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    Persona 5 domain registered! Domain Information: [Domain Name] PERSONA5.JP [Registrant] Index corporation. [Name Server] [Name Server] [Signing Key] [Created on] 2013/06/25 [Expires on] 2014/06/30 [Status] Active [Last...
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    Games by Lucas Pope

    Recently Total Biscuit did a WTF on Papers, Please. Game is interesting as hell. It's still in Beta, and it's on Greenlight. I thought I should mention it here. His site (Where the beta can be downloaded and his 2 previous flash games played.) TotalBiscuit WTF on it...
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    Seagate 3TB External HDD - $110 AC Coupon Code: EMCKAJE55
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    Question regarding 8 pin.

    It's a little late now, because I already bought it but I was wondering... My motherboard requires an extra 8 pin (eps12v) connected to it. So I started looking up extenders and converters. I found a Molex 4 pin to 8 pin, and a dual molex 4pin to 8 pin. Does the dual molex give more power...