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    Laptop <$600

    I'm looking for a cheap laptop for my dad who does moderate non-time sensitive video editing and DVD burning. He wants a screen size of 13~14 inches. The laptop can either have a DVD burner or not but if it doesn't I think it would need to be a bit smaller in terms of size, weight and price as...
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    Best HTPC input device?

    So I've ordered all the hardware for my htpc and I was wondering what is the best/cheap way to control it. Currently I'm thinking of the following Logitech K400 How is the battery life? never had a wireless keyboard before. Rii Touch N7 I like this but it seems flaky according to reviews on...
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    Recommendation for router under $100

    Hey everyone, Was wondering what the best router for under $100 or ideally under $75 for a simple home network with file/high quality video streaming from a NAS. I want to stay relatively cheap as 802.11ac networks seem like they will be popping up this summer and I think maybe next year...
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    Looking for 2.0 powered speakers under $200

    I am looking for a decent 2.0 system with a reasonable compact size (looking at a depth of under 8"). I used to have M-Audio AV40s but they were stolen. I was looking at maybe the Swan D1010 IV. I'm up for other suggestions of course. Also wondering if they would are worth the $50+ leap in...
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    Apple Confirms iOS 5 Bugs Causing Battery Issues for Some iPhones

    Apple Confirms iOS 5 Bugs Causing Battery Issues for Some iPhones I wonder how long it will take to be released?
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    Prime Lens or Standard for Panasonic GF2

    I'm new to photography and I think that GF2 would be a good way to dip my toe into the water. So right now I'm trying to decide between which lens to get bundled with the GF2 the 14mm pancake lens or the 14-42mm standard lens. I'm purchasing it for a trip out to Europe for the winter. So I'll...
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    Media Storage/Backup Server

    So I'm looking to use a free'd up old computer I want to act as a server streaming media to my PS3 and other future media add-ons (thinking XBMC/Boxee type devices). Also ideally it would backup two to three computers. The computer is running the following: Athlon 64 X2 (W) 5000+ 2.6 GHz Asus...
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    PDF and TXT reading on Kindle

    So I'm thinking of purchasing a Kindle 3 and I will be reading a fair amount of TXT and PDF's on it and I was wondering how viewing these work out for those that have it. Looking around on youtube the PDF viewing seems decent but from what I can tell it doesn't remember the zoomed amount so...
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    11.6"~12" Laptop

    I'm looking for my first laptop purchase and since my desktop is my main rig I was thinking the 11.6" to 12" laptop at around 3 lbs would fit my bill as a portable. I'll be mostly surfing the web, music playback, occasional Netflix/Hulu videos (want full screen playback for 480p if possible). No...
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    Auzentech Forte Problem

    This probably won't come as a surrise to many, but I'm having trouble with my Auzentech Forte for the first time. Yesterday I was listening to my AV-40's and I heard a pop from my speakers and the sound went dead. So I restarted my computer and the sound comes back on. I then put my computer to...
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    Amazon to acquire Woot

    Figured this would be the best place to put this. Straight from the horses mouth. I hope woot gets to take advantage of high quality flow over from Amazon. BTW Woot's writing always give me a kick.
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    Flash Player for Android Released

    Other mobile devices to follow (Except iOS of course) It would be great to see how...
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    Best 2.0(2.1) powered for under $150~200

    I was trying to hold out for upgrading my videocard, but refuse to pay over retail on the 5850's so think I'll wait for the southern Islands to come out. So instead I am thinking about purchasing some decent 2.0 (2.1) powered speakers. Right now I am coming off some Logitech x-530. I was...
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    Flash 10.1 released

    Thought I'd give everyone a heads up that the final release of 10.1 is out.
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    WD15EARS is very slow

    This drive is infuriatingly slow. It takes very long for the drive to be recognized. It takes about 3-5 seconds (sometimes longer) to open the hard drive. Once in the hard drive it takes maybe 10 seconds to open a folder up. This is all initially. If I let the drive spin down I believe, which is...
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    Show GPU/CPU Temps with rainmeter

    I just downloaded rainmeter the other day and am enjoy it immensely, but I was wondering how to show gpu and cpu temps with it. I saw that it has a speedfan.dll and I downloaded a skin with a gpu/temp monitor on it, but it does not show anything. I am using rainmeter 1.2 since I am on a dual...
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    Looking for a cheap convertible laptop

    I was wondering what you guys recommended for a convertible under or around $1,000 to be used for grad school. Preferrably white. Thanks for the help!
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    GPU Accelerated Flash 10.1 Prerelease!

