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    IPS Panasonic HDTV: Is this backlight bleeding acceptable?

    I just picked up this 32-inch CCFL 1080p IPS Panasonic last night and am disappointed with the lack of uniformity of the backlight. The sides, especially the bottom left, appear significantly brighter than the middle when there is no image (backlight set very high at 75%). However, when I'm...
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    Still worth buying GTX 280 used?

    I need something better than my 5770 (no desire to cross-fire it), but the 768Mb 460 won't have enough memory for serious gaming at 1080p, so is it worth buying a used (lifetime warranty, receipt) GTX 280 for $175 CDN? The 768Mb 460 is around $230 CDN or so after taxes. Here is what I'm...
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    1024x720 or 768 Plasma: 16:9?

    How is this possible? I've never understood this. Do 1280x720 (true 720p resolution) images get squished together? How can this possibly look acceptable?
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    1920x1200 versus 1080p: major dilemma

    I really want to get the 1080p Aquos but am having a difficult time relinquishing the extra pixels of 1920x1200, which has a greater pixel difference compared to 1080p than 1080p has to 1600x1200 --this is really disturbing to me. For those of you who have switched over to 1080p HDTVs as your...
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    LG 37" (37LB4D)

    Uses S-IPS panels...anyone have one? Please share your impressions :D
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    32" 1080p Aquos owners: Convince me to ditch my Dell!

    I'm seriously tempted by this beaut: This is the non-gamer version but has the same specs, minus the special chip. After getting my xBox 360, I now have reason to want 1:1 mapping and 16:9...