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    BlackBerry Passport Specs Leaked

    All Blackberry 10 phones havea built in Android runtime on them. They run BB apps alongside android apps. Compatability seems to be spot on. QNX is a version of Linux just like Android is so it wasn't hard for them to get it working right. As of right now the latest 10.3 leak even comes with...
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    AT&T Extends Upgrade Period to Two Years

    I beg to differ here. I live in Rural (insert backwoods southern state) and Sprints coverage is a pure joke(here). AT&T on the other hand covers the vast majority of my state with 4G service. Verizon will not sell people service in my area, opting instead to direct them to a local carrier which...
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    Next Xbox Will Block Used Games?

    Wrong. if steam is down it allows offline play.
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    iPhone 5 Prone To Bending?

    Reallty? You sir do not know what you are talking about.
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    Feds Drag Swizz Beatz Into Megaupload Case

    Grasping at straws. Ah this is just funny.
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    Vivendi Seeking Buyers For Activision?

    He's asking the impossible.
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    Woman Fights Porn Companies' Anti-Piracy Suits

    If you're into chicks with no teeth and mullets then yes, she's quite hot. It is Kentucky ya know.
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    BlackBerry’s Latest Delay Could Lead to Lawsuits

    In case you didnt notice, I was complaining about the NYT header :rolleyes:
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    BlackBerry’s Latest Delay Could Lead to Lawsuits

    I like the overblown title you got there. I never thought a 2 month OS delay would lead to articles with the word "Lawsuit" in the title.