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  1. J

    Headset/Mic question

    Looking for suggestions on a good mic to use when in party. Not interested in headphones, as I'm running 7.2 and like to enjoy my system. Problem is EVERY mic I've bought, from lapel pin to overskull frames.. they suck or simply wont work with PC. I don't need any of the headsets that spout...
  2. J

    Galaxy S7 Edge micro-usb to HDMI cable

    Having trouble finding what I'm looking for. I want to be able to connect my phone to the 4k monitor. I've got the THX calibration app on my phone I would like to use to tweak my Philips 4K tv.. any suggestions?
  3. J

    Looking for a TOS to USB adapter/convertor

    .. Like the title says... Anyone ever see anything? I know Turtle Beach had a USB to TOS, but its discontinued and didn't work the direction I needed. I'm taking the Optical/TOS out on a Monitor/TV and converting to USB (3.1 if its out there).. that way I can input it into my computer (I've got...
  4. J

    Asus STRIX-RX480-O8G-GAMING.. 1.4 so.. ARC compatible/available?

    Wondering if the new monitor I ordered that has ARC on HDMI1 can send the signal back to my card so I can get audio playback from my computer speakers instead of the TVs, or will I need to use the TVs optical out to my computers optical in.. Obviously either will work, just doing over HDMI is...
  5. J

    Philips 43" 4k $399 warm?

    Has Digital Tuner apparently, along with wireless LAN.. seems nice. Anyone know about this?
  6. J

    I miss ATIs AIW cards :(

    I've still got a pair of 9600XTs *sigh* darn ol AGP slots
  7. J

    Asus Z170-A integrated Sound questions....

    Has anyone checked this and run it through its paces? My current build is an AMD system, and my pride & joy has always been my Xi-Fi Elite Pro. The sound it has provided me has been wonderful, and I am absolutely addicted to 7.2 (I have a couple sets of the Inspire 7800's, and branch off the...
  8. J

    Windows Content Creation for Bootable USB

    Anyone know how to avoid the dreaded 'Fat 32' issue while making an OS install bootable flash drive? I decided to get the nice Patriot 128gb with the 400 per second rating, and damned if no matter what I do, the process goes to Fat 32 and uses a whopping 32gb of the 128. The rest sits after...
  9. J

    usb 2.0 vs usb 3.0 headers on case front

    How complicated is it to yank all the 2.0 headers on the Cooler Master Cosmos II front panel and replace them with 3.0? I don't have the case yet (still trying to avoid paying $400 total when you add in godamn shipping for this beast), and would like to know how tuff and what I need to make this...