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    Electric Cars Can’t Take The Cold

    This is why when you look for the country with the highest electric car ownership per capita, the one where all-electric vehicles now account for 1 in 5 new purchases you predictably find it's the tropical nation of Norway. And of course the next 2 countries with the highest rate of all electric...
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    Nintendo Fires Employee For Speaking On Podcast

    This is a lot bigger then the standard NDA/misrepresenting the company situation which is why the guy said he started sweating bullets as soon as his coworkers began mentioning the story. I clicked the article thinking "maybe Nintendo went a little overboard on someone" which lasted right up...
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    Vivaldi, the New Web browser for Power Users

    Classic Opera was always a Power User browser. The issue was that it was User singular, not Users plural. Power users like to customize applications to their workflow and needs. But each one is going to want something different - someone trying to use my desktop or my browser is going to run...
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    Is there an Intel CPU that can hit one teraflop yet?

    Competition isn't the only reason general purpose CPUs aren't getting faster that fast. I can name at least 3 factors working against that end: CPUs are quickly approaching a point where the silcon gates they are composed of are so small that they are only a few atoms wide. While you could...
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    Firefox Version 32.0.2 Is Out Now

    It won't restore the download window by itself but there are other addons. Currently half of my extensions are dedicated to restoring features removed from Firefox. I also run the Firefox ESR release - you can still get security patches while only having to go through the pain of 'fixing' all...
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    If a Self-Driving Car Gets in an Accident, Who Is Liable?

    This is already the case for Google's second generation driverless car. It can't legally drive on California roads yet (the State's current legal definition of a car still includes a steering wheel) but Google is not the only pushing toward a driverless car like this. Another concept (which so...
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    Microsoft Devices Group Announces Ultra-Affordable Mobile Phone

    Article is short on details and lacking pics Phones like this (it seems to be a follow up to last years Nokia 105) are not even remotely competing with smart phones, they are targeted at emerging...
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    Teen Charged In 'Heartbleed' Attack On Tax Agency

    Not sure if serious or joking, but for anyone that is surprised by that the RCMP are basically Canada's federal police (they where originally created as the North West Mounted Police to cover the north west territories not under provincial jurisdiction and eventually merged with the Dominion...
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    SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition Lands for Mac Gamers

    To be fair Apple's OpenGL implementation is poor and out of date and some GPUs get drivers that make it ten times worse. Intel's integrated graphics simply got lucky and aren't as horribly crippled and buggy on the software side as other Mac descrete GPUs.
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    Rasberry Pi Compute Module On A DDR2 SODIMM

    The reason for the seperate board is that not all Pi uses are for building little one processor machines - some people want to build clusters and the existing board is not well suited to that. The reason for the DIMM form factor is that it provides a standard connector and attachment system...
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    Google Patents Method of Keeping Pirate Apps At Bay

    For better or for worse this is going to generate a lot of false positives. There are several whole categories of shovelware that are existing content in an identical code wrapper. Examples include many 'guide' apps that are just free wiki content that's been automatically scrapped and wrapped...
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    Cloning laptop HDD to desktop VM

    You didn't say what operating system the laptop is running, that's important. Imaging a harddrive is straight forward, the issue you'll face with copying your laptop installation to a virtual one is that some of the more low level drivers (those used to interact with the motherboard, SATA...
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    PlayStation 4 Costs $381 To Build

    Not really unexpected. Both the PS4 and XBOne seem to be designed in reaction to the chief financial problems of their respective predecessors. The PS4 seems to be designed with penny pinching in mind, to avoid the huge debt Sony piled up with their $599 and still sold at a major loss PS3. The...
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    Mozilla Releases Firefox 26 to Beta Channel

    The difference is that without being told you would hardly know that Chrome was updated - a new item might appear in a menu, but things still work. Mozilla has a habit of making sharp turns at every release, ripping out existing features and slapping on new untested ones in a constant attempt to...
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    7200rpm reliability in 2013 - WD, Toshiba or Seagate?

    The last time I was in the hard drive market was just before the great flood, snatching up a pair of great 2TB Hitachis. Those are still running well as a mirrored pair but I'm seeing warning signs with a similar age 2TB Seagate Barracuda XT. It runs a little hot (high 40s but it's gotten...
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    All Delta Pilots Will All Be Using A Surface 2

    There are two builds of Windows 8.1, one for ARM and one* for x86/x64. The software you can run depends on what processor is in the tablet. The Surface RT and Surface 2 use an ARM processor while the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 use an i5 x64 chip (the Pro is basically a MacBook Air with a...
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    Microsoft Will Still Patch Windows XP for a Select Group

    The difference between custom support and releasing patches to the public is this: Each patch requires that Microsoft perform Q&A on hundreds of configurations (remember that in addition to hardware you can also choose which patches to apply instead of the all-or-nothing approach) and tests...
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    Google Street View Image of the Day

    The capture date says 'April 2012' and the place is Newark International, which would line it up with the Enterprise's final flyby tour around New York on its way to the Intrepid Air & Space Museum. Second picture in the thread below confirms Enterprise was flying with a T-38 that day...
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    Google Street View Image of the Day

    Pan to the right a bit, there is another plane flying as wingman. It looks like a T-38 and probably is, since that is what NASA flys as a trainer and used as a chase plane for the shuttle.
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    The Last Of Us Stole This Guy's Art

