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    mini EPM (eco-power-multimediastation)

    Hello, This project was born out of some frustration over intel's desktop chip policy. I built the mini EPW hoping to fit a good Broadwell CPU, and OC it to death thanks to good cooling abilities. Than, when chipzilla finally decided to sell some broadwell cpus, there were only 2 available, and...
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    Coolcube AIR - Cooltek/Jonsbo

    As time passed, I grew more and more unhappy with my last Chieftec Build. The main reason was the really annoying U side pannel, the stupid handles, and dust, dust, dust. It seemed to pile up just everywhere, at a rate I never saw before. Since the case had openings pretty much everywhere, a...
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    The mini EPW: Eco Power Workstation

    Hello, After the completion of the Chieftec bt-04b PC, I was looking for a new challenge while building a workstation for my wife. This time, the goals where slightly different: -small -energy efficient -cheap -beautiful + quiet -fast Since there was no need for a fast gfx on that computer, I...
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    Chieftec Bt-04b unleashed !

    Hello, Long time lurker; first time poster. After spending some time with the new Chieftec case, I thought I might as well share my experience with others. I actually built a sff case with the bt-02 2 years ago, and needed an upgrade of the graphic card. The combination of a new chieftec case...