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    Alienware/NEC Wraparound Monitors = Vaporware?

    Remember those cool wraparound monitors from CES 2008, where NEC and Alienware supposedly had them coming out down the line? I remember seeing one on sale once for like $8k, which is totally ridiculous. What ever happened to those? Were they phased out due to LCD/LED coming down the pipe...
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    Hey Kyle can we get a AMD overclocking database?

    I just thougth I would throw this out there. In the past we didn't have an overclocking database, and I was guessing it was because the Phenom was such a poor overclocker. But now there are Phenom 2's hitting 4.0 ghz out there. So that being said, I think it is time an AMD overclocking...
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    TF2 ruined?

    I was just playing TF2 and came across a medic with what seemed to be a never ending uber and something called a level 20 bonesaw. It wasn't too fun watching him run around, not concerned about anything, walking right up to gun turretts and taking them out with the bonesaw, killing about 8 team...
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    Motherboards with no legacy bullcrap

    Does anybody know of any Intel Socket 775 boards that have none of the legacy bullcrap on board (PCI slots, IDE and floppy ports, etc). I have been searching but it seems that every manufacturer has this stuff on their boards, when I would rather have a boatload of PCIe slots and everything...