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    Corsair Obsidian Series 750D Full Tower Case Review @ [H]

    Can anyone confirm if 38mm wide fans can fit at the front of the case?
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    RE and SE

    4K is coming later to the RE apparently, the RE's get the latest features later due too stability and testing for enterprise use.
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    LSI 9361-8i and HP SAS expander 468406-B21 Issues Enumerating Drives

    You should really be using an LSI expander.
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    HP Z30i

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    SSD boot, SSD cache, RAID 5 hard-drives?

    OS/Applications on the SSD. Media and everything else on the RAID volume. As SSD caching is only a stop gap solution at the moment, I would avoid it and wait until a better implementation comes along besides there's a 64GB limit anyway. Also Id be worried about latency affecting the SSD caching...
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    Separate OS install for gaming only?

    With 2K/XP I would always do this, seems redundant now!
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    Separate OS install for gaming only?

    I'm not sure what the general conscientious is nowadays with the arrival of windows 7, however with windows 2k and XP I would always keep a separate OS instal strictly for gaming and another one for work purposes(internet, office, vmware, acronis, visio, acrobat etc...). How is it nowadays? is...
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    SSD issues with Installs-HELP

    1) Dont move the program files. 2) Dont mess about with the page file, windows 7 will handle this by itself. With 8GB of RAM I would set it to a fixed size of 2-4GB if your using an SSD.
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    How to power down and hot-swap hard disk with LSI raid card under Windows 7?

    the controller handles everything, its independant of the OS.
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    SSD - now or wait

    Wait wait wait peeps! Sandforce is due(Q2) and also the new intel 25nm NAND based SSD's (Q2/Q3). Capacity will increase with the 25nm NAND flash so 512GB-1TB drives will creep into mainstream, prices are gona take a very sharp drop however its a 6-9 month wait at least.
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    Fast non-ssd HD?

    There is a new 600GB Raptor coming out together with a 300GB variant(single platter). The 600GB should be the launch price of the current 300GB.
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    What is the better material of radiator(copper or aluminum)?

    go with copper, dont mix metals in a WC set-up period.
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    Just got a Samsung XL30 - 30" LED

    VA panels have colour-shift, there is no fix as its tied to the technology. Looking head on the sides (2-3" rougly) are a different colour. I thought the 24" S-PVA samsung was bad, the 30" is taking the p*ss since its more obvious due to the larger surface area.
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    NEC 2690WUXi updated ( NEC 2690WUXi 2 )

    its using the updated LGP 26" LCD madule, the old one is end of life. The major difference is the contrast ratio and speed of the panel.
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    HP LP2475w (Possible new IPS)

    well its not TN thats for sure, I smell PVA.
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    3008WFP A02 input lag?

    It has a scaler, you cant scale without adding a delay. Even at native resolution the crappy scaler DELL used still gives 3-5 frames of lag.
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    Velociraptor = Wow :)

    Intel SSD's & Nehalem!!! Im guessing they will rip everything else to pieces.
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    Velociraptor = Wow :)

    The hard drive is the biggest bottleneck right now, when Intel is pairing thier SSD's with Nehalem they know exactly what they are doing.
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    Apple Cinema Display

    The dell is good however I would'nt say it is photo-editing caliber.
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    HP LP2475w (Possible new IPS)

    This will be great, putting a PVA panel in the LP2456 was a mistake IMO. Hopefully this is a worthy succesor to the LP2335.
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    Apple Cinema Display

    just to be clear I'm not bashing Apple, there are better displays at the moment i.e. NEC, Eizo etc...
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    Apple Cinema Display

    They are not, if that was the case why were so many units shipped with yellow then pink tints. Also SWOP means nothing, the defective units were SWOP certified. Apples displays are too old to justify at this point in time, wait until they update before purchasing one.
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    HP LP2475w (Possible new IPS)

    well its not TN thats for sure, also not MVA at that price. The specs make it look more like a PVA based panel. Note the gamut is wrong, samsung states 97% for its latest S-PVA LCD module(used in 245T, DELL 2408WFP/9). IMO the price is definetly spot on for an IPS.
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    SLI on X58- official

    NF200's are pure switches, they provide PCI-E lanes which are muxed onto the native lanes provided by the Intel chipset, the nvidia graphics drivers look for these and enable SLI accordingly. IMO Nvidia should charge Intel a licensing fee instead of implementing extra H/W on the...
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    SLI on X58- official

    This is the best solution IMO and benefits both Intel and Nvidia. To put it bluntly I dont want an nvidia northbridge/southbridge combination, the NF200 is just PCI-E lanes to facilitate SLI. This is what was done for skulltrail, Nvidia still makes thier money by charging for the NF200's.
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    KDS K-2626mdhwb - 26" LCD

    its been stretched verticaly to 1200 resolution from 1080, hence no 1:1 mapping (there would of been black bars top and bottom)
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    One poorly placed motherboard capacitor = can't install GTX 280.

    Isnt that a shielded DVI connector, I would'nt mess with it yet alone a $650 card. Replace the motherboard, way way cheaper.
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    One poorly placed motherboard capacitor = can't install GTX 280.

    could be the the GTX280, PCI-E has 225W & 300W specs, maybe Abit didnt take these into account.
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    Reserator2 an extra radiator, an corrosion

    my rule is not to mix metals at all, either all copper/brass or all aluminium.
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    Intel ICH9R -Temperature

    SMART is sent straight to the intel raid controller, it will notify you if anthing is out of place. There is no way to view the SMART information once RAID is enabled as the OS doesnt see the physical drives anymore.
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    Failed RAID Card = losing all data?

    Adaptec 5 series isnt consumer level, they have also found there way into SUN box's this time round.
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    Failed RAID Card = losing all data?

    The adaptec series 5 is the best you will find at this point in time. They are the fastest and most flexible RAID controllers they have ever made, they have solid driver support with multiple OS's and with 24-port versions you really cant go wrong.
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    Failed RAID Card = losing all data?

    For onboard raid that is the case, even a BIOS revision will cause issues let alone a new revision in hardware. For H/W based cards its a non-issue assuming its the same manufacturer and your running a RAID level which is supported on both cards. Currently I'm running a RAID 5 array on an...
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    New HP 24'' IPS - HP DreamColor LP2480zx

    IPS was the first generation, they are no loger in production same with PVA and MVA. The general panel types are still sometimes referered to IPS, PVA, MVA etc... No availability yet on this though, it could be a quarter before it appears allthough HP are pretty good with thier release's...
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    New HP 24'' IPS - HP DreamColor LP2480zx

    LED IPS based LCD modules arnt suposed to appear until Q4 at the very earliest. Dude you have a point, how can HP be using a panel that isnt even in production.
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    Two GTX 280 are enough for Crysis

    Crysis will last a few generations of GPU's, I dont think the G2xx series will be the one to run it at "VERY HIGH" at 2560x1600.
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    NEC 3090 vs Samsung XL30

    The brightness uniformity and better colour is because of LED backlighting not the PVA technology. Colour uniformity is flawed on VA based panels, there is no fix for this as its tied to the technology itself. As for the grainy look it there for a reason(anti-glare), for perfect colour any...
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    NEC 3090 vs Samsung XL30

    XL30 is PVA based, end of dicussion... and they call it a "pro-monitor", give me a break. Your blacks are crushed and the gamma is different on the edges, please explain to me how this is suitable for the target market.
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    Would going SLI help me crush Adobe Premiere?

    Two things for photoshop, memory and hard drive speed.
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    Macbook Pro + Blu-ray

    The is no HDCP implementation in the macbook (either in the display, graphics card or OS). Ripped content is another matter though.