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    DNK-H Thin Mini-ITX PC case on Indiegogo Not my project; only sharing because it looks interesting. This guy's fundraising for his own custom HTPC case. It takes thin-ITX boards. What's interesting about this particularly is that he's got a custom...
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    Mini-ITX GTX 960 models released

    So it's launch day for the GTX 960, and we have a few small models on offer: EVGA: A new entry! I like the design of their short GTX 750 ti, and I'm liking this one too. It's got a standard 6-pin. I'm hoping that this one won't exhaust loads of hot air into the case; looking at the fin...
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    Intel showcases a new MB form factor "It will support up to 16GB of DDR3L, an M.2 SSD and 2.5″ HD, 4x USB 3.0 2x HDMI, GbE, audio, and Wi-Fi" This seems interesting. It's the smallest socketed motherboard as far as I know. SA say...
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    Source of Low Profile 8-pin PCIe Connectors?

    OK, so I was looking at iFixit's teardown of the Valve steam machine prototype when I noticed that they had some sweet right-angled PCIe connectors: Anyone know where I can get some of these? I know there are options like this but ideally I would like a neater solution.
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    Galax builds their own short GTX 970

    deruberhanyok actually found this one, but I thought this sub would be interested too. Looks quite nice with its two fans. Bit like the old Zotac Twincooler! Unfortunately the cooler does extend over the PCB a little bit