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    FBI Arrests Man in Seizure-Inducing Tweet to Dallas journalist Kurt Eichenwald

    Not taking precautions, especially since you can disable gif autoplay, when you have epilepsy does add a wrinkle here.
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    Bill Gates: Robots Should Pay Taxes

    We aren't talking about c3po here, we are talking about machines that replace had been going on since the industrial revolution. So should all machines that decrease the need for human labor be taxed?
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    Crash Test Dummies Show Difference Between Cars In Mexico And U.S.

    When Mexico sells cars, they're not selling their best...some, I assume, are good vehicles
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    Russian Hackers Successfully Infiltrate Small Number Of Voter Registration Systems

    One party rigged their primary and keeps getting caught registering dead people but yeah sure it's "the ruskies" that are rigging it. If only we had some sort of "reset" with US/Russian relations. Pepperidge farms remembers when Romney was ridiculed for his anti-Russian "cold war hysteria"
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    Uber Driver Suspected In Michigan Shootings

    I like how uber driver shoots someone it Is all over the news, but a few months back an uber driver (with a concealed carry permit) in crime zone chicago STOPPED a shooting and the news was practically buried. Good job the media isnt selling BS /s
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    Is A 2 Hour Game Worth $18?

    I knew this was gonna be about firewatch aka "GooneyBeardMan simulator" before the click through. I am all for exploration and new gaming ideas, but for $18 you better provide something that is $18 of value to the average purchaser. Given what I have seen, this is a $5-$10 title tops.
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    Wu-Tang Clan Sells Single-Copy Album For Millions

    tracks that are tour or crowd fund exclusive usually wind up on iTunes by the band to make money...if that happens here I bet the buyer will be furious (this is a joke)
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    Li-Fi Is 100x Faster Than Wi-Fi?

    I was thinking "estonia? Like in Dilbert?" Then remembered that wad elbonia in Dilbert
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    Fallout 4 Console Commands Can Break Your Saves?

    Use player.modav as setav is a hard limit, whereas mod av will increase/decrease with perks,gear,special upgrades,etc
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    A Price Of Games Journalism

    Oh now Kotaku are journalists? That's funny when they get called out for shilling their roommates games (hernandez), or hyping a game THE AUTHOR WAS A BETA TESTER FOR (grayson who later dated said developer) they are "bloggers".
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    Another Kickstarter Disaster: The Coolest Cooler

    When this launched, I assumed one of two things would happen either it would fall flat and turn a huge number of normies is off crowd funding or Kickstarter would bend over backwards to make sure this went off well.
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    'Steve Jobs' Movie Bombs

    Seth Rogan being a putz online didn't win any one over. Hollywood actors forget that the "yokels" they insult are a huge segment of the movie watching audience.
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    Friday the 13th: The Game Kickstarter

    Game looks cool but curious how sessler squares the lewd ness with his "progressive" opinion that games are misogynistic?
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    Microsoft Disables Safedisc DRM On Windows Vista, 7 & 8.1

    So once again piracy provides a better customer experience. So now some kid buys a backlog game on a dusty bestbuy shelf, checks the specs "yep win 7" Is unable to run the game MAYBE a patch is available to work around the issue (EA laughs at your hope of after sales support) Tries to...
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    The Disconnect Between Game Reviews And Gamers

    Cocaine is a helluva drug
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    Apple and Adobe Are Creepy, Tone-Deaf, And Icky?

    This is your brain on tumblr....
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    YouTube Gamers Are Mad At Jimmy Kimmel

    That is a parody
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    YouTube Gamers Are Mad At Jimmy Kimmel

    You realize that is a joke character right?
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    Can Computer Algorithms Exhibit Bias?

