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    Vista is becoming slow...why?

    I've been using Vista since it launched I love this OS. It seems to be however that my vista machine is slowing down. The only example I can think of is opening WMVs in Media player. The last time I formatted my drive (about six-eight months ago) it opened in about one second and played...
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    Help needed! iPhone got gum all over it

    Any tips on how to safely clean this gum residue??
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    Xbox 360 VGA resolution

    Using a 22" LCD 16x10 monitor what is the resolution recommendation when setting up the Xbox 360 settings (VGA connection)? Thanks!
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    Poll: How would you prefer to play console games?

    I'm trying to figure out if I should get a 24" LCD computer monitor capable of 1080p (with the correct aspect ratio) or a 26" 720p SONY HDTV.
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    Gaming display question

    I'm trying to figure out what would be better for my new game setup. After look at my budget and finding out there isn't any way I can afford a a 40-46 inch 1080p TV (might as well do it right, eh?). So now I've decided to keep my gaming in the office/computer room. Where I now game on a 22"...
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    Why is Vista forgetting me settings?

    Every day it seems I have to check this box and the next day when I move a window I am treated to the nasty rectangle. Anyone having this problem?
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    Anyone have Comcast cable internet?

    I subscribe to comcast cable internet and I use a Linksys WRT54G ver 3 router that is about two-three years old. Here is my problem, every other day or so (sometimes sooner, sometimes longer) my connection to the internet closes through the router. I can plug into the modem directly and it...
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    BenQ monitor for gaming question

    Hello everyone, I'd really appreciate your help on this. I've tried googling this but I'm not sure I understand this very well. I have a BenQ 22" monitor (link below). I have it hooked up to my PS3 and X360. The PS3 is connected via HDMI and the X360 VGA. Now here is what I'm confused...
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    Gears of War PC question

    I played (and beat) GoW for xbox but I want to see GoW at 1680x1050 at max settings play on my 8800 GT. So my question is how is the Gears of War (PC) online community these days? Lots of people playing ? THANKS!
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    Time Shift PC

    What do you all think? The graphics look pretty hawt, check out some of my screen shots from the DEMO. From a thread on GAF. Um, bottom of the page!
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    My xbox 360 - red ring of death soon?

    Like thousands of other gamers I'm eagerly blasting through Bioshock on my Xbox 360 (second repair three months ago) and equally eager to let the Halo 3 DVD spin in the machine next month. However I'm worried that my Xbox is about to show me a deady red ring any day now. Last night while...
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    Vista UAC problem

    Is this happening to anyone else? I've been using Vista since official release but I've noticed this problem coming up a lot lately. For example it happened tonight when I tried to start the installer for the Metal of Honor demo. I start the installer (it has a security icon on the lower...
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    Recommend a gaming TV (for PC too)

    Hi. I am looking for a gaming TV solution for my gaming room. What I want to do is have a 20-26" HD LCD TV for use with my PC, PS3, and Xbox360 (and maybe Wii if I ever find one). What do you all recommend? Something else to ponder, I've seen a few LCD 23" LCD TVs and while they look...
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    Please give upgrade advice

    Hello! I am thinking of upgrading my X1800XT to an NV 8800GTS. Please check sig for other specs, my concern is my processor, it's a P4 3.6 stock which I purchased about two years ago. The question is, should I wait until I can afford a new computer (with Core 2 Duo)? The thing is I don't...
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    Leopard on PC?

    I would totally buy that right now. Any plans by Apple to release this to non-apple machines?
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    Vista: Wise to create a User account?

    Is it wise/useful to create and use (as your main account) a User Account and leave the admin account alone?
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    Vista forgetting window settings

    Hello. Anyone have this problem? No matter what I set my windows settings to (group by, window size, icon size, etc) when I boot up they are all different from what I set before shutdown. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks!
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    Vista Gaming tips

    Anyone want to drop some tips for faster gaming in Vista? Just about the only thing I do now is disable the Desktop Windows Manager when playing games, that seems to give a performance boost. Anyone else?
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    Please recommend an upgrade option

    Hello. I am contemplating upgrading my X1800 XT 512. Recently, it has been acting out a bit, meaning from time to time there will be green (and other color) flickers across the screen. Other times the screen will have like a green sheen too it (can't explain better than that). Nothing really...
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    Armored Core 4 Xbox Live

    Check it out in the new demos section! Enjoy!
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    SupCom runs better on Vista 32 or 64?

