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    Just picked up P67 Sabertooth

    Just Picked up ASUS P67 Sabertooth $219.99 + Tax from Micro Center @ Yonkers NY when i went to Store they didn't display any of P67 Boards. but i could check the stock on the web. so in the Parking - Lot i ordered in on the web for 18min Pick up got confirmation e-mail after about...
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    P67 Compatible with IVY Bridge

    It's 1155 pin compatible, needs new BIOS Intel finally came to its senses to use the same socket and make the 22nm Ivy Bridge pin and software compatible to Sandy Bridge x67 boards, and this happens to be the chipset that is affected with a huge embarrassment and SATA 2 recall bug. Now that is...
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    DELL Protection FILM????

    i had inspiron 6000 long ago. and paint came off pretty easy. so i'm afraid if it happens again on my new i9300 is there any FILM or things that can protect right below keyboard??? help me!!!
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    car jack converter for 9300?

    which one you guys preffer? i drive alot and i'll take my i9300 with me always, then i need car charger for this laptop which one you guys recommend to me?
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    i9300 vs xps2

    i personally like 9300 better for saving money. becuz it's pretty much same spec except screen. but it gets same with upgrade( even cheaper after upgrade) 1thing good about xps2 is exterrior.(lcd lights) and it's not small and thin laptop as sony vaio it's pretty much desktop replacement...
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    WI-FI issues

    i own dell i9300 it has intel pro wi-fi installed. i live right nextdoor starbucks. this is amazing... i can use their connection ... wi-fi power... i'm not paying for internet now lol....
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    dell 9300 Coupons WHERE??????

    I want to oder Dell 9300 BADLY as my desktop Replacement.+ DAMN WHERE DO I GET 40% OFF OR $750 COUPON FOR DELL 9300?????? but i cannot find Coupons anywhere? How do i get it? from HOTDEAL section i found 1 coupon but it's only for Dell 700m . i Wanna Have This baby immediately...