    A.I bias is an interesting concept, but these sort of stories always seem to be about "equal outcomes" as opposed to the "equal opportunity" Especially since housing and finance were areas discussed, as those areas have been rife with conscious and subconscious taking the human...
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    Women Are Leaving The Tech Industry In Droves

    If women are leaving tech, it could be because "atrocity propaganda". Women in the field (as well as in school, etc) are constantly being bombarded by the media about how "bad for women" the tech field is and either avoid the field because of it, or feel it is not welcoming (even if their own...
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    Windows 10 Technical Preview For Phones

    that haircut is making it hard to watch this.
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    Anthem's Stolen Customer Data Not Encrypted

    I mean it could be argued if we had a free market, healthcare would pretty much require being affordable, which could have removed the insurance company from the equation all together. However if could be argued that if healthcare co's couldn't make worthwhile profits, many life savings...
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    Twitter CEO: 'We Suck At Dealing With Abuse'

    I am just curious what they could even do that wouldn't ruin their core offering? They already have block, mute, report, silence mentions, hide nsfw, protected tweets. I'm sure a few other things like untag would be helpful, but isn't the point of social media to be social? Twitter, for...
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    Dish Network Violated 'Do Not Call' List 57M Times

    I was really expecting the quote to have "and they have been told not to do it again, which they agreed to." If one of us plebes mess up we go to the gulags, they mess up 57 million times, with intent, with malice, and nothing. Reminds me of how the RIAA sues a mom for $200 million for...
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    You Should Wait Before Buying A 4K TV

    The reason I have held off on 4k is simply because hdmi 1.4a spec can only do 4k at 30 frames and so I will wait for hdmi 2.0 before I consider it. No reason to buy it now for at a premium.
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    GTA 5's Misogyny Must Be Addressed By Its Creators

    hey since violence against prostitutes (and sexual violence) is so bad, they shouldn't stop at GTA. We should ban: Taxi Driver Monster Midnight Cowboy L.A Confidential Deadwood 50 shades of grey american psycho every horror movie made after 1980 and a million other movies / books /...
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    Comedy Club Charges Per Laugh With Facial Recognition

    dane cook is going to go broke.
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    Belkin Routers Unable To Connect To The Internet?

    I loved my belkin with TomatoUSB on it. Very stable and was a tank. The issue belkin has here sounds like a software issue in regards to the router "beaconing home" This is just another example of cloud services need to be robust and OPTIONAL. I am shocked that the router didn't have a fall...
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    Far Cry 4 Weapons Trailer

    the mortars look fun
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    Female Game Developers Weigh In On #GamerGate

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    Newspapers Want To Charge Extra For Black Friday Ads

    Yeah I work at a small paper and we have fought the idea of a paywall tooth and nail for years. We lucked out and where an early user of "google surveys" so while it is annoying that once per day you have to answer some stupid question about soap, you don't have to pay to view online content...
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    Newspapers Want To Charge Extra For Black Friday Ads

    we wish it was still like that (it was pre-internet)....most papers ow lose money on the delivery/printing, ads are the only way to get any money in the door....and even then more and more papers barely break even at the end of the year and many are already at skeleton crew status.
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    Would You Use A Tablet To Make A Phone Call?

    Yes I want the functionality but not because I want a tablet to replace my mobile. I want to make wifi calls on my nexus 7 using the default dialer apps and send/receive TEXTS over wifi using hangouts (not hangout msgs). I hate working / playing on my tablet and having to grab my phone to...
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    PC Code Stripping - Is It Legal Or Not?

    well , can't edit, Germany said it was a no go on resale, I thought someone okayed it via a court ruling recently?
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    PC Code Stripping - Is It Legal Or Not?

    Didn't Germany just pass that Steam and other digital publishers have to allow resell? I get that the publishers are mad, but the law is not required to prop up their business model. I don't buy full price digital goods, because a $60 console game has X amount of resale value, whereas a...
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    Why Congress Keeps Screwing Up Tech Policy

    Congress is out of touch with tech, and cannot make worthwhile policy about it, same thing always happens with guns too. Not trying to start a flame war, but that is why some get all in a huff when a congress person tries to ban/regulate something and they don't have the slightest clue.
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    Amazon Is Sending Targeted Invitations to Try Fire TV Free

    also, hopefully miracast goes universal and not just kindle fire hd soon
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    Amazon Is Sending Targeted Invitations to Try Fire TV Free

    I ordered one the day it came out, after an hour I plugged my GoogleTV back in. It didn't have ANY way to view network media other than buying plex (which I don't like anymore AND already have bought it and given them more money than I ever should have) Add in the fact that it is WAY to easy...
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    Why Tablets Are Failing Miserably In Higher Education

    the failure of tablets in higher ed is due to 2 reasons. 1. provides a myriad of distractions 2. Full screen apps = Poor multitasking. If you are writing a paper, or does any sort of school work, being able to easily have multiple windows (with reference material visible) allows for...