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    7200rpm reliability in 2013 - WD, Toshiba or Seagate?

    The last time I was in the hard drive market was just before the great flood, snatching up a pair of great 2TB Hitachis. Those are still running well as a mirrored pair but I'm seeing warning signs with a similar age 2TB Seagate Barracuda XT. It runs a little hot (high 40s but it's gotten...
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    1080p Ultrabooks? For $1300 or less?

    I'm having a really hard time finding ultrabooks with a 1080p display. A few are 1600x900 but most are the worthless 1280x768 "HD" screens. It won't be used as a primary device but it will run Visual Studio, Office, Visio and a few other tools. I guess what I want to know is if there are any...
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    Good personal color lasers printers? (that comes w/full cartridges?)

    My HP 2600n which has served me well has developed problems with at least 2 of the toner cartidges that I can't seem to clean. With the cartidges almost $100 a piece it seems to make more sense to look at a new printer (I originally paid $300 for this one and I've only gone through a little more...
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    Shuttle power on problems - testing/dealing with Shuttle proprietary PS

    And so is my tale of woe. My main system, a Shuttle SN25P build, has lasted me for 5 years now (apart from a video card replacement) which either says I'm getting old or that things stopped advancing as quickly as they did in the days you needed to upgrade every 18 months or be left behind...