    Topic. I'm assuming SupCom does not automatically install a 64 bit version if the OS is Vista 64?
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    Vista: "Application X has stopped working" huh?

    Hey all. I'm getting these errors everyone once in a while, maybe twice or three times each session of using Windows. It mostly happens in IE, but it has also happened in Zune. I close the window and a small window appears stating the application has stoppped working, it then "tries to...
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    Vista Ultimate Extras? huh?

    Sooo, where are all the extras you get when you install Ultimate? Weren't we supposed to get some moving backgrounds at least? Where?
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    Wireless USB adapter not working? (Vista 64)

    I installed Vista Ultimate but it won't recognize the Dell 1450 Wireless USB adapter OR the MS MN-510 USB wireless adapter. Anyone have these issues, or am I going to have to buy an ultimate (lol) long ethernet cable? THANKS!
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    Upgrading to Vista from OEM WinXP?

    Will I have problems upgrading to Vista from my OEM copy of XP running on my HD? THANKS!
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    noob 64bit Vista Driver Q

    Will 32-bit drivers work with Vista 64bit? I'm specifically asking about the driver for a Dell USB wireless adapter used to link the computer with a wireless router. Also, I currently have the 32-bit version of MS Office 2003. Will this install and work on my computer if I install the 64...
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    Playing iTunes videos on X360/PS3?

    Is it possible? I've tried streaming to the 360, coping to CDRs and neither the PS3 or 360 recognize the media. Help.
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    Playing iTunes video on PS3/X360?

    Is it possible?
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    Vista Screenshot thread

    Use this thread to post screenshots of your Vista desktop, installation screens, etc.
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    Vista Search

    Is the search process in Windows Vista as streamlined (read: Amazing) as Spotlight, the search program in OS X?
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    Is my X850 running to hot?

  32. S PS3 deleted my FFXII save

    Has this happened to anyone? About three hours after playing FF XII on my PS3 (35hours into the game) I boot up the PS3 and FF XII. At the load screen it tells me there are no memory cards inserted and the game needs memory cards to save. A single drop of sweat later...I hurry to the XMB...
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    Gears of War on an HDTV...

    Do you think Gears of War looks better in 720p or 1080i? I have this TV, can someone help me find out the native resolution? Thanks! EDIT: I try 720p and 1080i, but I cannot...
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    Xbox 360 and surge protectors?

    Anyone have any info or experience plugging in their Xboxs into surge protectors? Is there any reason why you shouldn't plug into a surge protector? Thanks!
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    PS3 - Players Met feature not working?

    Has anyone gotten the Players Met feature to work? It nevers shows players I have "met" or played against in Resistance or RR 7. How do you get it to work?
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    Go for an 8800 GTX with current setup?

    Check out my sig for the specs. I am contemplating the purchase of an Nvidia 8800 GTX to replace my ATi 1800 XT 512. I was wondering if my current processor is going to basically bottleneck the video card so much that it wouldn't be worth the current price? Should I prolong my purchase...
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    Things X360 I would like on PS3

    Let me know if I'm somehow missing these functions on the PS3. 1. Option to start at the XMB, even if a game is already inserted in the PS3 before startup. 2. Background downloading
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    SONY Warranty?

    Does SONY offer an extended warranty on the PS2 (and PS3 in the future) the way Microsoft does for the Xbox and Xbox 360? I owned three PS2's as one broke down after the other, most of the time due to hours of DVD usage combined with hours of gaming. Which kind of makes me not want to buy a...
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    Virtual memory for gaming?

    [H]ello, I was wondering if there are any benefits of have virtual memory turned on when it comes to game performance? Right now I have 2GB of RAM on my system, and my thinking is this: if you have virtual memory on, the system keeps having to turn to the HD and this slows gaming down...