strong desire to go to MIT(few kids that graduate from...
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    I think this would be the best place to put this thread up. I'm a freshman in high school and I have a huge interest in cryptography. Can anyone recommend me any books or ANYTHING to help me start learning about this field? Thank you so much