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    Got the itch again...

    I referred a friend to the hardware forum for a new PSU the other day, and obviously had to come check on my old folding buddies over here. Just reading a few threads got me itching to go at it again, and within 10 minutes I had the SMP client and GPU client going on my new machine. Checked my...
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    Back again?

    Hey guys. Saw something about folding and logged back in to see how my borgs had been doing, and decided to start up again. Its been a while and I'm just curious what the state of the program is like nowadays. From what I've been reading it seems like most people that are serious about it...
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    HALP! SMP client

    I feel dumb cuz I used to be the one helping people, but here's the deal: Tried to install SMP console client on a q6600. Followed all the instructions on the FAH site. When I check the log, it says it loaded que successfully, but it isn't downloading anything. fah.exe is allowed by the...
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    Someone, please threaten to kick me!

    To help get me back into the swing of folding, I'm gonna need some form of competition. Anyone here on the forums around me want to throw down? I'm all about competition, and I'm all about finding a cure. :)
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    Computer shutting down issue, PSU?

    I've been having problems with my computer lately. Randomly, it will just shut down. Not a windows shut down, it just goes down like someone pulled the plug. And it doesn't restart, it just shuts off. I've done memtest, I've pulled the MB out and checked for shorts, I've swapped video...
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    Dual Boards?

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    Logitech G15

    How many people here have a Logitech G15 keyboard? I was thinking of trying to write a program that gathers data from FAHlog or from EMIII to display on the LCD. I was just wondering if anyone else would put it to use. I'll probably make it anyway, because I'm selfish and I like coding...
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    Looking for a Battle...

    Allright, I'm looking for some excuses to start a borgfest. I'd like to start a little competition, since I'm out of the 1k PPD battle. Anyone have any ideas? I'll keep track of stats and what not. It'll give me a reason to keep checking the forums and stay involved. Whos up for something?
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    Error setting up FAH

    So, I'm trying to re-borg a couple thigns, trying to get back on my feet, and I went to a computer that I've had FAH running on for a long time, and I get an error during setup. I do fah504-console.exe -configonly, and after the first 4 prompts, I get a Windows error. It asks if I want to...
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    Prouction is down....

    Wow I jsut checked my stats, and my production is WAY down. I'm gonna have to start borging this liek crazy. SmokeRngs is about to pass me up!
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    ZOMG I'm back!

    I'm sorry I was gone for so long. I really don't have an excuse. I just needed a break I guess. But I'm back!
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    There goes my production.....

    Well, things are changing at work, and I just had to shut down about 20 or so borgs. I'm basicly down to the few I have at home now, so production will seem to cease for me. Its gonna suck seeing myself go down in rank instead of up :-\
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    I think it died, but I'm not positive

    Allright, I've got an Intel motherboard (got it from a promotion, doesn't really matter though). The other day my little bro told me the computer wouldn't turn on. So i open it up, and check it out. When I hit the power button, the fans start to spin but then die immediately, not evn an 8th...
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    Small world moments?

    Has anyone on the boards here had any "wow, its a small world" moments with any other members? Viper and I were talking about finally getting me the [H]ordeBowl box, (since i was absent for a few months), and it turns out we go to the same small community college. We've probably been on the...
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    T33 Callout

    I don't know if he even checks the boards, but all along we've been pretty close to each other in the ranks. Our production is about even, and we're only about 10 or so ranks apart usually. So I'm proposing a race. We're both around the 250 rank right now, so we could race to 150, or 100, or...
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    OK, forgive me for being gone so long, but what is YURT? BTW, I'm back. I don't really have a reason I left, I just got out of the habbit of checking the boards. I kept folding the whole time though, still have 19 active CPUs. It's good to be back. :D
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    UD contest? says that theres a UD contest coming up. Any word on that? I'd be interested in helping out with scores/updates/various other contest related things, so whoever knows something, shoot me a PM!
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    Holy Work Unit, batman!

    I just got a 414 pointer on my dual core pentium, and its taking almost an hour per frame! EM3 says it will take 88 hours to finish it. Thats a lot of time for a 414, don't you think?
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    Dual Boards?

    Lookin for a board for some Xeons. Anyone used this one before? I know ASUS PC-DL is good, but its a bit pricey for my wallet.
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    Poddo, roftranspo, and Krayzie135's +10K RACE

    [EDIT PART..3?] Added the finishing goal for each of the contestants [EDIT] Ok, so we've got the race. Myself, Roftranspo, and Krayzie135 are racing to see who can add 10K to their score first. Here are the points at the beginning of the race: Poddo: 28,421 Krayzie135: 32,314...
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    Whatever happened to the AMD QMD..