    Anand has a review up! Works for Nvidia, but driver or possible flash problems hinder ATI and Intel. Download here Adobe now needs to finalize this and make a damn 64bit flash :mad: Edit: 9.11 which should fix ATI's lack of acceleration...
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    Makemkv won't rip sounds

    I'm trying to convert my dvds to mkv and when I try to do TS folder (for any movie) it doesn't bring over the audio and all i get is a scratchy sound. Any help is appreciated!
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    Headphones for sleep

    I was wondering if you guys could recommend me a pair of headphones for $50 or under that are comfortable to sleep in on either my back or on my side. I'm not looking for any noise canceling just for comfort. It would be a plus if it happens to have anything related to that, but definitely not...
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    Question about changing low profile for Forte

    I'll probably be purchasing the Auzentech Forte within the next day or two and I was wondering what I would need to change the card from a low profile to a regular bracket. Thanks for the help!
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    See whole name of song on iphone

    Some of my song names are long and are part of sets and since my iphone doesn't always remember where it last left off is there anyway I can see the whole name of the song? This seems like it should be easy figure out, but I can't find it. Thanks for the help.
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    Looking for decent speakers for gaming and music

    I currently have the logitech x-530's and am looking for an upgrade as the sound quality isn't so great. I play games (TF2, CS:S, random other recommended games), and watch a lot movies and also like listening to a wide range of music (rap, electronic, rock, etc). I'm looking to spend under or...
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    Looking for a decent replacement

    I'm looking for a replacement laptop for a Gateway MX3414 Specs Here Since its for my gf I want to get her something small. Performance isn't a big issue, but at the minimum a side step would be ok for her performance wise. I was looking at the Acer Aspire 4810, since its lighter and has...
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    long iphone 3.0 restore time

    is anyone's iphone taking a really long time to restore the phone after installing 3.0? mines taking an hour. i have probably 200-300mb max installed on there. any help is appreciated!
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    Question about moving to Vista 64

    So I've had these copies of Vista Business and Ultimate sitting next to my desk ever since those free Microsoft deals started shipping. I'm looking to finally transition over to vista so I can put all of my memory into use. Currently I keep my windows on one partition and my data on another...
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    firefox 3 download problem

    well not a problem with downloading, but firefox 2.0 had a feature that when i was downloading something it would not close the browser fully without my permission. For me firefox 3 just closes immediately no questions which is a big hassle when the site i'm downloading from does not support...
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    Need help recommending a server

    Jeez I feel all professional...yet so ghetto haha My company is looking for a server for us to use as as a central storage sight or network drive for us (place to back up our files and share them among us). We have a pretty modest need in terms of backing up as we only have 8 people and all...
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    Need a internal memory card reader for my CM 690

    I have a card reader but it doesn't fit into CM 690 because it is too short and doesn't reach the holes for my 3.5" drive bay so it just floats around. So could anyone link me to one that preferably supports at least SDHC cards and xD card. Thanks in advance!
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    Need help choosing video card!

    I'll be getting a video card in the next week or so to replace my 7600gt. I'm looking at video cards around the $200 so I'm looking at the 9600gt, 8800gt, and the 8800gts 512mb. Ideally I'd go with the cheapest, but I'm willing to move up more if its worth it. For now I'll be gaming at 1280x1024...
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    q6600 cooling help

    I just got my q6600 G0 two days ago and I was wondering what I can do to get it cooler. I have a Ultima 90 with a Scythe S-Flex 120mm. My case is a cheapo case that has two 80mm (one unknown & the other a antec tri-cool) one on the exhaust and one in front with no other places to mount. I am...
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    noob question: antenna with ati theater 650

    My gf wants to buy the ati theater 650 to watch to tv on her computer. My question is whether since she is using bunny ears to receive her tv signal (she just watches local channels so its free for her) can she hook it upto the theater 650? If so an explanation would be awesome! Thanks in advance
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    Laptop shuts down automatically

    My laptop started to shutdown automatically with no warning every time the battery runs out without giving me a warning that its shutting down. The fans and the hard drive and all just stop along with the monitor when it happens. It is then impossible to turn on the laptop even for a second...
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    USB in france?

    I'm not sure exactly where to post this so I'll try here. I'm going to be going to some French countries over winter break and I want to bring my camera along, I was wondering if I could plug in my card reader and upload pictures with onto French computers. Also I plan to give this to my...
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    pci-e wireless adapter

    Is there one? I need to free up a pci slot since my m-atx asus a8n-vm cm has really crappy placement. I need my sound card back so I can use 5.1 sound (crappy a8n doesn't have it built in) thanks
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    ASrock 939Dual-Sata2 connecting more than 2 drives

    I was wondering if its possible to connect more than 1 optical drive on my 939dual. RIght now I only see one CD1 audio input and I have it connected to a dvd burner and I'd also like to connect a CD burner without losing any audio for it. Thanks
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    best cs source driver?

    hey i was just wondering what drivers would be best for cs:source. i don't play any other game. no hl2. no dod:source. no benchmarking. just cs:source. I have a 9800xt. Thanks in advance
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    Seasonic S12 380w or 430W

    Currently my set-up doesn't require much power, but since it seems like my current psu is failing. So I'm looking for a quiet and good psu that is priced under $100. So far it seems that the seasonic S12 380w and 430w series seems to be the best option for me and from what I can tell they will...
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    9800xt vs 6600gt?

    I was wondering which one would be better to play hl2. right now i'm on a computer that was "decent" back in the day. athlon xp 2000+ 256mb pc2100 onboard gf2 (nforce, yea i kno it sux) so i was wondering what vid card i should get or if the bottleneck would be to great for my system...