    Oh wow, and the Tali image is already here too, didn't read that far into the replies.
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    The Last Of Us Stole This Guy's Art

    For a professional studio there are really only 2 ways to go here: The artist was paid and told to create an asset, but he just took something off Google Image results and passed it off as his work after saving it in the correct texture format. This is pretty straight forward and you'd think...
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    Microsoft Ending Support for Mac Office 2008

    Given that Apple has stopped supporting OS X on a good portion of its 2008 hardware this doesn't seem like a big deal. Any Mac user worth his salt is either buying whatever box with an Apple logo was just released yesterday to show how ahead of the times he is, or is running a Mac from 1996 to...
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    Need recomendation for work laptop

    One more thing, don't buy an HP. The build quality is absolutely atrocious (their printers have gone way downhill too). Despite the fact that we normally operate on a 2 year schedule we canceled with HP after 12 months (even with the extra discounts they tried to throw on). The build quality...
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    Need recomendation for work laptop

    My only issue with the Dells is that they aren't as price competitive for the $700-$1200 business range. For example the E6530's $700 configuration is very similar to the Lenovo T series $700 configuration, except it drops from an i5 to an i3 and from 4GB to 2GB. Hardrive, screen and other...
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    Need recomendation for work laptop

    I would second on the Thinkpad. For a business laptop it's not just about specs, it's about reliability. Some of Dell's more expensive Studio laptops are ok for business if you can live without a docking station, but those are really only an option if you targeted a much higher price range...
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    1080p Ultrabooks? For $1300 or less?

    I'm having a really hard time finding ultrabooks with a 1080p display. A few are 1600x900 but most are the worthless 1280x768 "HD" screens. It won't be used as a primary device but it will run Visual Studio, Office, Visio and a few other tools. I guess what I want to know is if there are any...
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    A First Look at Google’s Expensive New Chromebook

    Just for reference, when people are comparing the Pixel to a laptop that is "$200-$300 more" they are comparing it with the MacBook Pro with Retina display. The MacBook Pro's Retina display doesn't have 75% fewer pixels - they are almost idential save for the 3:2 aspect of the Pixel. And the...
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    A First Look at Google’s Expensive New Chromebook

    Installing Windows/Linux is interesting, but you'll notice the keyboard lacks function keys. You'll notice in fact that it misses quite a few keys, like the home, end, insert, page up, page down, print scrn and pause buttons. And unlike some laptop keyboards it doesn't seem to have an Fn key so...
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    Supreme Commander is looking at me from the shelf

    Thanks for the tip about registering the retail box key on Steam. I'm not installing it yet (got a lot of stuff backlogged) but now I've got Forged Alliance for free.
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    The Federal Reserve Hacked

    Evidence of the vendor vulnerability
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    Valve Quietly Releases Original Half-Life on Steam for Mac

    Does it count as a Mac install if steam is running on the bootcamp copy Windows, the same place Mac users run all their other real software?
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    Mozilla Reveals Firefox OS Developer Phone

    Didn't Apple sue some little company a while ago for having a similar design? Rounded rectangle, single round button below screen, grid of icons, 4 quick access icons at the bottom with the phone icon first, mail icon second and web browser third? I'm not on Apple's side with this, but...
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    Funny Tech-Company Holiday Party Invitations

    If you work in the industry and have attended events you'd know that wasn't true - Microsoft always hires these 'buses' (or maybe they just own them) that they stack with an endless supply of booze and just do loops around the hotels and the event grounds. Granted their hospitality suites are...
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    Microsoft's Major Breakthrough In Speech Translation Technology

    The presentation was taking place in Tianjin, China to a group of chinese students and academics. From the applause it seemed like they where impressed with the results.
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    What is the "best" game in your Steam junk category?

    Total War changed a lot after the first one (even the expansion changed things up). The original Shogun had a very chess like appeal - actions where relatively simple but had wide strategic importance, the game kept micro details to a minimum and battles where about how you fought rather the...
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    Good personal color lasers printers? (that comes w/full cartridges?)

    My HP 2600n which has served me well has developed problems with at least 2 of the toner cartidges that I can't seem to clean. With the cartidges almost $100 a piece it seems to make more sense to look at a new printer (I originally paid $300 for this one and I've only gone through a little more...
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    Is there a way to get a larger mouse cursor?

    Create or modify the cursor yourself. The non-animated cursors are the easiest to create or edit (.cur files). You can use a free image editor like Inkscape to do this - I'd suggest opening the large cursor file in Inkscape, doing a floodfill with your prefered shade of orange, then saving it as...
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    If a job takes 12 min. to do a calculation, would faster GHz Memory make a difference

    There is no way to know for sure without benchmarking as Happy Hopping said. The only way to make a process faster is to speed up whatever piece is holding it back. If you just make the fastest part of the production line even faster it won't make a difference. Based on your description that...
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    Apparently Apple's New Map App Sucks

    Are you seriously accusing Apple of placing form over function?
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    Quiet 1 to 2 TB drive?

    Which performance aspect are you most concerned about losing over a Black drive, seek times (reading or writing many small files) or transfer speed (reading or writing bigger files). The current crop of 2TB 5200/5900rpm drives have very respectable transfer speeds (I got a big performance...