    I seem to remember about 2 months ago, people with AMDs were getting MASSIVE WUs, about 1200 pointers if I recall correctly. Were those beta units? What were the settings required to get them, and are they still getting them?
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    UD Points?

    I put UD on one of my computers yesterday, and it has turned in 2 work units already. On the client it says i have about 300 points, but says I have none and doesn't even list me. But it does list other new people from the UD push yesterday. Am I just not patient enough?
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    About the DC FS/FT

    I see in the rules it says you need to have 10,000 points to trade. Does that mean to be the one making the post about what you have to trade? Or: no one with less than 10,000 poitns can post in that forum, period?
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    Your b0rg pitch to a complete stranger?

    How do you guys pitch F@H to a stranger? I repair computers all day, so I was looking for peoples opinions on how to seel it to people. I have the potential to b0rg 2 or 3 comptuers everyday!
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    is it worth it?

    My mom's laptop is a AMD athlon xp-m, but its only like, 533 mhz. Is it worth it to b0rg? Its on almost all the time, and plugged in too.
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    Should we change Smokerings to Chattykathy?

    After much debate, we decided this might be a good idea. Whos with us?
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    I did I quick search but couldn't find anything. I hear people talk about stepping when discussing overclocking. What is it?
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    A64 Ht?

    I read a bunch of guides on overclock an a64, but when I got into my bios I ran into somehting called HT, with options of auto, 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x. What is this, and how does it play into my speed? I know the HTT x the multiplier gives my clock speed, so where does the HT multiplier come...
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    Watercooling for folding

    I'm thinking of watercooling my main rig to get some nice overclocks on it. But no one in the Watercooling forum seems to want to help me out. Can anyone here give some advice? The thread I started is located here:
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    Ok, so I've got EM3 set up on my 2 boxen that are at my house. I'm going to be (hopefully) b0rging some at work today. Is there any way to monitor those from my house? I ask because I relaly like how EM3 shows me the very up-to-date PPD readout.
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    Error every time

    My f@h client crashes EVERY time it finishes a WU. Does anyone know why this is happening?
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    console version?

    I just started, and I was using the graphic version. I hear that running the console version with EM3 is a better choice. Are my stats going to get messed up if I switch to the console version? and if I do switch, How would I do that?
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    Just saying hi..

    Just dropping a line to introduce myself. Jsut got set up folding at my house, on my AMD4000 and my 2400+. Im trying to get my old athlon 1.3 (oc'd to 1.7) up and running again too. I'm a technician at a retail store (the red one, not the blue one ;) ) so I'm going to ask my manager if I can...
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    Feedback for my first setup?

    I'm looking to watercool the rig in my sig for some nice overclocks. I've never done watercooling before, so I'd appreciate any feedback on the set up im looking to buy. CPU block: GPU block...
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    Beginning OC

    I'm sitting here looking at my old compaq with an athlon 1.3 ghz in it, not doing anything. So I decide maybe I'll overclock it. I look in the bios, and obviously there's nothing helpful there. Looking at the MB, I find a jumper that says 100mhz-133mhz. It was at the 100 setting by default...
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    OC + linux

    I have an old Athlon that I'm thinking about Overclocking just for the sake of getting my feet wet in overclocking. (and I've got a [H]ardcore itch for folding...) Problem is that I want to put linux on it (again, just for the sake of getting my feet wet in linux.) Can anyone recomend a...
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    Double ewe.. tea.. effing....efff

    I found this.... "thing"... laying around my house. I don't know where it came from. One day it just showed up on my desk. I'm afraid of it. Because I don't understand it. Its a 1 foot cable. with a male usb on one end. And what appears to be a male VGA on the other. I say "appears" only...
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    Not enough power

    If a powersupply is not strong enough to support all the components plus a graphics card, what would the effect be? Would the card just perform poorly or would it not work at all?
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    Installing over 98

    Can I install windows 98 over a previous installation of 98 without losing all the data? lieka repair installation? This is not 98 se, jsut the first edition
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    Input/output range not available?

    When I go to the device manager, under nvidia nforce PCI management, I get an error sayhing that some I/O ranges are not available. Is this a bad thing? I'm having problems with my x-fi sound card, and i thought this might have somethign to do with it. Link to a picture of the error is here...